Babbitt column | Encrypted investment is to enter a black hole that slows down time

Last year's bear market was like a blunt knife, which made the various roles in the blockchain suffer. Whether it is the project side, the exchange, or the investor, in this heavily suppressed atmosphere, it is necessary to maintain a healthy and healthy attitude. It’s not easy to be free.

However, if a mortal person has been trapped for a long time, it is inevitable that he will be tempted to think about it. When he sees a simple village, he will look at himself and he may misunderstand it as a sympathy for himself. When these beautiful wishes generated by ideas are brought together, they are very likely to evolve into market confidence. In fact, they are essentially the lights of the sky loft. However, it is the power of this market confidence that creates enormous energy. .

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The fluctuation of currency prices opened in April 2019 is a profound portrayal of such a market.

There is nothing in the world, we want it to happen, so it happens, and it pushes the waves, constantly enlarges, and the mind plays an absolute dominance. George Soros’s reflexive theory reveals the inherent logic of market price movements.

The upgrade of Bitcoin on May 15th was hyped, the new currency of Firecoin Prime was focused, and the sale of Litecoin on August 8 was speculated. There is no doubt that the etheric classic Atlantis hard forked after 130 days. And bitcoin's production cut in July 2020 is definitely a rescue and expectation of the currency circle, and it will be another long-planned carnival.

If we stand on the other side of the river and look at all that happened, we will immediately understand that there is a bull market, but it is a collective obscenity.

After a long drought, a dark cloud that occasionally floated was also worshipped.

Of course, the main market makers naturally earned a lot of money and are the number one winners. Retail investors are also happy to hitchhike and seek a bull market performance in a bear market with a sensitive sense of smell.

However, the premise is to transparently understand the underlying logic and operating rules behind these phenomena. Otherwise, it can only be done for others. In Feng Qingping's view, after the impetuous, it must be a chicken feather, a sorrowful sorrow, the recovery is slow, waiting is a must.

If we follow the giant wave investment theory to operate, capture every hot spot, short or long, there are some odds. However, in view of the asymmetry of information, the dangers always follow. To be precise, it has nothing to do with value investment, and has nothing to do with the development of the boost blockchain. It is the full use of the herd effect. If you are not a great man, you can’t do it.

Grasping the trend, it is much simpler to follow the trend. "Gambling, naturally, what is nature? 曰 曰 也 , 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 顾 According to the law of the growth of all things in the heavens and the earth, the maturity of things is going through the different stages of spring and autumn, and the development of things takes time to precipitate. It is impossible to build communism overnight. Bitcoin has been around for ten years, and it is still unable to break away from the real world barriers, let alone a lot of new currencies.

With this simple common sense standard, in the ups and downs of the market, perhaps we can become more transparent and meditation.

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Some public chains claim that their TPS has met the high performance requirements of commercial use. So, only high performance, can it achieve an ecological construction? Naturally impossible, because of high performance, scalability, privacy protection, and more importantly, its security is far from complete.

Some exchanges claim that their trading volume is quite impressive, so that we are not only self-esteem, but also the sense of frogs at the bottom of the well. However, looking at some of the trading curve is quite a regular trajectory, let us be suspicious, why is the transaction so uniform?

The flow of information generated by some media is very similar to the trend of the currency price, and its relevance is highly correlated. Investigate its cause, is it a chicken or an egg? Is it a sensational guide or a market analysis?

As we all know, the development of blockchain needs to solve technical problems and solve consensus problems. It is necessary to balance the impossible triangles and achieve breakthroughs in use cases. It is necessary to theoretically test and establish and broaden the practice.

At the beginning of 2018, the founder of Ethereum, Viterick Butrin, frankly stated that it takes 2-3 years for the technology of Layer 1 to fall. If you change to a resource-rich public chain outside of Ethereum?

How quickly does the number and quality of developers increase? Is it possible to build the expected park landscape and facilities on this land to create a huge ecosystem? Is the security and privacy of the network able to solve the pain points of developers and meet the needs of users, rather than the pseudo-demand of many DAPPs? Has compliance been agreed and an easy-to-operate channel has been created to enable blockchain projects to thrive in a thriving environment? ……… We look at the authorities in difficult times. When we see that the project side is working hard to lay off employees and reduce operating costs, the exchange is actively engaged in contracts and strives to expand revenue. As an iteration of ICO, IEO has been highly anticipated by investors, but it has been ruined by the exchanges that have come to the market. It has been hard to pull it from the temple to the muddy ground. So neatly, IEO has attracted strong intervention from the regulatory authorities. It is also a matter of time. The index data is bleak. Where is the bull market? The project parties who have done a good job of capital operation in advance, take advantage of the situation to engage in mergers and acquisitions, bull market financing, and the capital operation law of the bear market merger and acquisition reveal that it is still a bear market.

A fire in Notre Dame de Paris, like the fire of the National Museum of Brazil in 2018, reflects the lack of management and the economic background of the depression, which is a microcosm of the world economy.

Back in the blockchain industry, Feng Qingping believes that these problems will not be completely and comprehensively resolved in the short term. In 2019, many technical problems will be solved, and many projects will make breakthroughs at a certain point. However, for the development of the blockchain industry, the celebration feast is purely a delusion, just like the luxury big bull market in 2019. Advance arrives, although the blockchain development cycle is more rapid. This year's gathering will be the cornerstone of the future industry leap forward.

Many investors who are eager for the bull market are expected to quench their thirst. In the ups and downs of turbulence, there are many hot spots to operate short-term profitability and soothe fatigue, but we still need to face the immense blockchain industry and the controversial environment. Don't mistake the autumn rain for the spring breeze.

There is a cloud in Sun Tzu's Art of War: "If you don't know the princes, you can't pay it; if you don't know that the mountain forest is dangerous, you can't march; you don't need a guide, you can't get the land." As an investor, if you can't understand the characteristics of the blockchain development and the stage in which it is located, it is very likely to fall into the danger of being blind. It is a must-have homework to study relevant information and knowledge. "The winners and losers are among the ones in the world. Gu Shan gambling is cautious and eager to look at the fire, moving from time to time, waiting for an opportunity to do things, and when things are not done, people do not do things."

Investors are not athletes, they don't have to play in person, but the game is long. We must wait for the temper to wait, waiting for the spring after the groundbreaking in the real sense. Dong Xinshu, CEO of Zilliqa, said, "Price is one thing, but technology is another thing. The latter has the ability to create real change in the world," and only the latter can entrust a real bull market. Concerns can bring in traffic, but only the latter can bring in the huge capital of institutional investors. Market confidence is the flesh, and the maturity of the industry is the bone. Prior to this, the big probability was that futures contracts dominated the pricing of cryptocurrencies.

If we frequently win on a small band, we are very likely to miss the trend of the whistling. "The number wins will die", because the number of wars is exhausted, and the number wins is arrogant. The capital crocodile in the market has been deliberately "multiple parties misunderstood" and created a wave of artificial martyrdom. Both long and short sides are doing their best, and the enthusiasm drives the K-line to fluctuate wildly. Only the huge tsunami formed by the maturity of the strong industrial base can sweep and take away the market participants who are willing to take advantage of it.

Can not wait, is a huge character defect, but also the root cause of fainting. In fact, waiting is part of the investment strategy, and even the most important part. An investor who can wait is often a person whose nature is like the silence of water, and whose heart is like a mountain. Waiting, let yourself maintain a peace of mind, like entering a time-space black hole that slows down time, find the real gold that is covered with dust, look for opportunities that are determined by the war, and be a good sniper in the capital market.

The above is a waiting article for the series of articles on cryptocurrency investment.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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