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Interpretation today

BTC today continued its strong volatility upswing and broke through the previous high in the afternoon, setting a new high of $9,340. The market sentiment index also rose to 80, reaching the level of “extreme greed”. Not long ago, BTC has just fallen below the $8,000 mark. Many analysts are pessimistic that BTC will return to more than 6,000 US dollars. The mysterious death of Biti, the founder of the previous few days, is rumored to be due to high leverage. BTC was suicide, and a screenshot of the chat record in a bit of the investment group showed that he had seen the BTC at the end of May and thought that the BTC would be adjusted to below 7000. We believe that since the breakthrough of 4,000 US dollars, BTC has opened a medium- and long-term uptrend channel. Under strong market conditions, short-selling must be cautious, and inexperienced investors must stay away from futures speculation!

Whether it was the previous regulatory rumors or the news that India blocked the digital pass trading, it did not prevent BTC from continuing its new high. According to The Block, the Southern District Court of Florida has approved a resolution requiring Auburn Cong to prove that it holds BTC before next Monday (June 17), but the court did not specify how many BTCs to prove. The relatives of the late entrepreneur Dave Kleinman said that as a partner of Dave, Oban was theft of Dave’s 1.1 billion BTC worth billions of dollars. If Aoben Cong does not meet the court's request, he will be sentenced to contempt of court.

The Florida court had previously asked Auburn to publish his BTC address and transaction details before December 31, 2013, and Oban was arguing that in 2011, he had already owned all BTCs. Transfer of ownership to a confidential trust fund. It is speculated that Aomoto may have sold off part of the BTC for his own forked BSV pull. In the unlikely event that Auburn Cong has to prove his BTC assets, and he has cleared the BTC himself, he may buy a large number of BTCs he claims to own through OTC or secondary market, thus pushing up the BTC price. Of course, he may also risk refusing to carry out the court's request at the risk of carrying the crime. This time, Oban should have to pay a price for pretending that Nakamoto.

"Australian Congli good BTC" is just a smart move. In fact, the real benefit of BTC is far more than that. First, the Bakkt Futures Exchange, which will be launched on July 22, will be a landmark event that will affect the price of BTC. Bakkt is the son of the New York Intercontinental Exchange and has a considerable traditional financial background that can bring considerable incremental funding. Bakkt received $200 million in financing when the digital pass industry was still at a low point in January this year, with a valuation of over $1 billion. In addition, Bakkt adopts the method of real delivery, so short speculators must buy back the contracted quantity of BTC and return it to the exchange when the futures contract is delivered. Otherwise, it will not only default on the loss guarantee but also face legal risks, which limits the risk. Short position.

Market research

Overall view

In terms of market conditions, today BTC hit a new high in the year, impacting $9,340. In the afternoon, although the BTC has fallen back, it still maintains a strong position, standing above the top of $9000. If the BTC can stand firm in the high position of 8900~9000 USD, the market may continue to maintain a large shock . On the other hand, the leader of the cottage LTC stalled, failed to break high with the BTC, resulting in weak performance of the main circulation certificate except BTC , BTC market share continued to rise to 57.7%, if BTC continues to rise to reach the previous high 60%, The cottage pass certificate may open the compensatory growth mode, focusing on LTC, ETH, EOS and other value varieties.

In December 2018, we clearly pointed out BNB's investment opportunities in the bear market, and the first to propose that the BNB in ​​the bull market will enjoy Davis double-click (hedging: the platform pass the bear market profit key – the certificate valuation series) 2) In October 2018, we will point out the price cycle of BTC and predict the bottoming time to be around May 2019 ([Classic update reappears] three laws and applications of BTC Bulls and Bears cycle – Freezing Point Outlook A); In April 2018, when the remaining temperature of the bull market had not been exhausted, we indicated that it was a rebound rather than a bull market (whether the bull market is coming? It is the four reasons for the rebound rather than the bull market).

BTC back to the high support before the step, the trend is still relatively healthy, the psychological pressure area above is at the 10,000 dollar integer mark. Yesterday's analysis mentioned that BTC is likely to be in the upward trend of the shock before the Bakkt futures are launched (July 22). With the favorable landing, there may be a short-term to medium-term adjustment. This view remains unchanged. The support below the BTC is $8,880 and the pressure is $9,500.

ETH continues to link the market and is relatively strong in the near future. The support is $265 and the pressure is $280.

Yesterday's analysis mentioned that EOS is expected to rebound to $7.00. This goal has been achieved. EOS's resistance is 7.4~7.7 USD. The next upside may encounter some difficulties, but EOS is still not underperforming the market. One of the varieties, and the main control ability is better, in the main circulation certificate, there will be better performance. EOS support is $6.85 and pressure is $7.7.

risk warning

The price of digital pass is fluctuating violently. Investment digital pass is a high-risk investment behavior. Investors should reasonably assess their investment ability and risk tolerance, use leverage carefully, strictly control risks, and invest carefully. Investors are advised to keep in mind that investments are risky and require caution when entering the market.


Personal opinions are for reference only. The analysis in the text does not constitute a recommendation for trading, and the profit and loss is self-sufficient. Welcome to reprint, but need to indicate the source.

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