Why did you not disclose the blockchain layout when you squeezed out the US group that Baidu promoted the ATM combination?

Today, the traditional Internet amnesty and Ethereum founder V God's photo, from left to right, followed by Sequoia Capital Shen Nanpeng, Ceyuan Capital Feng Bo, Vitalik, Meituan founder Wang Xing, and public comment CEO Zhang Tao.

Everyone has speculated that "Is this going to do something?" The amount of information is very large, and it has already blown up the circle of friends.

Feng Bo, Wang Xing, Vitalik, Xiao Feng

According to public information, in the Chinese Internet companies, the US group is one of the few Internet companies that do not have a blockchain. The emergence of Wang Xing has made people think about it. Is the US group accepting digital currency payments? Currency? Some netizens have drawn the blockchain layout of the 2025 Meituan.

In fact, according to the public information and reports, although the blockchain is under fire, BAT is vigorously laying out the blockchain. It is estimated that many people have doubts about why the US group has not laid out the blockchain.

Since 2019, the US group has had good news and achieved its first profit in the second quarter. The good news of the US group also reflected in its stock price. On October 8, the US group reached a market value of 516.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 65.9 billion US dollars) with a pre-market increase of more than 5%, becoming the market value ranking after Ali and Tencent. Three Chinese Internet companies. Successfully “kicked off” Baidu and was promoted to the top three of Chinese Internet companies.

The pattern of China's Internet BAT has been called for many years, and it is hard to imagine that one day they will fall, but it still happens. Instead, the ATM combination is a new combination of "China Internet Cash Machine".

After a thousand-strong battle, the beauty group grew into a unicorn in the field of life-oriented scene services. Although the US Mission is relatively low-key, its ambition is not small. Wang Xing put forward the concept of “Eat Better, Live Better”. Around this concept, the group has layouts in the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and automatic driving, but the sound of the blockchain is not seen.

BAT actively lays out the blockchain, but the figure of the US group is not seen.

The concepts of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and blockchain have all been hot in recent years. In particular, the blockchain concept has caused many people to worry very much. For example, since the launch of the Libra program, Facebook has attracted the attention and vigilance of central banks. The launch of Libra has also accelerated the development of China's central bank digital currency.

Global Internet companies have been laying out on the blockchain, and domestic Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Suning, Huawei, etc. have also laid out blockchains.

Ali launched the ant blockchain, landing the Tmall international blockchain traceability and other applications; Tencent launched the Tencent blockchain, landing blockchain electronic invoices and other applications; Baidu launched Baidu super chain, landing Baidu Baishang chain And other applications; Jingdong launched the Zhiyi chain, landing the application of trace chain source in Jingdong District. Suning and Huawei also have a multi-faceted blockchain.

The US group is deeply cultivating the field of “eat”. The current “eat” is the industry closest to the blockchain. Food traceability and logistics tracking are relatively good industries in the blockchain field. Many big companies such as Ali Tencent also have Mature research results.

However, as the new top three Internet group, it does not see the layout in the blockchain field.

Data security and privacy that cannot be ignored

Without seeing Wang Xing's layout blockchain, it is inevitable to ask the first question. What role will the blockchain have for the US group? If the blockchain has no use for the US group, then Wang Xing does not lay out the blockchain is a very normal thing.

The concept of “Eat Better, Live Better” provides a very life-like scene service. In the US group, a large number of user behavior data was precipitated. In other words, the US group knows more about what you want to eat at noon. Mastering a large amount of user behavior data, this is a big fortune. In this regard, Kevin Kelly said: Big data will sweep everything, data business is all business. In other words, the data owned by Internet companies is the core economic value of Internet companies.

However, the problem is that the user data that the US Mission holds is not a US group but a user, and is the user's personal privacy. Although China is currently less sensitive to personal privacy data, everyone's awareness of data privacy protection is on the rise.

In 2018, Facebook abused data and revealed user privacy. In the Cambridge incident, 50 million user information was used by big-party analysis by third-party company Cambridge Analytica to accurately advertise and information content according to users' interests and behaviors. Facebook's "data privacy" leak triggered the Domino effect, causing the stock price to plummet, with a single day's biggest drop of 23% and a market value of $123 billion.

Since the beginning of this year, many domestic companies that have climbed data have been seized. This can be seen in two things: (1) the management of user data is becoming more and more strict; (2) the value of user data mining is so large that people can break the law.

Data is very valuable, the law is increasingly protecting user data security, and keeping the core economic value of data, how is it good? Blockchain technology can solve the security, privacy, ownership, etc. of user data, protect user data privacy, and return data to users so that users can truly master their own data and have ownership.

Blockchain technology is a functional value for user data protection. It has more value in data validation, pricing, and transaction. It is obvious why Internet companies have laid out blockchain technology.

Blockchain fan Wang Xing

In fact, Wang Xing, the founder of the US group, has maintained close attention to the blockchain. After Facebook released Libra, Ma Huateng took the lead in the Chinese Internet circle and released a comment on Libra. The comments of the US group Wang Xing are as follows:

In this Internet gang, Wang Xing is not the first to comment on Libra's Internet amnesty, but he can definitely be called one of Libra's most concerned bosses, and his evaluation of Facebook's release of Libra is also very high.

In June, Li Xing released Libra's thoughts and analysis in Lifan, analyzing Libra's name, the technology behind it, the possibility of future implementation, and the practical significance of Libra's existence. Wang Xing believes Libra It is indeed a genius design."

Wang Xing said, "Facebook's strategy of pushing Libra is very clear. The persimmons are softly pinched. The currency system of the weak countries in the world's 200 countries is gradually replaced. When encountering a very small number of powers, of course, it is time to bow down and bow down. Just collusion."

He also said that the principles of Chinese history and blockchain are a bit like the fact that each dynasty gave history to the former dynasty, just like creating a new block. It is not absolutely impossible to tamper with it, but it must be mastered by more than 50%. force.

The blockchain version is called the 嚣美团


The US group did not disclose its actions in the blockchain field, and it may only be quietly prepared and not publicly disclosed. But companies that already have blockchains are aiming to "eat" this business.

A project called the Catering Mainland has an intention to kill the US group. It is advocated that the assets are shared by all the goods, the rights and interests are shared by all the food, and the development is governed by all the goods, and the whole food is symbiotic.

The assets produced by the food on the US group are owned by the US group. They are not owned by the food, and they are directly attacked by the US group. Is this a threat to the US group? Yes, but not now. At present, the entire blockchain industry has not ran a model in combination with the traditional economy, and is in the exploration stage.

When the combination of blockchain and traditional economy was explored, the US group "replica" was still too late. After all, "copying" is also a major feature of the Chinese Internet, not to mention the blockchain's open source spirit. At that time, the US group could not start later, but the premise was that it was prepared.

The US group has a natural point advantage. If it is converted into a blockchain product or a point pass is very advantageous, but I think the US group will not do this, and it will be like QQ and WeChat of Tencent. Create a blockchain version of the "Mei Tuan", continue to give it guidance to users, so that it can grow rapidly, while holding the traditional Internet version of the US group and the block chain version of the US group.

Therefore, the US Mission will not miss the blockchain version of the "Mei Tuan" because it will threaten its status.

Blocks related to the US Mission

1) Decentralized application platform Vite

In May 2018, Liu Chunming, the former head of the US team's taxi technical team, established the decentralized application platform Vite.

Liu Chunming was responsible for more than 130 teams in the US group. In order to further pursue the sense of accomplishment, he entered the field of highly competitive public chain entrepreneurship. Liu Chunming was the first entrepreneur in the field of bitcoin. He saw the new opportunities that Ethereum and smart contracts brought to the industry and returned to blockchain entrepreneurship.

Vite official website information currently shows that the Vite public chain is near the line, with 1460 nodes worldwide. However, there are few projects based on the Vite public chain, which is also a dilemma of the current public chain.

2) Uchain

In June 2016, the former head of the US film review film business, Yu Yu, left the US group to explore the Uchain blockchain business based on the sharing economy.

Uchain is the first public chain designed for the global shared economy, with the goal of building its underlying blockchain network to address existing trust and data misuse issues.

Uchain official website information shows that the current Uchain's main network has not yet been launched, and there is no announcement of the online time plan. There are also many layouts in the Uchain ecological construction, but the main network is not online, and the ecological construction is also in a suspended state.

3) Taxi chain VVShare

In May 2018, the US co-founder Yang Jun and the founder of the fast, Chen Weixing, the founder of Pancheng Investment, jointly launched the blockchain taxi platform VVShare, aiming to build a blockchain technology from the taxi application. Life service platform.

At present, the official channel of VVShare has been stopped, and it is in a state of abortion.

4) BonusCloud

On September 10, 2018, Li Shuang, the former general manager of the former US Mission Cloud, resigned and created the blockchain project BonusCloud.

BonusCloud aims to empower cloud computing through blockchain technology, subvert the traditional cloud computing industry landscape, and break the oligarchy of AWS and Alibaba Cloud in the market. The company's official website shows that the project's strategic partners include HuobiEco, Tongzhou Capital, and iTechClub.

According to Bona Cloud official website and forum, Bona Cloud is testing various functions.

The US group came out with many entrepreneurs in the blockchain field. The US group is very concerned about the blockchain and has many observations and opinions on the blockchain. As Wang Huiwen, senior vice president of the US group commented, the blockchain has torn the Chinese Internet and shifted the main contradiction of the Chinese Internet. The main contradiction is transformed from the contradiction between the giant and the startup to the contradiction between the classical Internet and the blockchain. The US team employees have been stifling in this new and promising field.

Although the US group has become the top three in the Internet, the current market value of Ali is 5.6 times that of the US group, and the market value of Tencent is nearly five times that of the US group. It is very difficult to surpass Ali and Tencent on the classical internet track. The blockchain breeds an opportunity to transcend, and although it is not known in the future, it gives participants the opportunity to go beyond classical Internet companies. Will Wang Xing miss it? Will not. There is no layout action now, it may be that there is no publicity, or it has not yet reached the timing of Wang Xing’s expectations.

Text | Peng Yaping Editor | Bi Yi Tong Source | PANews

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