Market Analysis: Bitcoin continues to stand firm at 9000 points, and mainstream currencies are on the road to new highs.

Yesterday, BTC's father pulled up strongly, which drove the market to rebound, but there were not many followers. The lack of trading volume caused the price of coins to fall. We observed that the recent high-standard targets generally have a common phenomenon, and they all appeared after the new high. A certain extent of decline, and the volume of transactions did not have a large volume of previous highs, which may be the main cause of the new high decline, everyone's wait-and-see mood is more serious.

In the future, this phenomenon may continue, and may spread to the target of the next point. The difficulty of operation is actually quite large. You think that the market has to break through and the result is placed on the top of the mountain. The wind is sloppy, and the taste can be uncomfortable. Now the current operation strategy is basically high and high, and then low.


After the BTC new high, it fell back. The target left an upper shadow line. At present, it has not broken out like the BNB. The other mainstream targets that have not hit a new high are waiting for the BTC to further move. The transaction volume is slightly enlarged. However, it is not enough to support the target's continued upside. I personally prefer that the target will be similar to the trend of BNB in ​​the past few days. Before the prediction, it may fall back to the box shock, and then it may be a flag-like finishing. The trend, has now reached the boll online track position, there is a risk of falling back, pay attention to the support of 9,000 dollars.


ETH did not follow the BTC to create a new high, but there is still hope for continued high innovation. The daily-level macd indicator gold fork, the price of the currency above the 5 antenna, still has the motivation to continue the upward attack, but the previous target is also I gave the latecomers a shot, even if they hit a new high, they have to turn back, so don't expect too much from the increase. If you break below 260 dollars, you will return to the box.


The long-lost XRP finally changed yesterday, and the increase exceeded the previous two big brothers. We also mentioned in the previous analysis that the target will test the pressure around 0.43 US dollars. Now it has not been able to stand still. The quantity energy is still the biggest resistance that restricts the target's continued rebound. If there is any volume release after the follow-up, if the target volume exceeds 0.43 US dollars, I think the target will also hit a new high.


LTC is still a sideways volatility trend. Yesterday, the market performance was very strong, but did not see the target has pulled up, 5 antennas have signs of re-turning down, if the target does not rise in a few days 5 antennas will be down to 10 antennas, which will form a downward pressure on the price of the currency. The time-division level macd indicator will once again fall to the cross. There is a need for further exploration, and the support of $125 is observed.


From the daily level, BCH has continuously received six Yangxian lines, and the transaction volume is still in a state of shrinkage. Without the cooperation of volume, it is difficult to form a sharp rise. The shape of the head and shoulders is still valid, and the right shoulder is partially sold. The volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the short position is easy to suppress. Unless the volume is back to 425 US dollars, we will be bullish to the target of 482 US dollars. Otherwise, we will maintain the medium-term adjustment expectation. In the short term, we will see the support of 400 US dollars. A large amount of heavy Yangxian wire may appear and be closely observed.


EOS has broken through 6.9 US dollars, the transaction volume is slightly enlarged, personally think that the target's next target is around 7.3 US dollars, do a good job of defense, and then fell below 6.9 US dollars to pay attention to leave.


The trend of BNB is not optimistic. It has been three days. The target has not succeeded in reversing the big Yinxian. Even one-third of it has not been able to bounce back, indicating that this big Yinxian is probably not a dishwashing. Down, the macd indicator ducks continue to move downwards. It can be seen from the time-sharing chart that the decline is accompanied by an increase in volume. If the target can stop falling around $28.7, there may be several waves in this trend. If it falls below directly, then the head of the target will be established.

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