Weekly data on the BTC chain: data on the chain began to fall, and the exchange traded frequently

In the past week (10.28-11.03), from the main chain data, the total amount of transactions has increased compared with the previous week (10.21-10.27), but has begun to fall in the second half of the week.

Transaction amount:

10.21-10.27:7315544.32 BTC

10.28-11.03:9894794.12 BTC

Up from the previous week: 35.26%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Number of transactions:



Decreased from the previous week: 7.37%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Number of active addresses:

(The address that initiated the transaction is considered to be an active address)

10.21-10.27: 3109160


Decreased from the previous week: 0.53%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Large amount of transfer:

(Single transaction initiation amount greater than 100BTC is considered to be a large transfer)

10.21-10.27:11060 10.28-11.03:10079 Decreased from the previous week: 8.87% The detailed data is as follows:

Currency Exchange BTC Flow Data



10.21-10.27: 65008.33

10.28-11.03:47228.27 Decreased from the previous week: 27.35% The detailed data is as follows:

10.21-10.27: 60118.83

10.28-11.03:43492.01 Decreased from the previous week: 27.66% The detailed data is as follows:



Net inflow

10.21-10.27: 4889.5

10.28-11.03:3736.26 Decreased from the previous week: 23.59% The detailed data is as follows:

On the whole, with the decline of related news, the number of bitcoin in and out of the currency has decreased, but as the head exchange, the currency will inevitably maintain a weekly net inflow, and it is still the exchange with the highest investor trust. one.

In terms of large-value transfer, last week, Beijing’s chain security first reported the “sleeping” four-year dark network Agora-related bitcoin address, which was hugely collected, and then transferred heavily. In this regard, we have continued monitoring, and the address has remained a "temperate" activity in the past week.

It can be seen that after the address is split into several large addresses, the BTC shares are continually split into tens to hundreds of shares to enter the new address, but the overall rhythm is not frequent, and the basic average operation is several times a day.

On October 29th, Beijing time, at 05:30, the exchange Bittrex had a transfer of 48,571 BTCs. After the huge BTC was transferred from the exchange's cold wallet to the Bittrex main hot wallet, it will be 43652 at 06:13 in the morning. BTC transferred to a Bittrex-controlled address created on September 23, and then its main hot wallet transferred 5,000 BTCs to the beginning of 3QiX3x. From the performance of this address, it should be a hot wallet for users to pick up coins. This series of behaviors is also Bittrex's normal wallet management strategy.

Previously, the official channel of the exchange has notified the relevant information. In fact, several hours after the announcement, Bittrex has also made several large transfers in other currencies, which are normal exchange behaviors.

Beijing time on October 31, 14:27:13, 10 huge transfers occurred on the Bitcoin network at the same time, the minimum launch amount is 6,400 BTC, the maximum launch amount is 9142.77 BTC, and the total amount is up to 70576.34 BTC. These transactions not only occur at the same time, but also transfer the huge amount of BTC to the new address, and all the BTCs with less quota are entered into the same address. This shows that the batch operations initiated by the same organization should be traced to the source of the Beijing chain. The technology found that a large number of BTCs were sourced from the Bitcoin Trustee Xapo.

In the early morning of November 2, Beijing time, bitcoin transactions were frequent. Among them, at 05:10:38 in the morning, the famous digital money custodian Xapo initiated five huge transfers, with a maximum single amount of 20,000 BTCs, totaling 65,822.01 BTCs.

Many of these BTCs originated from the transfer of 4,999 to 10,000 BTCs generated by the collection of Xapo on the bitcoin chain at 03:19:49 and 03:32:12 in the morning. It is worth mentioning that a 5000BTC transfer initiated by the beginning of 37whD5, the main source of BTC is the Bitstamp exchange, after the exchange announced that its custodian will switch to BitGo, and has already carried out on October 15th. A huge transfer of more than 110,000 BTCs.

At 4:53:20 in the morning, 3AdpZc initiated a transfer of 5000BTC to the exchange Poloniex. After analysis, the source can be traced back to the BTC of Poloniex in March 2016.

Usually, the huge amount of money transferred by the organization comes from the business itself or the needs of the customers, and sometimes it is only the planned wallet finishing work. From this year's situation, most of them occurred in the early hours of Beijing time.

Due to the recent news, the frequency and scope of bitcoin price fluctuations may increase. Misleading of various rumors and data on the chain may also occur frequently. Please pay attention to the objective and cautious treatment. At the same time, activities such as hacking attacks and money laundering of illegal funds may also increase with the increase in the activeness of digital currency. Investors and exchanges, wallets and other institutions are also required to prepare for safety in advance.

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