Analysis of the madman market on May 14: BTC's rise is good to be exposed to the boots into a bad?

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Bitcoin continues to be crazy, driving the whole market sentiment. Under this kind of emotion, all pressure is not pressure, sweeping everything, inspiring people, but this kind of national madness is the most terrible, because when everyone turns to the long, it means The market is extremely risky. This is the last thing that madmen don't like to see, because at this time, from the crying day, the time of the chicken feathers is getting closer and closer. We observe the hourly chart and the recent intraday volume drop. The number of times is increasing and more frequent. This is the performance of funds entering the shipping area. When the funds are finished, the market will return to calm.

Since it is still on the rise, the madman is not going to guess the top. Holding the chips and waiting for the short-term trend to come, the risk is greater than the opportunity position, and the profit is given to those with higher risk appetite. Individuals do not recommend everyone to participate. . Our long-term positions are short-term and short-term positions, and the long-term bottom positions continue to be held. The short-term 5-day line warfare.


It also attacked along the 5-day line, breaking through the ascending channel and opening up the accelerated market. Since the breakthrough was chosen, the 5-day line can hold the top.

Analysis of the madman market on May 14: BTC rises and is exposed to the boots.


Filled up a super-large Yangxian line, liberating everyone in the past six months, this situation can not be vented, once it can not continue to attack, it will face a sharp correction. The support level is 0.368, which is not temporarily held.


Also on the 5th online attack, but Wright's range is still relatively small, still belongs to the weak linkage.


400 on the station, but also into the early shock box, since the bitcoin Ethereum has rushed in, BCH also has the opportunity to rush in, but more recently linked to the bitcoin market.


On the daily line, the amount of this round of attack can be general, so it belongs to the emotionally driven up. This kind of currency does not belong to the leading coin. No matter how much the increase is, it is the product of the market follow-up. They will rise quickly when they follow the trend. But when you go against the trend, you also go back and forth.


The amount of energy can be bigger than a wave, indicating that the attention of funds continues to rise, and the pressure is reached in the short term, but it is still optimistic about the medium and long-term trend in the future.


The rebound has reached a new high, anonymous coin leader, but it is still based on the joint cake.


In the background, there are a lot of pizza dogs in the background. The madman simply said that the mainstream currency has risen sharply. Most of the platform coins led by the currency currency are mainly down. This is mainly because the early market expectations for the future have ended, but This round of mainstream currency has clearly out of the expected trend, the leading currency An-coin has rebounded to a new high, so the platform currency still has a chance to rebound. After the first wave of pizza, the pizza dog has continued to fall sharply and enter the oversold zone. Although the overall trend is a downtrend, but with the back of the platform to open the lock warehouse financial management, after the invitation to return to the commission, there is a certain rebound expectation, after stabilization, can pay attention again.

Today's big rise is basically big market capitalization and medium market value currency, which shows that funds are increasingly turning to these “reliable” digital assets, which will also become the basis for their non-return to zero. In many cases, the secondary market The performance can often drive the development of the industry, the second-level performance is good, the capital attention is higher, this time a little action, it will get more recognition, this is the so-called more with less!

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