Analysis of the market: Is it a trap to pull back?

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The market is always repeating and there is no clear trend. This kind of resistance decline is the most grind. If we are a retail investor, it is easy to cut meat in this place and cause a lot of losses. Therefore, we should still grasp the general trend. Cautiously involved in the short-term rebound, I personally think that the market is still in the mid-term adjustment, and did not see signs of adjustment completion, and then may follow the step-by-step approach, similar to the trend from June to September. Very grind.


The market leader BTC once again chose to go up after verifying that the three touches must break, breaking through the pressure of $8,900, but the volume is much smaller than the previous negative line. From the trend of the weekly line, the target is a one. Step by step, the trend of the steps, is still struggling near the 5-week line, the yin and yang intersecting method is very large for the long-term consumption, this trend may be the same as the June-September move, the volume is reduced to a certain extent After that, I am afraid that I will open the bottom again. I thought that there is a second high-altitude movement. If I look at it again, if it breaks through the $9,500 again, it can be regarded as the target's preparation for the second exploration. Whether the $9,900 can pass smoothly, if the target returns to $8,900 again, the individual thinks that it may break down. If I personally think that the market is directly more likely to choose downward, pay attention to the risk.


ETH is still at the mark of the neckline of $190. Whether it can break through the key depends on the volume and performance of the BTC. The target cannot go out of the independent market. The probability is to follow the market. The neckline of the target is the bottom. The bit pressure is relatively large, and the current transaction volume is not enough to form an effective breakthrough. It depends on whether the BTC can achieve a second exploration, and whether the follow-up can effectively break the neckline position of 190 US dollars. If it can successfully break through, it can be done along 5 antennas. The intervention is expected to re-explore the pressure around $220. If the delay cannot be broken, the market is far less recognized by the BTC than the BTC. If the target is re-tested around $150, be careful. Three hits will break, personally think that the possibility of BTC down is higher than the upward, the target may also follow.

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