Level 22 has a surprise Tencent blockchain mobile game "to catch the demon" the strongest Raiders

Tencent, the giant in the game field, the first thing to enter the blockchain is to launch an AR exploration mobile game – "to catch the demon together", on April 11th, this game was released only a few hours later. First place in the iOS App Store. When the traditional game hegemony enters the blockchain, what happens will we wait and see. This article is a detailed and detailed guide to the IMEOS game group. Let's catch the demon together.

Basic gameplay

AR explores the perfect way to re-enact Pokémon GO, finger operation, throwing out the demon spirit, hit the demon spirit, that is, have the opportunity to capture success.

Of course, in order to encourage sports, most of the monsters need to walk to find, and staying still, it is difficult to have a new demon.

Many of the game's features need to be introduced based on the level of improvement. After level 24, your game really starts.

After level 22, you will get an exclusive cat. The exclusive cat is a digital pet based on blockchain technology and original genetic algorithms. Each cat will have a unique image and be exclusive to you.

The exclusive cat can be chained through the Tianshu pen (requires 10 coupons = 1 yuan). After the chain is released, all players on the server can be reproduced and traded.

Opening Raiders (the choice of the ancient three doors)

When you start, you will be asked to choose three demon spirits.

1. The wind (one of the three ancient doors) has empty attributes, mainly based on continuous damage, and the weak point is weak crit.

Combat play: mainly rely on the tear damage of the empty to continue output. First release the gap, then release the air strike. Try to use air raids to improve the damage when there is a tearing effect on the opponent. The shadow has a passive skill and ethereal spirit, and has a fighting advantage for the demon spirit with the general attack as the main output.

2. The greedy wolf ( one of the three ancient gates) attribute ice, mainly based on super crit, and weak attack power.

Combat play: automatic general attack – sudden advance – wait for the next general attack, let the demon spirit output maximize, while using the cold claws to make the general attack crit effect cover the battle with passive cold into the body to explode the explosion damage

3. 狻猊 (one of the three ancient gates) has a strong attribute, with one hit and the main kill, and the weak point skill has a long time.

Fighting gameplay: When the vitality beans are sufficient, the use of stone breaks is preferred, and the cost performance is higher. If you need to change the pet or the enemy's blood is not much, you can use it when you are not enough.

Suggestion?: The game begins with the first three choices of greedy wolves or shackles . The advantage in the early stage is obvious, and the ancient three-doors of the style of the wind are the late stage. In another eight days, you can choose one from the other two, which is based on personal preference. Sanmenli is the strongest in the early period, and the middle-aged wolf is strong. In the later period, the wind will gradually catch up with the level of the wolf and the wolf.

Capture technique

There are two ways to add additional experience when capturing.

First, the rotation hit, you can get +10EXP

Second, the hit state, that is, whether it is accurate, there are three situations, respectively, good +10EXP, precision +15EXP, perfect +20EXP. These three appear at most one and can be shared with a rotation hit.

Therefore, you can get up to 30 EXP at a time. This is very important. You can improve the speed of the previous upgrade by training the capture skills.

Demon spirit capture success rate = basic success rate + throwing ball technology bonus

The basic success rate is the success rate before the ball is thrown out, which will be reflected by the target color of the demon spirit: the red capture rate is the lowest, followed by orange, yellow, and green.

Base Success Rate = Demon Individual Success Rate + Demon Lingzhu Addition + Fruit Bonus

Throw the ball technology bonus = Rotating ball bonus + precision bonus , even if you successfully throw the rotating ball and hit the demon spirit, the success rate of the capture increases. If you throw it into the target circle, depending on the size of the circle, you can get different levels. Success rate bonus.

After reading this formula, I believe that the clever demon teacher has already reacted: the individual success rate of the demon spirit cannot be changed, but if you feed the demon spirit fruit before the arrest, and throw a higher precision with the rotating ball, The probability of getting this demon will rise to a considerable extent.

If you use a higher level of demon spirit beads, the probability of catching will be higher.

When catching the Green Wing Queen, you can only use the demon spirits of the battle reward. Then the probability of the demon spirit beads can be calculated.

Tips?: When we catch the demon, we usually open the radar in the game, which can display 9 monsters within 200 meters in reality. If you don't want to catch it, you can use the auxiliary tools of WeChat applet to view a larger range. Demon spirit. Open WeChat search "Catch the demon radar", after entering the radar applet, the radar will take you as the center, display all the demon spirits within a radius of 1.5 km (瞎 guess) , with the favorite demon spirit, you can go straight to the purpose The land is happily captured!

Refresh point element

Element 1: Demon

The demon spirit appears randomly in every corner of the map. When you move, the demon enters your detection radius (within 30m) and it will appear. The use of the demon bell will continue to attract the surrounding demon, and there is a certain probability that there will be a super-qualified demon.

Element 2: Pray for the drum

Material supply station, the red prayer drum can be knocked, the blue is already knocked, you can attract the demon spirit by hanging the prayer card. At present, there are still activities in the game. Pray for the pledge, and an additional pledge card will be added for 1 or 2, so don't swear the prayer card in your hand.

Element 3: Downstage

The platform is similar to the Pokemon Middle Museum. The demon spirit stationed on the platform will receive a reward for the station (diamond, moiré, six-eared macaque, Donghai Longwang Fuyin, Huluwafu, etc.), which is settled at 13:00 every day. . There are also different levels of bonuses depending on the circle and heat. Just entering the pit can find some places where there are few people to fight, so that you only need to defeat the default guardian demon to take advantage of the reward.

Element 4: Party House

The party will refresh the team task daily, and the mission time is from 12:00 to 22:00. Recommended challenge team demon spirit sum of more than 2100 can be brushed through the purple wing bat king and trainer materials and demon spirit.

Demon spirit qualification method

(Main output qualification > 20) + double defense qualification + (blood qualification > 20) The sum of these four qualifications > 80 = can be used

(Main output qualification > 25) + double defense qualification + (blood qualification > 25) total qualification > 90 = small best T3

(Main output qualification > 28) + double defense qualification + (blood qualification > 28) qualification sum > 100 = quasi-premium T2

(Main output qualification > 30) + double defense qualification + (blood qualification > 30) total qualification > 115 = legendary best T1

Four qualifications all 32=Europe, you don’t want to show (╯-_-)╯╧╧

High-qualification demon spirit acquisition method

Demon spirit beads

The most basic method to obtain the demon spirit, the demon spirit beads are divided into two kinds of on-the-spot and deliberately grasping, and the gods are not recommended, because it takes a lot of effort and the mirror is not worthwhile.

Walking stone

Lingshi is divided into 3KM, 5KM and 10KM. The higher the value of these three Lingshi, the higher the qualification of the demon will be awakened . The demon spirits hatched by different kinds of Lingshi are also different.

Hole light

This is a daily gift from friends. It can receive up to five friends every day. It can be used in a backpack. After a certain time, the hole light will automatically capture the demon spirit. After the time is up, it can be collected.

Judging bell

Finding the demon bell in the backpack will continue to attract the surrounding demon and there is a certain probability that the super-qualified demon will appear.


When our demon reaches a certain level, they can be awakened. Augmentation and awakening require a certain amount of moiré and debris . Fragmentation is the most difficult to obtain, because it is basically necessary to find the demon and release to obtain its fragments.

Direct awakening

Most of our most common monsters are first-order monsters. After level 10, we can wake up to second-order. 20 or 30 can be awakened to third-order. When we wake up, we will not only greatly improve the attributes, but also unlock new skills. .

Random awakening

There is also a multi-line awakening, such as a small fox, a random awakening into a fox or a fox girl, and then the fox prince randomly awakens Huang Jiulang, wine fox, fox lady randomly awakened into a red jade. This kind of uncertainty is too high, physical pets or spells are not easy to master, so when choosing a first-order small fox, both physical attack and legal attack qualification should be considered.

Synthetic awakening

Then some of the monsters belong to the synthetic awakening type, the spirit of the element (Jinyuan baby + wooden yuan baby + water yuan baby + fire yuan baby + earthenen baby), 鲲 (salted fish + more fish + fish, not yet open) , life winner (bar fine + survival desire + back pot man + Buddha demon, not yet open) and so on.

Variation awakening

The last one is the awakening of my favorite variation. The only one I have seen so far is the panda and the little white tiger. Legend has it that when it is captured, it will be mutated (all demon spirits have abrupt changes in probability), and there is also the use of certain props when awakening, and when this gameplay is open, there will definitely be a more accurate introduction.

Battle skills

Choosing the battle demon spirit requires consideration of the demon spirit's combat power, attributes, and positioning.

Show below that the demon spirit can be seen in "My Demon", playing is the selection of the most demon spirits.

The upper left shows the attribute icon of the demon spirit. You must know that in the game, the demon attributes include gold, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, thunder, fierce, empty, fairy, ghost, demon, poison, and other attributes. Among them, the version of Ghost, Demon, Devil, Immortal, Skull, and St. is not available yet, and may be released later. Each property has its own phase . The specific demon spirit attribute restraint is shown in the following table:

The positioning of different elves is also different . The main positioning is divided into physical output, spell output, spell tank, physical tank, and combat assist. The best lineup combination is output, tank, and auxiliary in the team. There is also a combination of strength, rushing, and combination of

The skills in the battle can be found in the demon spirit interface [devil spirit Raiders] which is detailed in the demon spirit positioning properties, skill introduction, combat skills.

Demon spirit recommended

Recommended demon spirit (more difficult to obtain, rare attributes simply say):

The strongest civilian keeper, the demon spirit, the little turtle (highly recommended)

Metallic output: golden horn, dry will Moxie, etc.

Metal tank: Shi Ling

Wood property output: Unicorn (assisted), deer baby and sheep fairy (must upgrade)

Wood property tank: wooden man pile (this must be upgraded), doodle

Yan Ruyu pure assistant to see personal preferences, not recommended to full

Water attribute output: Silver angle, wind and snow tiger, call the rain boy, rushing wave combination recommended to upgrade together

Water property tank: rhinoceros, snail lily, crab

Soil property output: Golden nose white rat (half Guanyin), pangolin, tree rat, etc., the late Guanyin

Earth property tank: mountain hair (key recommended)

Fire attribute output: Little thief, little fox

Fire attribute tank: small fire turtle, lion small bad (very restrained to dry Mo Mo)

There are also Blu and Thunder Boys, the advantage is the Ray attribute

Game daily event

Together to catch the official deduction of the demon, there are two daily activities in the lower right corner of the menu bar, the prince of the prince – sign in courtesy and daily benefits

Get some game items by participating in the check-in and answering questions daily.

Catch the demon together!

In other words, in order to catch Yan Ruyu, Xiao Bian swayed back and forth in his own community and the next-door community in the middle of the night, becoming the key surveillance object of the security uncle… What kind of things have you done to catch the demon? See you in the comment area?

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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