Ethereum 2.0 client enters code security audit phase, testnet will be released next week

According to Trustnodes reported on November 28, the Ethereum 2.0 development team Sigma Prime announced that they have selected the code auditing company Trail of Bits to audit the client Lighthouse code base in January 2019.

The Lighthouse team stated:

"We have selected and confirmed Trail of Bits as the company auditing the Lighthouse codebase. We expect this work to begin in January 2020 and look forward to working with such a reputable team."


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This security review will be funded by Moloch DAO, a decentralized organization focused on raising funds for Ethereum development. The platform raised 40,000 US dollars with 568 votes in favor and zero votes against it. This is the largest of such funding.

This audit will be the last link before the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 genesis block next spring. The Lighthouse team said that it will release a public testnet next week. They said:

"In the past month, we have been working to build the necessary features for a durable public test network. These features include: Ethereum 1.0 integration (connected to Ethereum 1.0 nodes to vote on blocks and read storage contracts ); Network upgrade (to new stream-based specifications and related synchronous rewrites); Discovery v5 interoperability; v0.9.1 specification updates; new database storage strategies; AWS infrastructure and validator loading (allowing public users to generate Validator keys, interacting with storage contracts and joining the network). Over the past month, all these functions have been completed independently. "

Trustnodes tried to confirm whether this was a common testnet where all clients were linked to each other or a client-specific testnet, but as of press time, no response had been received.

They mentioned a private testnet that has been running for several months, but as far as we know, anyone can run it, and the actual testnet had previously been proposed for release. The BLS standard has been finalized, so storage contracts should come out soon. This means that the launch in December of this year is all ready.

The testnet needs to run for at least three months. Assuming everything goes well, the actual launch may be in the first quarter of 2020.

The launch of the Beacon Chain of Proof of Stake (PoS) is one of the biggest upgrades of Ethereum. At that time, Eth equity holders will replace the previous miners.

Once the storage contract is launched, Ethereum users will be able to send their Eth to the new chain, where they will not need to do anything other than verify the PoS network.

Once the final gadget that connects the two is available, they will be able to send Eth back to the current proof-of-work (PoW) chain, but the goal is for everyone to transition to the new chain because of the sharding technology , The scalability of the new chain will be much higher.

Shards may be launched around the end of next year, but more likely in 2021, when the capacity of Ethereum will be 64 times higher than the current capacity, enabling it to process 100 million transactions per day from the beginning.

There is still a lot of work to do for sharding, so this may take some time, but for beacon chains, more work now is to polish the code.

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