Accurately step back to consolidate the uptrend BTC infinitely close to return to 6 thousand dollars


As shown in the heat map, the mainstream currencies have been mixed since the beginning of the month, and the further strength of the BTC has not been able to drive the market out of the very strong collective performance, as mentioned in the recent comments, as time goes by, The individuality of each currency in the digital currency market is gradually taking shape. Although BTC is still the most important vane of the entire market, the situation of BTC “ordering the world” seems to be gradually becoming history.


First of all, because the BTC premium of the Bitfinex exchange hit a new high this year, the current quoted price of the Bitfinex exchange is relatively limited for most investors, so the early analysis and re-examination of the article from The BTC offer from the Coinbase exchange is taken as a reference today, and readers are expected to know.

At the end of last month, the BTC oscillated for about 5 days. The currency finally ushered in the "long-awaited" break at the beginning of this month. The price broke through the 4-hour 100-period moving average and the previous weak shock. On the upper edge of the cabinet, the acceleration started as scheduled, and in the first round of acceleration, the effective breakthrough was made for the high resistance of the middle and late last month. The price frustrated near the 5800 integer and once went out nearly 300. The rapid correction of the US dollar, but the low point of the market correction just stopped near the recent rapid rise of the 0.382 Golden Circle support point, but to some extent consolidate the short-term further bullish expectations.

Especially after the price quickly regained the uptrend and further refreshed the recent high point, the BTC has now returned to the stage of rapid rise. As far as the current market is concerned, the expectation of further strength has been basically confirmed, so the transaction follows up. Simplify the problem, focus on the important support near the current position and more resistance and look for one-way multiple follow-up opportunities. As long as the 5460 is the first wave of rapid rise in the market, the key support for the semi-quantitude is not broken, and the short-term short-term short-term is not considered.

In terms of transaction follow-up, the 5340 and 5500 key positions have been broken. The first time has been chased into multiple orders. Currently, the profit can be further reduced. If you try to continue to hold a small number of positions, it is recommended to protect the stop loss position to near 5520. The price will once again hit 5850 and no profit will be able to leave the market. Short-term back to step 5460-5520 strong support area to stabilize, or directly break through the 5850 line can try to make a new round of multi-single layout, low position more than a single look at the 5850 line, the resistance breaks further look above the 6000 integer, strong resistance in Near 6300.



BCH seems to be eye-catching in this week, but the leading position on the heat map is more reflected in the acceleration of the upswing, although the BCH rose in the four trading days of the beginning of the month, but the currency phase Compared with BTC, there is still a serious stagflation situation. The continued decline of the currency in the second half of last month caused the rebound at the beginning of the month to fail to recover this decline. Currently, BCH is still in the last month. At the beginning of the month, after a surge of waves, the central part of the box where the shock occurred in the middle of the month was running. At the same time, many important moving averages of the 4-hour level were kept inside the box, and the direct guiding value to the market was very limited.

For BCH, the upper 309-321 resistance zone and the lower 260-250 support zone should be the key reference for short-term tracing. Before the current interval edge is effectively broken, last month's long-term weak shock pattern has a high probability. Continuation, and the value of the transaction within the interval is limited. Only in the premise that the price confirmation broke through the 321 line, the currency is expected to further follow the short-term rapid rise performance of the BTC and impact the 364 line.



HT's current disk status is similar to that of BCH. Although the short-term has rebounded from a certain level, it is still operating in a relatively weak region. The price has not been able to follow the BTC to achieve an effective breakthrough for the previous month's high. HT has repeatedly failed to form an effective break in the 2.19-2.12 strong support area. The strength of this midline support is very impressive. With the recent wave of rally, the currency will be further down in the short term. The possibility of breaking the position is not high. Especially after the price station returns to the 4 hour 50 and 100 cycle moving averages, the reference value of the first support of 2.33 is gradually increasing. If the market can complete the upward recovery of the 4-hour 200-period moving average, it will return to 2.60 in the short term. Above.

HT short-term trading follow-up logic is focused on 2.33 and 2.46 in-place performance, back to step 2.33 to stabilize or break directly into the 2.46 line can try to grab a wave of ultra-short-line multiple orders, target 2.60-2.68 area. As long as the strong support below 2.19-2.12 is not broken, the current position does not consider the empty single intervention. The expected profit margin of short selling in this area is very limited, and the profit and loss is difficult to control reasonably.


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