Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin expansion cannot be done once and for all

Bitcoin security expert Andreas Antonopoulos has been a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In a recent Bitcoin Q&A on his official YouTube channel, he said that BTC 's scalability issues will continue to exist and cannot be done once and for all. He explained that while a problem of expansion is being solved, it will open up a new world for the development and use of applications, which in turn will lead to another set of expansion problems.


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According to Antonopoulos , there is no permanent solution to the scalability of the BTC blockchain. Even though SegWit (Isolation Witness) has improved the expansion problem, "this is still not enough for the large-scale adoption of BTC in the future."

Antonopoulos cites a more mainstream example, the Internet, and he said that the scalability of e-mail-related issues requires a different set of solutions than just the extensibility issues associated with e-mail attachments.

He added that solving the problem of capacity expansion at each level will be different. As a problem of capacity expansion is resolved, it will open up a new world for the development and use of applications, which in turn will lead to another set of expansion problems.

He says:

".. You can't try to solve the problem that you will face from the beginning, because the expansion problem has no end. If you go to optimize too early, or you try to solve a scalability problem that doesn't exist yet, you It actually transfers the problem to other places in the cryptocurrency."

For virtual assets, this “premature optimization” process ultimately destroys decentralization in order to solve problems that do not yet exist.

As one of the earliest supporters of cryptocurrencies, Antonopoulos also acknowledged that it is possible to address scalability issues, adding that SegWit is only the first step in many optimization scenarios.

Antonopoulos predicts that Schnorr signatures may be the next step in optimization. With continuous optimization, scalability issues will gradually improve. By optimizing the signature, Schnorr signatures will increase by 25% to 35% in capacity.

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