April 14th market analysis: long and short sides are arrogant, the market is in a dilemma

In the past two days, the amount of BTC has actually shrunk very small, and there is no amount at the top of the $5,000. The multi-party has been tired in the early stage, and it takes a certain amount of time to prepare for the pull-up again. It is only when the empty side is going down, slightly resisting and telling the other party that I am still there. Now many parties are like Zhuge Liang. The empty side is like Sima Yi. Zhuge Liang is suffering from the problem of grain and grass. He is going to borrow some wheat from the next door. Sima Yi knows that Zhuge Liang can't keep up with the grain supply, but it is only a small punishment, and there is no large-scale counterattack. why? Because the goal of the empty side is to retreat into the enemy. Now that BTC is doing the first warm-up for half of next year, there will be a lot of people in theory. After all, Wright has already played a leading role. At this time, many arrogances are more prosperous, but if the overall capital flow has not improved, it may not last long. Compared to the empty side, the $5,000 is a good location, but there is no strong city wall. The real thing that can't be crossed is the “Jade Gate” of 6000 US dollars. Look at today's disk:

(Source: QKL123 )

BTC: There is a support belt above $5,000. This position has been in place for two days. On the 2 hours chart, the pie also slowly descended along the convergence edge. At present, it seems that both parties are not willing to do it, or that there is no money to pay attention to BTC for the time being, and the profits of both up and down are relatively thin. At this time, the indicators were relatively balanced, and the two sides quickly completed their cultivation. From the current point of view, the whole is still empty, that is to say, the empty side will first start, the sideways of this position are more willing to see than the empty side willing to see. For the next two days, look down the $4910 line and focus on the $5100 line.

(Source: QKL123 )

It is worth noting that ETH did not rebound when the callback was in place, nor did it drive the market, indicating that ETH is still making some preparations. Above 168 dollars, below 158 dollars. The current position contract is temporarily abandoned, and both long and short are not suitable. The spot can still be within the scope of the fixed vote.

(Source: QKL123 )

From the graph of EOS, we can see the determination to be bigger and bigger. Because according to the strength of the callback, it is definitely not as simple as 5 dollars, so the idea of ​​the dealer may be to directly shake the float in this place and form the bottom of a high-level platform. It is predicted that the market outlook will be dominated by $5 to $5.5. Operational recommendations: There may be a downside in the short term, and more can be received near $5.

Yuan Datou's recent trend is based on the futures market, because the bottom model has come out, and the long-term trend is definitely rising. If you look at the support for half a year, there is no need for analysis, and the spot currency is good.

The above is for reference only, I only do mainstream currency, and the strategy is steady and progressive. The cottage does not understand anything.

Source: Public No.: I am Yuan Datou (Iamyuandatou)

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