Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

Bitcoin, as the forerunner in the field of cryptocurrency, has driven the prosperity of the currency circle along the way. However, it is not without problems in the process of its development. The appearance of Litecoin and Bitcoin cash is the best proof of its problems.

The reason why Litecoin is generated is because it has seen the Bitcoin transaction confirmation time in the course of the transaction is too long, which seriously affects the user experience. The emergence of Bitcoin cash not only saw the trading congestion of Bitcoin but also saw the high transaction cost of Bitcoin. As a payment cryptocurrency better than Bitcoin, which one of the future Bitcoin cash and Litecoin will outperform? The following will analyze the data:

Price, market value

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

According to the data of bitinfocharts, the price of BCH on April 18 is 1BCH=309.96 USD, 1 LTC=79.53 USD. From the perspective of unit price, the price of BCH is almost 4 times that of LTC. The market value of BCH is 5.49 billion US dollars, and the market value of LTC is 4.88 billion US dollars. The market value of BCH is much higher than LTC.

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

The unit price and market value of BCH is higher than that of LTC, not only at the time of writing, but also a long-term state.

In terms of market value, when Ethereum was not born long ago, Litecoin was the world's second encrypted digital currency, and its market value has always been second highest, and it also has the reputation of “Bit Gold Wright Silver”. However, with the development of time, the generation of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin cash, Litecoin gradually became uninfluenced, and even fell out of the top ten market value. In contrast, BCH, since its birth, has a "major aura", the market value is the fourth most of the time, and even reached the second place.

In terms of unit price, although both have created history, the highest value of Litecoin has rushed to $375.29, while the bit cash has reached $4355.62. At present, BCH has shown a rebound, while Litecoin seems to have some stamina.

Chain trading volume

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

As can be seen from the above figure, the number of daily transactions of BCH is nearly double that of LTC, and the average transaction volume per hour is also close to twice that of LTC. BCH's chain trading volume is more than LTC. In addition, BCH's 24-hour chain transfer value is 4.7 times that of LTC.

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

The increase in trading volume data on the chain not only indicates the active demand of the market, but also indicates that the actual use demand is also increasing. Although most of the time BCH's chain trading volume is lower than LTC, but from the trend of the past three months, BCH's chain trading volume is constantly rising, while LTC tends to be stable.

A large part of LTC's current chain trading comes from the “brick artifact” that users use to trade between exchanges because of the short transaction confirmation time. The BCH community has also been promoting the shortening of BCH confirmation time. If this is achieved, BCH will seize the position of LTC as the bricklayer of the exchange.

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

However, from the perspective of the upper limit of the volume of trading on the chain, BCH still has a lot of room for improvement. This has been well verified from previous stress tests, so even in the face of an exponential burst of trading volume, Easily respond. LTC has certain limitations due to its technical reasons.

Transaction costs and trading hours

It is also mentioned above that for technical reasons, BCH is better than LTC in terms of transaction confirmation time. LTC trading confirmation time is generally 2 minutes, while BCH is generally 10 minutes. At this point, however, BCH has been making improvements, achieving zero-acknowledgment transactions and shortening the time to block is a solution that is currently being advanced.

In addition to the time of the transaction is the user's concern, the cost of the transaction is also the user's concern.

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

It can be clearly seen from the above two figures that the BCH is kept at a very low level regardless of the average transaction cost or the median transaction fee, and the LTC is much higher than the BCH. This is why many merchants choose to accept BCH as a payment method. Although LTC's time is short, its cost is worthy of criticism, especially as the transaction volume increases, transaction costs will also rise. From this point of view, BCH is better than LTC.

Number of active addresses

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

The number of active addresses, the total number of wallet addresses that have been traded during the selected time period, is one of the indicators for measuring the true activity of a currency. At present, there is a certain gap between the activity of BCH and LTC, but it also shows a close trend. This may have something to do with the timing of the development of the two currencies.

Computing power

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

In terms of computing power and miners, LTC cannot be compared with BCH, and the two are not in the same grade.

in conclusion

From the above data, BCH is superior to LTC in terms of market value, unit price, transaction cost, chain transaction volume, and computing power, but it is inferior in terms of transaction time and number of active addresses.

If you consider the technical factors, LTC only modified some parameters of Bitcoin, the rest have not changed, no innovation, even the future expansion plan is the same as Bitcoin lightning network. BCH has greatly improved the performance of Bitcoin and has innovated on this basis, especially the introduction of smart contracts and the establishment of many Dapps, which have added a competitive bargaining chip for BCH.

On the whole, BCH has more development prospects and competitiveness in the future. The cryptocurrency industry is a rapidly changing market, and the needs of users are constantly improving. Only continuous innovation and improvement can adapt to the development of the times and gradually grow. If LTC continues to follow the old path, it is easy to be abandoned by this market!

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