After 9 months, the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition ended in Yunqi Conference, which divided 1.8 million yuan in prizes.

On September 25th, the finals of the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition came to an end in the Yunqi Conference. Shanghai Yixing Internet of Things Co., Ltd. vaccine cold chain temperature sensing RFID traceability IoT solution, Beijing Shouqi Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. (GoFun) foresee the future, the chain shared car, Hangzhou billion Fangda Technology Co., Ltd. Received the first, second and third prizes of the competition.

The Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition is hosted by Ant Financial, a large blockchain innovation incubation platform for enterprise developers. According to Babbitt, since the launch of the contest on January 4th, a total of 400 works submitted by the participating teams have been received.


At the finals, Babbitt learned at the scene that Shanghai Yixing Internet of Things Co., Ltd. vaccine cold chain temperature sensing RFID traceability IoT solution, Shenzhen Yimu Technology Co., Ltd. one block blockchain data trading platform, sheet metal chain (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. blockchain smart marketing solution, Shenzhen Lantuo Technology Development Co., Ltd. digital equipment leasing chain, Beijing Chakeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. EverWallet blockchain electronic wallet, Beijing Shouqi Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. (GoFun) foreseeing the future, chain shared car, Nanchang Duoxin Network Technology Co., Ltd. ipfsCMS interstellar collaborative creation system, Hangzhou Shenxiang Technology Co., Ltd. IENETChain global distributed artificial intelligence group intelligence network (blockchain + AI), Beijing Unicom Network Technology Co., Ltd. Unicom – Linked to the fan economy, Hangzhou Yifangda Technology Co., Ltd.'s real estate through a total of 10 projects finalists.

These projects, from the application scenario, involve multiple application scenarios such as commercial housing transactions, pan-cultural entertainment, shared cars, electronic invoicing, digital leasing, and smart marketing. From a technical point of view, it involves the integration of multiple technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

At the final stage, each project has a 15-minute roadshow session and then receives questions from the on-site judges. These jury members include: Bai Shuo, Ph.D. Supervisor, Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Ming, Director of Research Office, China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Liu Xiaolei, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Chuang Shen, Founding Partner and CTO of Jiangmen Ventures, Li Jieli, Director of Ant Financial Services Li Jiebo, technical director of the ants Jin BaaS platform.

The judges conducted a comprehensive evaluation from the four dimensions of business value, innovation, technology value and user experience, combined with the optimized use of the blockchain application, and finally decided to score the top three according to the score high. Yuan bonus. In addition, these projects can also freely test the enterprise version of the ant BaaS platform and the support of the 1 billion ant blockchain innovation fund.

A first-class award-winning team, based on temperature-sensitive RFID chips with independent intellectual property rights and matching reading and writing devices, platforms for traceability and temperature collection, and digital vaccination platforms, vaccine logistics providers/operators to provide accurate vaccines Outbound storage management, inventory inquiry, automatic temperature monitoring and early warning, and effective management. At the same time, the above information is stored in the blockchain to improve vaccine traceability and quality supervision.

Yi chain

The second prize, GoFun, is a time-selling product for online cars. Users only need to place an order through their mobile phones, and they can use the car at a nearby outlet to get to the destination to pay at a nearby outlet and return the car. The user's energy block assets are managed by the intelligent contract of the ant blockchain, and the record of each energy block is completely recorded in the ant blockchain. For example, the signing of the lottery record, the energy block exchange record, the energy block withdrawal record, etc., are all on the chain, and the user can view it at any time.


The third-class real estate is focused on the commercial housing trading scene. At present, there are many pain points in China's commercial housing market: in the transaction link, due to information asymmetry, there are problems such as disguised price increase, reluctance to sell, fine decoration traps, intermediary chaos, etc. In the development process, due to lack of mutual trust within the regulatory body, the entire set of approvals The process is also lengthy and inefficient. The property development project utilizes the blockchain to be non-tamperable, transparent, and multi-centralized. On the one hand, the efficiency of development and transaction links has been greatly improved by opening up information islands of various government departments; on the other hand, due to breaking information asymmetry, Consumers have more right to know, take the initiative to buy a house, and save a lot of intermediary fees, so as to properly resolve all kinds of pain points.


In addition, the E-Easy team won the Innovation Award, Rantuo won the Business Rookie Award, and Yimu Technology won the Technology Pioneer Award.

It is worth noting that the Yunqi Conference is the top summit of the technology industry sponsored by Alibaba Group. The conference agenda includes artificial intelligence laboratory summit, machine intelligence summit, digital government summit, 5G edge computing special. The blockchain has become a new hotspot for this year's conference. The Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition and the Ant Blockchain Ecology Summit were held on the 25th and 26th respectively.

On the eve of the Yunqi Conference, it is rumored that Ant Financial will sign the largest cooperation in the blockchain business during the conference and release the blockchain ecological strategy.

Sure enough, in the process of the ant blockchain final, Babbitt learned that a big news came from the Yunqi Conference: the ant blockchain and Bayer (Crop Science) completed strategic cooperation. Bayer is the world's leading agricultural R&D giant, which means that the world's largest seed and pesticide company will embrace the world's most advanced blockchain technology, which is the first deep application of the ant blockchain in agriculture.

"This is just the beginning. In the future, the ant blockchain should let more traditional industries go on the chain, use blockchain technology as the starting point, and use trust to create a passport for the commercial society." Ant Financial Vice President, President of Intelligent Technology Group Jiang Guofei said.

The chain of links is the world, and the blockchain happens to be the infrastructure for trusting links.

From the beginning of the establishment of the Ant Blockchain team in 2016, by 2019, more than 40 scenes such as product traceability, public welfare traceability, cross-border remittance, supply chain finance and electronic bills, the ant blockchain is practiced with practical actions. Our own values, one step at a time, in just three years, also let us witness the speed of the ant blockchain.

It is no coincidence that during the cloud habitat, the ant blockchain completed the innovation competition and the Bayer (crop science) strategic cooperation. Behind these movements is an obvious trend: the commercial era of the blockchain that ants are swaying has already set sail.

The ant blockchain will work together to provide partners with a first-class blockchain platform and infrastructure, let blockchain technology be implemented to solve practical problems, and jointly create a blockchain ecosystem shared by enterprises, institutions and communities. The credible circulation of “chain data” promotes the healthy development of blockchain technology and applications.

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