You said that you are a Buddha holding money? NO, you are just a turtle

The Buddha's holding of the currency is a popular term in the currency circle. The so-called Xiong Guan Man Road is really like iron, but now it is moving from the beginning. However, the bear is more difficult. Therefore, many authors have recently suggested that everyone vote, and the Buddha holds the currency. So what is the real Buddha holding money?

Buddha holding currency

Let's take a look at the real example: When the bull market is crazy, a lot of leeks are coming in, catching up and killing. The market has turned from a cow to a bear, and the leek lacks the experience of stop loss and stop loss, and is placed on the peak or halfway up the mountain to pay for the prophet. Because the loss is more serious, not willing to sell, waiting for the bull market to restart, and then untie. So holding the currency to go up, the name of the day: the Buddha holds the currency.

The question is, is this the Buddha holding the money? You think this is the Buddha holding the currency. In fact, you are just a turtle.

The Buddha knows five hundred years, knows five hundred years, has experienced the red dust, but is not stunned, pursues peace and indifference, can look at everything plainly, can afford it, let it go. As the bit silly article said, the Buddha's smile and the baby's smile are separated by the distance of the red dust.

The Buddha’s holding of the currency must be based on cognition. Only if you have a certain degree of understanding of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and a clear understanding of the future trend of the blockchain, you can truly experience the bulls and bears, can afford, can afford! Otherwise, if there is a wind and grass, it will be like a bird of surprise.

The Buddha-holding holders are actively holding money on the basis of cognition. For example, Li Xiaolai, who has always insisted on the idea of ​​the currency standard, such as the shackles that have been full of positions. Since we know that the blockchain will eventually become a towering tree, why did you cut him into firewood when he was still in the sapling? Give her some time, she will return you to report.

Turtle holding money

Most of the turtle-holding people are the leeks harvested on the peaks. They can't accept the huge loss in their hearts, and passively choose the quilt. What they often say is "hey, he is quilted." "Not ready to cut meat." "Set it up, it will come back sooner or later." Set it up, this is a typical feature of the turtle system, and sooner or later it will rise back, it is their psychological comfort.

The biggest characteristic of ordinary investors is that they are chasing up and killing. They don’t know how to stop profit and stop loss. Knowing that the market has become extremely fanatical, he also wants to join this party. After the party, a chicken feather. Seeing that the market has a high probability of falling, and holding the illusion, it will immediately rise back, and the result will fall deeper and deeper.

This is why I said that you are the turtle holding money? The Buddha holds the coins and the turtles hold the coins. On the surface, they hold the coins to rise, no difference, but they are different in nature, separated by a huge cognitive gap. Left-handed Buddha, right-handed turtle, you can slow down with your left hand and right hand in a slow motion.

How can I be a real Buddha holder?

The Buddha has a cloud: put down the butcher knife and set up the land to become a Buddha. But put down the butcher knife, can you really become a Buddha? Is it possible to turn a butcher knife into a pig and immediately become a Buddha? The truth is that the pig killing is still the one that kills the pig. Is it that a leek has been cut, and it has become a Buddha holder? The reality is that leeks or leeks are always one after another.

Putting down the butcher's knife is just the first step to abandon evil and good. Then let go of the butcher knife, how can we become a Buddha? The answer in the novel is that you have to worship the old monk as a teacher. Do you want to chanting? In short, the two words are "cultivation."

Life is a practice. The currency circle is a practice. To get good results, you need to cultivate good causes. For the majority of leeks, practice is to recharge the faith and improve cognition. The final shortcut is to worship the master, such as the master. If the essence of investment is cognitive realization, then if you want to make money, what you have to do now is to raise awareness.

The Buddha is holding three coins:

1. Improve cognition and correctly recognize value. We all know that chasing up and down is a common problem for most people. When you have a clear understanding of cryptocurrency, you will fall more and more, buy more and buy more, instead of chasing up and down. When the short-term price is significantly lower than the value, the more you buy, the more you can get the excess income; when the market is more frenetic, the price rises wildly, and this time it should be sold more and more. Of course, this refers to short-term operations, you can also hold for a long time, be an eternal Buddha.

2. Do what you can, and don't invest beyond your ability. Do not use leverage and do not invest in household expenses. Regardless of the price of the currency, it will not affect your quality of life. You can make a real calm on the price of the currency. Not pleased, not to have compassion. Whether it is up or down, it is just a passing sight. The humiliation is not shocked, and the flowers bloom before the court; the unintentional stay is unintentional, and the sky is cloudless. The Buddha holding the currency is a realm.

3. Hold the mainstream currency. The Buddha must hold the value currency, and it is best to be a mainstream currency, such as BTC. Why do you want to hold the mainstream currency? Because these currencies have gone through several rounds of bull market, they have risen and fallen, and finally survived. After a long-term test of the market, they have been recognized by most people. It will not disappear after a few years, and it will be zero. The author has also held a zero-return currency, and the last remaining is only a bunch of numbers. At present, 90% of the cryptocurrency on the market will eventually go to zero. There are many other benefits in mainstream currencies, such as large market capitalization, good liquidity, large volume, and market depth.

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