30 blockchain big coffee airborne Hangzhou, this thought guide helps you hook up

Less than a month away from May 17. are you ready?

What? What happened to May 17th?

Well, the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum is about to open. This conference has been in place for three years.

This year, it was supervised by the Hangzhou Financial Office and hosted by Babbitt. Including ChainNode Technology Open Day, Blockchain Friends, Blockchain Innovation Corridor, 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum, many activities together constitute the first blockchain week in Hangzhou history.

Up to now, more than 30 big coffees have confirmed their attendance, including Xiao Feng, Bai Shuo, Li Guoquan, Cosin, Chang Hao, etc. The discussion will also cover various fields such as technology, theory, economy and application. Here, you can make the blockchain almost all areas of the world!

The senior editor of Babbitt is carefully crafted and vomiting blood. The core views of these 30 guests are presented to you in advance. This is the first one. This thought guide will make you talk to Daxie no longer.

Xiao Feng Label: Set theory and practice in one, each presentation is not heavy.

Core point of view: First, after 2019, we may not discuss the technical barriers to blockchain applications, such as performance. Second, blockchain technology has a lot of players on both the B and C sides, which is a very good start for the new decade. Third, we really got into the discussion of what the blockchain is all about, not just the technology itself.

Bai Shuo Label: After a hundred technical encounters, the mind has a "blockchain" world

Core point of view: In addition to cross-border remittances, the impact of blockchain on the financial industry is small and untouched. Until the influential big country central bank launched the legal digital currency, then it is only possible to see the real impact of the blockchain on the traditional financial industry. Within ten years, the legal digital currency will appear, and the stable currency will not be counted.

Meng Yan Tags: Pass-Guide Economic Pilot, Knowledge Network Red in Blockchain World

Core point of view: In the traditional financial system hierarchy, individuals, unlisted/listed companies, commercial banks, and central banks can issue different notes, and the blockchain breaks these levels, and everyone can issue certificates. In an open financial environment, digital currency exchanges are almost digital currency banks. They issue or support stable coins through the wallet + account structure, create credits in user accounts, and transparently audit data and processes.

Huang Butian Tags: Decimal Bitcoin in 2009, the obsessive cultivator of blockchain technology

The core point of view: It is meaningless to pursue the complete decentralization of society. The consensus mechanism has changed from decentralization to decentralization and then to multi-centered development, thus building a trust mechanism for collaborative development and promoting the transformation of production relations. In the evolution of technology, the emergence of a polymer chain architecture is inevitable. It uses the public chain as the hub for asset exchange, circulation and circulation. The alliance chain serves the business scenario of the real economy and realizes multi-level data interaction through cross-chain.

咕噜 Label: The ring of living fossils, still convinced through the bull

Core point of view: All investments are value discovery, and the essence of investment is cognitive realization. There are three groups of people who understand and believe, do not understand but believe, do not know or believe, the bear market is not understood but the person who believes is the worst. Now is still an era of money-saving. These people should learn and understand the reasons for investing in a coin. When the reasons are not established, they should withdraw. You are very sure about the future, but there is no coin in your hand, and you will panic in your heart.

Zhao Dong Tags: Bitcoin "number one player", holding BTC to millions of dollars

Core point of view: The best time to invest must be when no one is willing to vote, market operations must be anti-human. The most important consciousness must be risk awareness. The probability of driving an accident may be only one in ten thousand, one in 100,000, but you can't allow that risk. It doesn't matter how much you earn now. The opportunity to make money every wave is N times bigger than before. It is important to be alive.

Han Feng Label: Deeply acquired by the college, the visionary coin investor

Core point of view: The app installed on the user's mobile phone will become Dapp in the future. The most essential difference between the two is that the latter data belongs to the user, and the privacy and rights are protected. The next block in the blockchain will create a new Internet that protects everyone's privacy and rights and turns data into wealth, allowing humanity to enter the next era of the new Internet.

Wei Songxiang Tags: Internet veterans, blockchain "young people"

Core point of view: Equity investors are more concerned about the long-term development of the project, and Token fund is basically a short-term behavior. Because building a project takes a lot of time, investors and teams need to be in the long-term direction. The blockchain project should first merge a little equity, and then put the basic technical framework together before going to the next round of equity. Token is given according to equity investment. There should be no difference between blockchain project financing and traditional project financing. The financing model of the blockchain world in the past 1-2 years has been very problematic, especially in the short term.

Xiong Yue Label: Austrian school singer, singer as a singer

Core point of view: The blockchain is compared with Internet products. The difference is that it may not need to be iterated as fast, but it may pursue every iteration to try to make everyone agree. Dapp can be iterated very quickly, but the public chain is a bit more stable, they are two different dimensions.

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