Ant Blockchain latest technology thinking: cross-chain standards, hardware, and IoT convergence have become three major trends

This article Source: Ants block chain Author: Yan Ying (ant gold clothing chain Technical Director block, hospital block chain Dharma senior technical experts) based on the current trends and the degree of accumulation block chain technology business, predict 2020 In general, mature businesses will move from single-chain collaboration to cross-chain collaboration and form a larger-scale business value network. -Yan Ying

The industrialization of blockchain technology in 2019 has begun, and the inflection point is coming. Ant Financial ’s self-developed blockchain engine has technically achieved “double 1 billion”: through scalable consensus and a two-tier network design, the Ant blockchain can support 1 billion account sizes, 1 billion daily transaction volumes, and Achieve 100,000 cross-chain information processing capabilities (PPS) per second. The Dharma Institute predicts that large-scale production-level blockchain applications with a daily life of more than 10 million will enter the public in 2020.

In this context, what trends will enterprises adopt in blockchain technology in 2020? Yan Ying, Technical Director of Ant Financial Blockchain and Senior Technical Expert of Blockchain at Dharma Institute, shared the following.

Blockchain enters the stage of rapid growth in cross-chain demand

Will spawn cross-chain standards

Regardless of public chain or alliance chain, the cross-chain abstract architecture difference is actually not high. The realization of various cross-chain mechanisms is becoming more mature and the cross-chain model is diversified. There are multiple cross-chain platforms launched and running cases. Overall, each cross-chain platform is in the stage of rapid capacity building, but a unified cross-chain standard has not yet been formed.

Based on the current development trend of the blockchain business and the degree of technology accumulation, it is predicted that in 2020, generally mature businesses will move from single-chain collaboration to cross-chain collaboration, forming a larger-scale business value network. In terms of technology, the cross-chain technology architecture tends to be unified, and the heterogeneous and application characteristics will be further upgraded. It is expected to evolve more networking methods, cross-chain models and application functions that are close to the real application scenario. At the same time, it is also expected to generate cross-chain. standard.

In the past year, the construction of the ant blockchain ecosystem and the overall industry's blockchain application scenario has formed a multi-domain and horizontal collaborative network embryonic prototype: there are different peer alliances in the same field. Multiple trusted value networks; in cross-domain aspects, trusted AIoT and new cross-domain trust collaboration in finance. At present, many cross-chain cases of ant blockchain have been implemented, such as cross-chain traceability alliances, and supply chain financial applications.

Ant blockchain has been making breakthroughs in cross-chain technologies, such as application-friendly features such as the scale of cross-chain networks supporting thousands of interconnects, tens of thousands of cross-chain traffic, millisecond-level delays; in the direction of the core mechanism of cross-chain, the ant zone Blockchain introduces components based on trusted computing to solve the different problems caused by heterogeneous chains. At the same time, it defines a cross-chain governance model by combining distributed identities, and is expected to build a unified standard cross-chain model. It can be expected that cross-chain collaboration will further expand the boundaries of the value Internet and realize Wanchain interconnection.

Hardware and chip

Is a core technology hot spot under the blockchain

The non-tamperable, verifiable, and traceable characteristics of the blockchain build a trust infrastructure for business cooperation. It is precisely because of its verifiability that it brings great technical challenges to data privacy protection on the blockchain. In the financial scenario, privacy protection is usually put forward as a requirement at the same time as performance and versatility. We call the privacy protection capability that high performance and versatility meet simultaneously as "strong" privacy protection capabilities. In order to provide strong privacy protection, the Ant blockchain has actively explored the combination of software and hardware in the past few years. Our independently developed privacy protection solution based on the Trusted Computing Environment (TEE) has been launched since April last year and has supported several large-scale financial business scenarios. With such privacy protection technology, developers can develop contracts with privacy protection models with almost zero thresholds; the business layer can simultaneously obtain a high-performance and high-security experience. The paper submission of ACM SIGMOD'20, the international top conference in the computer field, was officially accepted, and its core technology and practical value have been recognized by the industry.

At the same time, we also think further. Just as the evolution of artificial intelligence from general-purpose CPUs to dedicated NPUs has brought real technology to take off, hardware privacy protection technology on the blockchain must also undergo a process from general-purpose to dedicated, thereby bringing security. And qualitative leap in performance. We believe that the deep hardware customization of the blockchain smart contract execution engine can achieve higher security strength and contract processing performance. On the other hand, with the huge potential of the blockchain as a financial infrastructure, autonomous and controllable security is bound to be a hard indicator. From self-defined security algorithm protocols to self-designed and implemented hardware chips, hardwareization and chipization are bound to be the next core technology hotspots and directions in the field of blockchain.

The combination of blockchain and AIoT will further

Promote credible "securitisation" of physical assets

In the digital economy era, the combination of blockchain and AIoT will further promote the credible "securitization" of physical assets. For example, while the large-scale development of warehousing and freight, the difficulty of capital flow caused by the physical existence of various links can be used for "blockchain + 5G + AIoT" methods for reliable data collection, calculation, on-chain and subsequent Mitigated by financing platforms. The development of 5G, AIoT chip technology and algorithm technology can accelerate the development of large-scale local low-cost distributed embedded system-based computer vision and sensor data operations, provide source-trusted data for the blockchain, link physical assets and digitization Trusted mapping of assets. Ant Blockchain is based on Alibaba Cloud and Leading Brother. It has solid research and development capabilities in the field of cloud services and embedded chips. It is at the forefront of the industry in terms of cloud and local distributed embedded systems, and trusted sensing data collection and computing. The "securitization" of physical assets will form data traceable and non-tamperable warehouse receipts, which will greatly improve the credit efficiency of physical asset warehouse receipts, solve the trust problem of banks and financing platforms, and help inventory companies to inventory assets. Reduce the turnover rate of production and sales of enterprises and effectively solve the problem of difficult financing.

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