April 23 madman market analysis: Your position in the financial market determines whether you are two or eight

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The continued strength of Bitcoin has made many people feel overwhelmed. In this position, the refusal of the callback and the direct opening of the market are short-selling, but the madman has already suggested that the position is risky than the opportunity. The easiest way is to control the semi-warehouse. Yes, once it falls, it will immediately take profit. When Bitcoin rose in the morning, the mainstream currency did not follow suit, indicating that the market's overall risk aversion was high. However, when Bitcoin continued to consolidate in the afternoon, the mainstream currency was partially pulled up, and the market funds were eased.

It is worth mentioning that in the past, when the bitcoin rose, the mainstream currency was violently pulled up, and this wave was led by Bitcoin. This kind of market demand for the market is higher, but now IEO In the case of a full flight, it is clear that there is no basis for the continuous inflow of funds, so a high probability is a lot of behavior. Unless another extreme situation occurs, some large organizations know in advance the super-benefit of Bitcoin, and the continuous buying ambush. If the latter, the continued upside of Bitcoin will come early. Otherwise, we can still follow the bear market operation ideas, not too radical. At present, the price of the currency belongs to the inertia attack, the fishtail market, and does not break the 5-day line and wait for the first half.


A slight increase, belonging to the linked bitcoin market, the upper 180 is still under greater pressure, the lower 170 support is strong, so continue to dominate the 170-180 shock.


After repeated support in the vicinity of 0.3, it rebounded slightly. The rebound rate is still the weakest in the mainstream, indicating that there is a big market in the short term, and it is still the bottom of the weak shock.


It has been rising for two consecutive days. The big Yinxian has not recovered half of it. The trading volume is not very large. The overall situation is weak. The short-term support by the 30-day line is upward, and the rebound is not reversed. The trend remains unclear.


It is a rebound under the pressure level, the rebound strength is general, the hourly chart seems to continue to pull up the shipment, it is not recommended to hold, this high position we would rather wait for the new high, and do not choose to pick up at this position.


Similar to Wright, the rebound has not recovered the big Yinxian for two days, indicating that the overall trend is uncertain, the amount is not large, and the overall funds are limited in mood and do not participate.

April 23 madman market analysis: your position in the financial market, decide whether you are two or eight


These two days are relatively strong. Before the plan was copied in the support position, it will not be copied. If the overall market risk is greater than the opportunity, it is very difficult to take the independent market. The upper 0.081 is the pressure platform. If you don’t stand up, you will not participate. .

Most retail investors can't stand the feeling of going through the air, but if you calm down and think about it, your income is only about 3%. Are you still uncomfortable? When the risk comes, the day may fall by 10- 20%, even if you hold 10 days, rise for 10 days, one day will return to liberation before, we are not gambling, but to make money, it is wise to choose rest at the right time. Stop, learn to take a light or empty position, trade for trading, is the lowest achievement in the financial market.

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