April 7th market analysis: the big direction is right, to be firm, otherwise it is easy to be smashed by the market

As of 8:00 today, in the OKEx Bitcoin contract elite account, the long-term average position ratio is 20.83%, and the short-term average position ratio is 14.24%. Currently, the long position is dominant. In the Ethereum contract elite account, the long-term average position ratio is 20.69%, and the short-term average position ratio is 16.70%. The long position is dominant, but the long-short gap is significantly reduced. According to TokenClub data, BTC is currently ranked first in the hot list of coins, with 31,534 visits within 24 hours; ETH ranked second with 21,371 visits within 24 hours; TCT ranked third with 17487 visits within 24 hours; SHE ranked fourth, with a visit volume of 14513 in 24 hours; BRC ranked fifth, with a traffic volume of 13596 in 24 hours, and XRP fell out of the top five.

BTC suddenly appeared in the early morning yesterday, but the volume was not good, and soon fell back. In the process of pulling the disk, we saw that ETH and XRP did not follow, which may also be the cause of BTC breakthrough failure. Another important situation is that on April 6th, the ETC team held the Atlantis hard fork conference call. Donald McIntyre, former business development manager of the ETC development team, sent a summary of the meeting highlights. The ETC team proposed Atlantis. The hard fork is carried out on the 87500000 block of the ETC main network. Every time the ETC is pulled up, it is not a good signal. Will the spell still reappear now?


BTC tried to pull the breakthrough yesterday morning, but it was very helpless. The two of the Big Three did not follow, the volume was insufficient, and the carbine was quickly smashed. The support of the 5 antennas on the price of the currency has been very limited, and the volume continues to shrink. Maintaining the previous view, after the shock, it continues to bullish to $5,900. It can be seen from the 30-minute K-line chart that the target is now out of a flag-shaped consolidation trend and may have to walk in this channel for some time. The underlying support line of the flag-shaped finishing can't fall below. If it falls below the trend, it may be ugly. It will go back to step 4,800 dollars, and the probability of falling below 4,800 dollars is small, but it does not rule out this possibility. If it falls below The adjustment cycle will be very long and it is recommended to wait and see.

Source of data: qkl123


ETH is also a flag-shaped trend. The currency price is still under $166. This triangle has not yet come to an end. We insist that it is a matter of time to break through $166. At present, we can intervene in a small position and break through the flag. The pressure line can wait for the step to confirm and can actively do more, the increase should not be small, but also pay attention to observation, to prevent breakthrough failure, breakthrough failure may choose to break down the support line, pay attention to leave, may return to 127 US dollars .

Source of data: qkl123


The trend of XRP is still different from the previous two big brothers. The two big brothers in front of yesterday morning have changed, but the target has not followed, or their own rhythm, one step three times, the trend of decline, yesterday, shrinking, 5 The antenna has already leveled off, and the price of the currency has not been supported. At present, the support level of the target is around $0.348. We are still more bullish and more likely to take off at any time. The next target is around $0.43, or do it. Good defense, fell below $0.348 to lighten up, fell below $0.3 and left the market.

Source of data: qkl123


LTC finally stood at 90 dollars, but the trend is not too strong, the volume has not been amplified, pay attention to the pressure around the top 100 dollars, the price of the currency fell below 5 antenna support to choose to lighten up, the support below the level of 75 dollars, fell below The 5 antennas may return to the support of $75, effectively falling below $75 to wait and see.

Source of data: qkl123


BCH followed the BTC with a wave of upswings, but the wind was not enough. After breaking the pressure of 310 dollars, it was defeated again. There was a small support at 270 dollars. If the point fell, it might go to the meeting. The probability of the dollar falling below the support level is very low. At this point, pay attention to the low draw and maintain the previous view. The target is $410.

Source of data: qkl123


EOS maintains yesterday's point of view, oscillating upwards, the pressure on the left side is large, the rhythm is not too fast, the pressure above is around 5.8 US dollars, the support is at 5 US dollars, we are expected to be in the range of 5 – 5.8 US dollars After a period of shock, in the direction of selection, 5 antennas have reached around 5 dollars, pay attention to the gains and losses of 5 antennas, and if you fall below 5 dollars, you need to lighten up the position, and may return to the important support level of 4.4 dollars.

Source of data: qkl123


According to Crypto Globe, according to TRON's latest DApp weekly data, more than 2.3 million TRON accounts have been created and 246 DApps have been launched on the TRON (TRX) network. In the past week, 10 new DApps have been running on the TRON platform. A weekly progress summary of the DApp creation network is launched based on the smart contract, which also shows that 71 DApps related to the quiz are currently being launched on TRON. According to TRON's estimates, there are approximately 70,000 active daily users, with an average of 750,000 TRX transactions per day and 519 smart contracts. Regarding TRX, it is recommended that everyone stare at XRP and maintain the previous view. At present, the part of the right shoulder has been basically completed. It has begun to try to break through the volume. The breakthrough is a matter of time. The macd indicator reaches a strong area above the zero axis, and the moving average system diverges upward. The volume is effectively enlarged, but it is slightly worse than XRP. If you break through the neckline, you can actively do more. Set a stop loss and effectively fall below $0.022.

Source of data: qkl123


Recently, the trend of platform currency is not strong. After all, the increase of these targets is not small, and the market may have high fears. However, the BTC’s rise has not seen any volume drop, indicating that two groups of people are playing, paying attention. Whether the platform coins are heads or shocks. HT has followed the market volatility and has now fallen below 5 antennas. The 5 antennas have signs of turning heads down, and the macd indicator has always been a bond that failed to form a golden cross. It may have to go down, or 5 antennas as the target. Weak signal, once again fell below 5 antennas to lighten up, effectively fell below 2.4 US dollars, pay attention to the departure, has not yet exceeded the pressure of 2.8 US dollars, effectively break through the 2.8 US dollars of rising space to open, top continues the downward trend, and pay attention to fire The currency is preferred for the channel's second target (mid-April) listing performance.

Source of data: qkl123

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