"Advance into the summer" or "historical reenactment"

"Advance into the summer" or "historical reenactment"

Since June last year, Zhang Jian Fcoin's "transaction is mining" mode, in the dead currency circle detonated a round of platform currency, this year, the platform currency market suddenly turned back.

Media reporters have learned that many platform currencies have seen phenomenal growth this year. For example, BNB rose more than 300%, HT rose more than 122%, OKB rose more than 130%, ZB rose more than 120%, GT achieved nearly a thousand times increase on April 21.

"Advance into the summer" or "historical reenactment"

"Advance into the summer" or "historical reenactment"

The platform currency market is quite "in advance of summer".

Why is the platform currency delicious?

The so-called platform currency is simply a virtual currency issued by the blockchain trading platform.

The reporter learned that the platform currency of the exchange has an application scenario that is almost just needed.

First of all, in the exchange, there are trading pairs of platform coins, for example, there are HT trading pairs in the fire currency, then naturally there will be some people who buy and hold HT for long-term or short-term motivation.

Secondly, some exchanges have a dividend mechanism for the platform currency. For example, in OKEx, if you hold OKB, you can get the OKEx fee income as a dividend on Friday. Naturally, someone is willing to hold OKB.

Platform coins also have the following advantages:

The more users the exchange has, the greater the transaction fee can be a stable and risk-free source of income.

Therefore, one of the benefits of investing in platform currency is that the exchange's profit model is clearly visible. Any assets traded on the exchange will be charged a handling fee of around 0.2% (the buyer pays 0.1% and the seller pays 0.1%).

Holding the platform currency is equivalent to holding the shares of the platform, and will also give you a discount on the transaction procedures.

Therefore, the influence of the platform and the degree of innovation directly affect the market price of the platform currency.

Among all the platform coins in this round, the BNB of the currency security is the most crazy one, because the currency security has innovated the IEO currency mode.

That is, the first currency is issued on the exchange, and the transaction between the project party and the investment plays a role in the media, and the investor needs to use the BNB to participate in the IEO. On the one hand, this is an application scenario of BNB. On the other hand, the idea of ​​coin security also makes investors have a strong impression on the currency security and BNB, so it has lifted the rise of BNB.

After the currency security, the fire coin also introduced the IEO model, and HT also rose a wave.

However, the reason why the exchange issued the platform currency is plain, and the purpose is to finance.

The skyrocketing of the platform currency is very similar to the trend of the platform currency market in the second half of 2018. But last year, the market finally fell back, and the loss of leeks ended badly. So, will this platform currency market be "historical reenactment"?

Expert: Platform currency price will eventually return to normal

Today, relevant media reporters interviewed several digital trading platform leaders and industry experts to decipher the inherent logic behind the skyrocketing platform currency.

For the reasons for this round of platform currency rise, an exchange person who did not want to be named told reporters that the exchange platform currency has the support of the exchange value, and when the overall market recovers, it reflects the value side of the currency. Adding to the IEO model or the new model of the fire coin has increased the demand for platform coins and activated market sentiment, which has contributed to the rise of platform coins.

Sophia, the head of the BINANCE blockchain platform PR, also stressed to reporters: "In the case of BNB, the intrinsic value of BNB increases, so that prices will naturally catch up with value. The expansion of the currency security ecosystem, the currency chain and the on-line of the coin security DEX Etc. will give BNB the intrinsic value to rise. Therefore, the current increase in platform currency is normal."

However, Hong Kong Ning, a well-known blockchain, has a different view. In response to this round of platform currency inflation, Hong Yining said: "I think it is not normal, because the value of these platform coins is based on exchange revenue and profits, and the performance of these exchanges did not see such signs of substantial growth."

Hong Yining admits that the main reason for the skyrocketing platform currency is the popularity of IEO. The speculators are buying a lot of platform coins for the IEO share. This is similar to the situation in which the 2017 Ethereum has risen sharply due to the popularity of ico. It is not expected to last too long. IEO is a disguised ICO, there is no essential difference.

Hong Yining’s view is almost identical to the industry’s doubts about IEO.

Previously, Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the currency, said: “IEO as the innovation of ICO, its market will become very big. I am very happy that more and more people join the IEO club, we believe that the blockchain is the real killer. Level application."

It can be seen that in the past four months, from the currency security, fire coins, OKEx, and many small and medium-sized exchanges, IEO has become the standard of the exchange industry. 20 seconds to grab the light, 10 times to skyrocket…

But in fact, the first IEO project to run seems to have emerged.

Recently, an IEO project called Yescoin (YES) completed the entire process from coin-issuing, harvesting to suspected running.

Reflected on the platform currency, market participants expect that the current market will not last long.

For the reporter "Compared with 2018, do you think this kind of market is a market rebound or a reversal? Is it a good thing or a bad thing from a professional point of view? Is it a good thing or a bad thing for users?" Hong Yining said: This phenomenon The conversion of the bulls and bears is irrelevant and belongs to the late fluctuations of the ICO. For the user, there is actually another chance of being cut. The IEO boom will soon cool down, and the platform currency price will eventually return to normal.

Hong Yining believes that with the long unilateral decline in 2018, the decline function is gradually depleted, and the entire currency circle begins to rebound technically, while the platform currency bears the brunt. The internal cause of this rebound is still because the currency market has not experienced a decent rebound after more than a year of continuous decline. From a technical point of view, it also needs a relatively good rebound. From a professional point of view, it is relatively good.

So, for the current market, investors are waiting to see or rest assured that the currency?

Hong Yining said that platform coins belong to securities, and the investment philosophy should be similar to stocks. The fundamentals of exchanges are the basis for determining prices, and there is no reason for the skyrocketing. The price of decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin is determined by the degree of acceptance. In the current case of a very small currency, the skyrocketing is normal.

In any case, the competition for platform coins in the future will become increasingly fierce.

At present, the status of old platform coins such as BNB, HT and OKB has been stabilized, but rookie platform coins such as TCH, DB and FT have quietly risen, and the altcoin has gradually become popular in the market.

However, in the absence of strong capital, no technology precipitation, no endorsement, and no strong innovation, the new platform seems to be in the doldrums.

How to develop the future exchanges, today, the co-founder Li Jun said that 2019 will become an important watershed for digital currency exchanges, and the industry development will show three major trends: First, compliance issues are becoming clearer; Second, emerging high-quality assets are obvious Third, decentralized custody clearing into the key to industry development

"I guess the next step is that the platform coins will be publicized in a chain, and there will be a phenomenon of trading platform currency across exchanges, which will challenge the exchange's market value management ability." Hong Weining said. (Golden Finance)

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