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For Internet organizations, currency is a taboo and can only be replaced by points. But the lack of incentives for the public chain is difficult to attract outstanding technical teams to participate. It is difficult to build a complete ecosystem without more team involvement. The universe has apparently not found the right path.

Since its launch in June 2018, the universe as an important part of the Baidu blockchain layout of the entertainment industry has been unusually low-key.

In order to raise awareness and frequent exposures, many teams in the currency circle have rarely appeared in the media. But in stark contrast, they are very active in the eyes of users. Nearly ten live video broadcasts, dozens of weekly newspaper updates, all show their presence to users.

The user is excited to say that the universe has experienced many iterations and updates, and has come to the 2.0 era. With the update of the version, the functions are more diverse and the ecology becomes more complete. Borrowing the propaganda slogan of the universe, V2.0 is not only a version update, but also a Genesis Yuan officially entering the "Great Navigation Age". The universe's inhabitants can find the future here and spy on the times.

However, after understanding the financial network, it is far from the expectations of the users.

Who is responsible


Since the launch of the universe in June 2018, it has been updated several times, and the current version is V2.0.1. At present, the universe version of the APP is mainly in three categories, namely the Genesis Yuan, which was promoted after the 2.0 version, and the lucky arena and the brain arena that existed in the 1.0 version.

"The lucky arena is mainly a quiz game. The brain arena is a quiz game. This has existed in previous versions. In addition to the guessing game, other sections are not very attractive to the old users of the universe. Old users include Many new users are now in the big section of Genesis Yuan," said Liang Chengfei, a user of the universe.

According to Caijing.com, the Genesis section is an important update after the Universe 2.0. There are currently three small games for Time Miners, Genesis Yuan and Planet Market (currently not yet online). Time miners and Genesis are the main sources of acquisition and consumption. The element is the most important circulation "currency" in the universe.

According to Baidu Blockchain White Paper V 1.0 released by Baidu Blockchain Lab, the element is a proof of the rights of the universe, which can be condensed by gravity or acquired through specified system behavior.

It is understood that time miners are the main channel for acquiring the elements of the universe. Users can purchase props through the French currency, and then mine and finally collect the ore into a final ratio of 1000:1.

“Every day, you will automatically get some gravity and then use gravity to condense the elements. The number of methods obtained is fixed, and there are only two or three elements. It is difficult to have a lot of elements if you recommend a lot of friends.” Liang Chengfei raised the way.

Time miners have become the best way to get elements in conventional means, although the game itself has a timed refreshing ore mechanism to ensure that users cannot unrestricted mining. But if you spend more time mining, you can get more than the users who occasionally go online.

"Actually, the operator has provided some props for mining cheating, and can purchase some props through the French currency to achieve self-service mining." Liang Chengfei added.

According to the user's news to the financial network, after spending money to buy self-service mining props, the number of elements obtained is two to three times that of the useless props.

In the time miner game, Degree Universe sells game props (mining tools and self-propelled mining props) to collect fees. This is understandable, but with the financial network further understanding, it is found that the cost of paying game props is not given to Baidu. Or the universe team.

According to Tianyue, the degree universe project is affiliated to Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., and its legal representative is Liang Zhixiang. The registration time is June 2001. The name of the payee in the time miner game is Beijing Chain Travel Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the financial network, the legal representative of Beijing Chain Travel Technology Co., Ltd. is Li Tongming. The registration time is completely different from Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. in March 2017. It is worth mentioning that Chain Travel Technology has been listed in the business exception list because it is unable to contact the registered residence or business premises.

The 100% controlling shareholder of Beijing Chain Travel Technology Co., Ltd. is called Beijing Chunyuli Enterprise Planning Co., Ltd. According to Tianyuecha, the company is also the main body of the blockchain from the media block Ma Finance. The legal representative of Block Financial is Dong Changzhi, and the registered capital is only 30,000 yuan.

At the same time, Caijing.com found that the official website of Block Ma Finance has been unable to open according to the website disclosed by Tianyue. At the same time, the WeChat public account was found to have stopped the update of the media public number as early as September 2018.

For the relationship between the universe and Beijing Chain Travel Technology Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge of the universe responded that the universe and the company are the game intermodal relationship, the universe and the game side transport, to get the game recharge.

The important part of the universe is handed over to a company that has already existed in name and existence, and there is no public statement about the relationship between the two. The meaning behind it is worth pondering.

Planet mystery


Baidu blockchain white paper also mentioned that in order to campaign for the planet operator (the planet owner), the universe will vote through the community, and the cosmic residents will recognize the operator to obtain the planet's operating rights.

In fact, in the article published by the official WeChat public account of the Universe, the major update of the Universe 2.0 was mentioned, and the acquisition of the six so-called creation planets was obtained through auction.

As long as you have more than 50,000 elements, you are eligible to participate in the auction, and ultimately through the auction to obtain six planets to dominate (become a star owner).

Degree Cosmic official also said that as a star owner, you can obtain considerable wealth, special community, massive elemental income, and planetary position selection priority (including the naming rights of the planet).

On January 28, 2019, the universe announced the results of the auction, a total of more than 30 people participated in the auction, the total amount of auction elements reached 9.426 million.

"Whether it is the bidding price of a single planet, or the total price of six auctions is beyond the expectations of many people." Wang Lei, who participated in the planet auction, said.

When the financial network asked the universe about the final destination of this huge element, the other party responded that the received element was used to distribute it to the user. But when to give back, how to give back, and did not explain and explain further.

Since the launch of the Universe, it has not been more than half a year since the launch of the element (the daily collection of elements on time and the miners mining every day). It is difficult to break through the elements, even if the universe is doing some rebates for the elements, and finally It is difficult to achieve the qualification of bidding for 50,000 elements with personal ability.

"The six stars who won the final victory are basically a team doing things. Some go to ordinary users to buy, some to let many people help brush the mine. Other star owners absorb the elements through the form of shares. More people come to buy together, in many forms." Wang Lei added.

According to Caijing.com, at that time, in order to prevent potential legal and regulatory risks, the universe was careful in every step. When establishing the official community communication channel of the universe, it is proposed that all users should not discuss element trading topics within the group. The elemental and legal currency transactions seem to be taboo in the official.

Including the elemental market that should go online with the time miners and the wilderness era, it has not been opened yet because of the exchange of legal currency and elements.

The relevant person in charge of the universe also said that the elements are integrals, and the universe is strictly prohibited from any relationship with the legal currency.

Although the official ban is on, private players have already explored a viable trading method.

When the financial network communicated with a planet manager, the other party clearly stated that the elements could be traded off-site and accompanied by a detailed trading strategy.

"Through the friend battle mode in the guessing game, you can do point-to-point element trading. Before the planet auction, there are many people who buy or trade many elements through the friend battle mode," said a basketball manager Huang Shi.

The financial network found that it was indeed effective in the actual measurement. The friend battle mode in the guessing mode can indeed make the element transfer between users, and there is no limit to the time, and the game can be played 24 hours a day. As long as you agree with your friends (or counterparties) in advance (three wins and two wins) or directly in the course of the game (if one party directly quits in the game, the system directly judges the exit party) can directly decide Match Results. The elements of the bet in the game will be transferred to the winning party account, and there is no element betting limit in the buddy mode.

It is worth noting that I don’t know if the universe has already known that there are frequent large-value transfer of friends in the game. In the rules of the game, it is specifically mentioned that in the battle of friends, the participants will be charged a 1% fee. It is not in other battle modes.

The circulation loophole of the friend guessing mode is subjective or not considered by the operator. Everyone has no way of knowing it, but since the model was launched, the user has the exchange channel between the element and the legal currency.

“Although the method is effective, it is very risky,” Huang said.

Since the universe does not open the official trading channels, it can only achieve a verbal agreement in WeChat, and then complete the element transfer in the universe, which will cause a lot of scams. Since the buyer has a strong position in the elemental transaction, the seller is often required to transfer the element first, and then the buyer then makes an offline transfer through WeChat or Alipay.

However, in the actual transaction, after many scammers receive the elements of the seller, they quickly delete the buyer's WeChat and then evaporate.

"Now the six planets have their own management team to do (element trading). We are all people in the universe, and we are more credible through our transactions." Huang Shi told the financial network.

In this regard, the financial network to the universe to verify, the other party said that we and the six planet owners, is not a recruitment relationship, is similar to the "bar master" , are all user-organized.

According to the financial network, most users of the universe do not understand that the game in the universe is not developed and operated by the universe itself, nor the true relationship between the six planet operators and the universe. They still believe that the universe is a product endorsed by Baidu, and its development prospects are great, and the value of elements will grow in the future.



The blockchain white paper released by Baidu also emphasizes that the Universe is one of the six major applications based on Baidu's superchain development.

It is mentioned that the universe uses the DPOS consensus, and the universe residents vote for the super nodes. At the same time, the universe will form the Universe Council together with the selected super nodes. The Council will be the highest decision-making body in the universe, and its decision-making matters include, but are not limited to, determining the direction of community development, adjusting the distribution of elements, upgrading and upgrading of core technologies, emergency decision-making and crisis management agendas, and licensing of planet operations. Through full participation, the user is determined to determine the overall development of the universe.

But the reality is far from what the white paper describes. The super node (equivalent to the planet master) is not voted by the inhabitants of the universe, but by the pattern of bidding. For the background of these planet owners, whether the universe knows to be questioned. As mentioned in the over-the-counter trading, the planet owner or the team under his jurisdiction used the universe to endorse, defrauding the user's trust and providing elements and legal currency related transactions. From the reply of the universe, the practice of the planet master is obviously contrary to the idea of ​​the universe.

As far as the author's manuscript is published, many of the WeChat groups in the universe have been quoted frequently. For the universe, the frequent occurrence of fraudulent user elements running events, the user's trust in the universe is gradually lost. Perhaps for the universe, to rectify and shut down the transfer channels, the loss of users and the universe itself can be minimized.

At the same time, according to the degree of the universe, the main "bar owners" of each planet, these stars only enjoy the benefits of their own planet-related elements, but it is difficult to participate in the operational decision of the entire universe.

"From the model described in the white paper, the universe is emulating the operating model of EOS. But the universe is obviously only learning the fur." ​​Wang Qi, a senior blockchain observer, said.

“EOS mechanism has been criticized for its centralization, but most of the super node candidates involved are individuals or teams with strong industry fame and technical strength. And each team will also mention their own community operations during the campaign. Planning and technology improvement programs. There is nothing for the universe," he added.

For Internet organizations, currency is a taboo and can only be replaced by points. But the lack of incentives for the public chain is difficult to attract outstanding technical teams to participate. It is difficult to build a complete ecosystem without more team involvement. The universe has apparently not found the right path.

In the text, Liang Chengfei, Wang Lei, Wang Qi, and Huang Shi are all pseudonyms.

This article Source: Finance and Economics Network on the financial

Author: Changfeng

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