BTC returned to 5200, is it really pulling up?

Yesterday evening, we just mentioned that the air force morale is like a rainbow. Today, I was hit by a face. In this shock market recently, this face is almost swollen. Today, the market once again ushered in the general market. This time, the rebound leader switched back to BTC. On the body, yesterday’s Twitter cryptocurrency discussion returned to the first place, and the focus once again cut back to BTC. Recently, BTC’s net capital inflows are also relatively large, and the data is positive. This BTC rebound can lead the cryptocurrency market out of the quagmire. ?


On April 3, the long shadow line did not know if you paid attention to it. The recent dozens of trading days are all running here and the K-line chart. We see that the trading volume is gradually shrinking, and the trading volume shrinks. Light, wait-and-see mood is strong, if you want to break this deadlock, you must have the main force to lead the completion, or you short-selled to below $4,800, the trend is bearish, or you bullish again to pull above $5300, to stimulate more enthusiasm It doesn't appear now, so we still think that the big probability of the target will still be shocked between 4800-5300 USD to digest the profit.

At 1 o'clock in the morning, BTC rose again, hitting a maximum of 5,195 dollars, higher than yesterday's high point. At present, from the point-of-time perspective, there is a sign that the bottom is gradually rising. BTC is currently facing $5,200. Pressure level, observe whether this point can pass smoothly. We can see from the daily chart that the price of the target has already stood 5 antennas and 10 antennas, and the 5 antennas have turned heads upwards. Observe whether the 5 antennas can wear 10 antennas to form a golden cross. The transaction volume is always one. Worrying, I have never been able to zoom in again to the 5-day average, so we don't think this point is a suitable entry point. Once again, we will fall below the 5 antennas to pay attention to the risk. If the volume exceeds 5,300 dollars, it will be invalid.


ETH follows the BTC rebound, but not as strong as the BTC. The target has been hovering near the lower shadow line of the big Yinxian. It has not hit a third of the Yinxian entity. It has not yet stood on 10 antennas. The 5 antennas have just gone flat. Next, there may be a choice of direction. The volume is also a step-by-step shrinking situation. It is being suppressed by 10 antennas and 250 antennas. The pressure level at 166 dollars has not formed a breakthrough. It will continue to follow the trend of BTC. The current position is not suitable for entering the market. Maintaining the previous point of view, it is expected to return to the support near 143 US dollars, or as long as the BTC does not break the position, the target will also have a high probability of not falling, the medium-term target. Still around $230.


The rebound of XRP is the weakest of the three cryptocurrencies. Even the 5-antenna average has failed to stand up. The macd indicator has already started to diverge downwards. It is already close to the zero-axis. The recent trend has been very weak, from the volume. Look, the rebound did not release too much volume. The people who entered the market in the early stage chose to hold the currency and still need new reinforcements to enter the market. At present, the position that can be replenished at 0.3 US dollars is considered to be the target. It is impossible to miss a round of market in such a vain. It is very likely that there will be a wave of compensatory growth. If the target breaks through the $0.3 chip-intensive exchange area, we will admit it.


Another exchange announced the removal of the BSV, which may be the reason for the fierce rise in the previous period. Although it is a bit of a slap in the face, it is finally understood why the target has risen. BCH, which is good for blessing, has not made a breakthrough. The high point on the 3rd of the month did not break, so the market may not be as strong as we thought, the 5 antenna and 10 antenna gold forks upward, the macd indicator is glued without gold fork, the volume is slightly enlarged, pay attention to the 5 antenna Supporting strength, 5 antennas may fall back to step 227 US dollars further. I think this point has strong support, but it can be sucked low here. The medium-term target still looks at 430 US dollars, but this point is broken and the market is over. , leaving the field to wait and see.


The EOS reply station has 5 antennas and 10 antennas, but the 5 antennas and 10 antennas have not yet formed a golden cross. The macd indicator continues to diverge downwards. If this position is to attack 5.9 USD, it needs to be replenished to pass. Now, the whole market All are shrinking, the replenishment is not realistic. If you look back at the support of 5 dollars again, the probability will fall below, so it is still based on the risk. If you break below 5 dollars, the speed will be very fast. The dollar can be low-sucking, effectively falling below the market, and leaving the market to wait and see. If the volume breaks through 5.9 dollars, it will be ineffective and will be bullish to 6.8 dollars.


LTC is currently under pressure from the high point connection. The pressure above the $85 is also relatively strong. From the daily chart, we can clearly see that the drop in the target has exceeded the 5-day average. A shrinking trend, such a trend wants to rebound upwards is very difficult, the top selling pressure is very large, so the proposal for the target is mainly wait and see, effectively fall below the 75 US dollar support, the decline may be very large Will return to the strong support level of 62 US dollars, the drop can be low, the price breaks below this point, if the volume is 85 dollars, then the bearish invalid may attack the 100 dollar integer mark again.


For BNB, we once again reminded the risk that the target's increase is very large. Once the head is formed, the decline will be very large. The big profit announced yesterday is good, the target is only shock, and it has not broken the previous high point. If it is good, it will not rise. If it is not good, can you break through again? I think the opportunity is awkward. We still think that the probability of the target being double-headed or the box is relatively large. The indicators and volume do not match the target and continue to go up.


The trend of TRX is also weak. After falling below the neckline position, it is temporarily unable to reverse the neckline position. If this is the case, it is very likely that an ABC will be taken, that is, there is still a C wave that has not yet arrived. Make up the position, wait patiently, the macd indicator has been dead down, observe the support at 0.024 US dollars, can be low-intake at 0.02-0.024 USD, or break through 0.028 USD again, effectively fall below 0.02 USD field.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis.

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