Analysis of the madman market on May 11: The real wise man does not follow the market ups and downs and mood swings

Analysis of the madman market on May 11: The real wise man does not follow the market ups and downs and mood swings

Market analysis

BITMEX's futures long-short ratio has reached 73%: 27%. The bulls have already taken the absolute advantage. If there is no big callback condition because the shorts continue to prevail, then the empty hair is now fully qualified. At this time our Emotions should not be crazy with the market, but we are calm when others are crazy. Although it broke through 6500, the market has already pointed to abnormality. If the 6500 does not have a position, it can wait for a second purchase. That is to say, the callback 6500 is not broken and then considered, the market will not always rise, this is worth reassuring.

The market is already crazy. There is nothing to talk about in the short term. If the anti-human thinking is far more risky than this opportunity, the madman will wait for a decent callback to consider whether to increase the position.


As bitcoin rises, passively upwards, and continues to change hands at the pressure level. If the market sentiment is removed, such a trend is very good, but the trend of the pie is superimposed, Ethereum is still weak, but the funds come in total. Going out, maybe when Bitcoin calls back or shocks, Ethereum will have a small increase.


There is not much to say about the continued weakness.


With the rising market, there is no expectation. When you observe the bitcoin callback, you can't fall. If you don't fall, don't look at it. If you can resist it, it's worth adding.


Like the Wright, the reason will stand on the pressure today, but it is not necessarily a real breakthrough, but it is not a true hero when the pie falls.


Like Ripple in the range of shocks, weak chicken, do not participate.


Oversold rebound, continuous heavy volume, with certain continuity, can be temporarily held.

The pie is now madly sucking blood. Only a small number of 1-2 mainstream coins can be increased, and the others are in a state of being sucked. This kind of market is actually very good operation. First, don’t greedyly chase after it, and then wait for the callback. Observe which currencies have not followed suit and get out of the trend of resilience. Then the next wave of rebounds will most likely become the leader. If the mainstream currencies all follow the sharp correction, then the current round of the market can be expected to end.

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