Twitter featured: Bitland Mining BSV; US Congressman asked Facebook to stop developing Libra

What do you think of the big V for the current market?

Billionaire Richard Heart:

Buy Bitcoin around $8,400. (Note: Bitcoin fell below $10,000 yesterday) Do not stop/clear under Bitcoin $6,000. Always hold. If this bull market is like 2017, you can hold $84,000.

I am not a financial consultant and you are responsible for your own transactions. In the last round of bull market, bitcoin prices did not fall by more than 40%.

Weiss Rating:

Max Keiser, a well-known American financial commentator, said that the era of the altcoin has ended and the altcoin will disappear because "all money will flow into bitcoin." No, this won't happen. We like you very much, Max, but what you said is wrong.

Peter Schiff, CEO of European Pacific Capital:

"Everyone puts a little money on Bitcoin in case it skyrockets, but don't exceed the money you can afford to lose." This is a suggestion for those who own Bitcoin and want to sell Bitcoin. Just because you can afford to lose money doesn't mean you should throw it away. (Note: Peter Schiff is a gold lover, not very optimistic about cryptocurrency.)

Former Ripper executives took over as head of the US dollar, CEO Brad congratulated

Reasons for the reason: BAM Trading Services, the operator of the US dollar, officially announced that former Ripple executive Catherine Coley was the CEO, responsible for the currency security of the United States.

Catherine also said: Thanks to the Ripple team that developed the XRP market and liquidity, thanks to the addition of the currency, the transaction is everywhere.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented on:

Congratulations to Catherina, the former head of liquidity at Ruibo, as the CEO of BAM, responsible for the currency of the United States. It's great to see outstanding Ricky alumni (like her) go out and influence the broader encryption ecosystem.

Chan Chang, CEO of Changan, retweeted and commented: Brad has never seen or spoken, but we have the same goal.

Bitfinex repaid $100 million in loans to Tether

Bitfinex, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, said:

Bitfinex repaid $100 million in outstanding loans to Tether.

Note: Earlier in Bitleyx and the New York State Attorney's Office (NYAG) office, Bitfinex borrowed $700 million from sister company Tether in early 2019 to cover $850 million in vulnerabilities. Because the funds of the Bitfinex payment processor Crypto Capital were seized by authorities in three different countries.

The Block founder Mike Dudas questioned :

If I remember correctly, you have raised $1 billion (referring to Bitfinex's platform currency LEO) to repay Tether's loan.

Is this the last payment, have you settled?

If not, how do you plan to handle the extra money?

Industry news

1. The founder of Morgan Creek Pomp : The MPs just sent the letter to Facebook and asked them to officially stop developing the Libra project.

Congress will find that they cannot write to Bitcoin.

2. Forbes commentator Joseph Young:

SK, a large Korean conglomerate and the largest telecommunications company, invested $10 million in a crypto fund.

The wealthiest people are increasingly involved in cryptocurrencies: Samsung, Hyundai, Kakao (Korea mobile social giant), SK Group, etc.

3. Bitcoon's mining pool is mining BSV. Jimmy Nguyen, CEO of nChain and one of the “BSV Big Three”, commented:

When did the ant mine pool join the team and also mine the BSV? We welcome the bite continent's mining pool to the BSV… Because, ultimately, business is important.

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