Vitalik Buterin criticizes developers for their decision-making process on ProgPow and is neutral on the proposal

According to Trustnodes reported on February 25, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has criticized the developer's decision-making approach on Friday to consider the ProgPoW proposal to replace the Ethereum algorithm.


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He commented:

"Well, this thing has passed, it hasn't been mentioned for a long time, and now, oh my god, it has been arranged to the next hard fork again !!"

These comments were made by Buterin in the context of discussing Ethereum's monetary policy. He believes that Ethereum must "erect a psychosocial wall in a standardized form, and we obviously do not want governance to move into the wall." The 'schelling point' of Ethereum's monetary policy will be defined as "minimum issuance to ensure network security."

Once Ethereum's current proof-of-work (PoW) chain is replaced by a new proof-of-stake (PoS) chain, this sentence will translate into an Eth inflation rate of about 0.22% per year. Buterin says:

"The way ProgPoW is quickly re-approved is definitely not helpful. It will not make people trust governance or feel secure about it, and it will definitely prompt 'Twitter people' to think that they must send out a loud, simple and clear message ( (I.e. more of these Schelling points) so that their voices can be heard. "

Three weeks ago, Ethereum just completed an upgrade known as "Berlin" in abstract terms. However, Ethereum 1.0 developers suddenly announced on Friday that they will implement ProgPoW in the next hard fork.

ProgPoW is a change to the Ethereum algorithm proposed two years ago. On the surface, it is to resist ASIC miners. After a lot of discussions in the following weeks and months, the Ethereum community generally rejected this proposal. However, Hudson Jameson, the host of the Ethereum developer conference call, previously stated that ProgPoW is a certain exchange condition for miners to "accept" the blockchain rewards implemented earlier last year to be reduced to 2Eth.

Why miners are bargaining on such things is not clear, but this developer conference call hosted by Jameson finally issued a statement that developers "approved" the algorithm change again. Everyone was surprised by such a statement. Coindesk first reported on this statement, saying that Ethereum 1.0 developers "temporarily approved" the proposal, but most people had not heard of it at the time.

As before, this conference call did not publicly announce the upcoming decision on ProgPoW. Instead, everyone knows, but of course Buterin also knows that developers are still talking about this "made" decision. Buterin says:

"Suddenly thought of the process of rejecting a proposal: if a proposal is rejected and later wants to be proposed again, you must explicitly make a change that will not be rejected and wait for a full hard fork cycle to come Get approved, except in an emergency. It's an economical way. "

He also stated that he was neutral on whether the proposal could be passed and only criticized the decision-making process, but in the past two years, he had said subtly three or four times that he did not want to do so, but did not explicitly say "No".

You might think that what he wants is a fast BLS signature algorithm upgrade to Ethereum 1.0, allowing Ethereum 1.0 developers to launch Ethereum 2.0 without any delay. These BLS signature algorithms were proposed by newcomer Justin Drake, and currently also give developers a little headache.

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