2019 World Blockchain Conference· Wuzhen first day highlights highlights

On November 8, “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” officially opened at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The conference gathered more than 100 global blockchains, digital assets, AI, 5G experts and scholars, technical dignitaries, opinion leaders, and founders of popular projects. The theme of “application unbounded” was around the application of blockchain. Technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues are discussed to promote blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

Small bridges, white walls and gray tiles, in the millennial town of ancient and modern, the blockchain elements float in the air of every lane. Today, more than 4,000 friends from all over the world gather here. Wuzhen wakes up in the bird language. The technological beauty of the blockchain and the ray of light accompany each other. Unconsciously, I have forgotten that this evening is He Xi.

Today's highlights are as follows:

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Li Jieli, senior director of ant Jinfu and head of the ant blockchain BaaS platform:

The blockchain builds a bridge from “information Internet” to “consumer internet” to “value internet”. In the next 20 years, “upper chain” will enable more value (assets) to digitize people, equipment, commerce, and society to collaborate and innovate.

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Cai Weige, general manager of blockchain business in Tencent:

The emergence of legal digital currencies (such as Libra) will help many assets accelerate the completion of the digitization process. After the emergence of new technologies, there will be different ways of playing with CeFi and DeFi. There will be some different innovative financial rules, which we think are very much expected.

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Jia Jian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jia Nan, Zhi Jian:

Blockchain hybrid computing (POP) will surpass current real estate and digital real estate as an important asset class in human history. China's central bank digital currency DC/EP will lead the central bank's digital currency, Libra is a currency war, and BTC has the opportunity to become the anchor of the digital world.

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Ma Qianli, Vice President of Babbitt:

The blockchain is actually a governance model. Analogous to the industry, the company dispatches workers and machines to produce goods through the governance model. The government uses the governance model to dispatch people to realize production, life and people's livelihood.

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Sun Lilin, founder of PlatON:

The nature of the blockchain is still a financial infrastructure. As a blockchain of financial infrastructure, its history is similar to the migration of analog communications to digital communications. Blockchain infrastructure must be charged a reasonable fee and tends to zero. The fundamental logic behind the establishment of infrastructure is the creation of an effective emerging “market”.

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Xiao Wei, head of Baidu Blockchain Lab:

Future integration of artificial intelligence, 5G communication, big data, cloud computing, and autonomous driving and blockchain technology will push the city's intelligence into a new phase. In the flow of trusted data, the blockchain can achieve reliable data collection, reliable data storage, reliable data delivery, and reliable data processing.

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Zhang Yifeng, Dean of China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute:

Digital identity is one of the infrastructures that drive the widespread use of blockchains. The next generation of digital identities (ie, distributed digital identities) consists of identity data, digital certificates, and verifiable claims, characterized by elastic, flattening. Distributed authentication method.

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OKEx Chief Strategy Officer Xu Kun:

The emergence of assets has led to the birth of digital asset exchanges, and digital asset exchanges are at the core. The crypto-asset industry is spiraling upwards and is moving toward globalization, compliance and specialization.

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Chain node CEO Qu Zhaoxiang:

Blockchain science and blockchain cultural creativity have made blockchain culture popular. With the rise of the domestic public chain, we will see more Chinese blockchain cultural powers in the future. ChainNode launched the Prometheus project, which will bring together the partners and community KOL with the blockchain creation weapons to make the blockchain popular.


More than the original chain CEO:

The advantage over the original chain is the public track, self-control, team strength and global compliance. The future direction is to adhere to the two legs, based on China, and look to the world.


Tom Liu, a senior researcher at the original chain:

MOV Ecology creates a stable currency based on cross-chain assets. It will transcend the creation of a speculative asset, allowing diversified mainstream assets to form a value consensus and convergence under the framework of the folding synthesis, so that an “incarnation” currency can become “stable transfer”. “Debt supporting economic transactions” accelerates the promotion of stable currencies and business scenarios (chain and entity), bringing more credit expansion and social acceptance to cross-chain assets.

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Yuandao, chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance:

The construction of the future information network space of the chain network is driven by application, especially the decentralized, personal information network space (PCC) based application. The future of the chain network will include a system of universal economic incentives and will seamlessly interface with the central bank's digital currency (DC/EP) system.

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Sergey Nazarov, founder and CEO of Chainlink:

Smart Contract 1.0 is a smart contractual agreement, Smart Contract 2.0 (pass-certified) is a scriptable smart contract, and Smart Contract 3.0 (all other dapps) is a fully integrated smart contract.

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Yang Haipo, founder of ViaBTC & CoinEx:

The decentralized exchange is the infrastructure of the future blockchain, because DEX does not require a license to release the long tail Token, greatly expanding the boundaries of the entire blockchain world. DEX is the direction of the next generation of public chains and can release trillions of market space.

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Hashkey Capital CEO Deng Chao:

From the perspective of investment trends, more and more projects are moving from Token financing to equity financing.

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Zhou Shuoji, founder of FBG Blockchain Investment Fund:

After the policy is favorable, whether it is centralized or decentralized, the blockchain will have new opportunities.


Cocos-BCX founder Chen Yuzhi:

At present, the bottleneck of chain travel lies in user penetration rate, platform compliance, technology maturity and many other aspects.


Power Ma Technology CSO Mary Ma:

The blockchain brings not only improvement to the game industry, but the reshaping of the industrial landscape.

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YottaChain founder Wang Donglin:

Decentralized storage is an inevitable trend in the development of storage technology. Data storage is the best application scenario for the blockchain transformation of the real economy.

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Wang Yunwei, Chief Innovation Officer of Wanxiang Holdings:

The Token economy is the groundwater layer of the blockchain. The opportunity of the Token economy: First, the state has clear support for the blockchain. Second, the blockchain is at the forefront in many applications of financial technology. The third is to create a new economy in the country. Be a smart city and a place where industrial parks are dense.

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Meng Yan, Associate Dean of Digital Assets Research Institute:

The improvement of policies will not solve the previous problems very quickly. It will take time and period for local governments to formulate policies and standards. Some areas that cannot be used, some businesses in the gray area may have a big outbreak, but they will not Become the norm.

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