Assange was arrested, and WikiLeaks’ bitcoin donations continued

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in the UK on April 11th due to the refusal to provide asylum by the Ecuadorian Embassy. The cryptocurrency community has thus set off a wave of bitcoin donations.


President of Ecuador: Assange "violated" the asylum clause

Assange lived in the Embassy of Ecuador in London for seven years. On Thursday morning, the President of Ecuador withdrew his asylum, which led to the arrest of Assange by the British police.

The President of Ecuador claimed that Assange was suspected of violating the asylum clause, which has become a highly controversial topic.


He said on Twitter:

After Julian Assange repeatedly violated international conventions and daily life guidelines, Ecuador decided to withdraw his asylum status.

It is unclear whether the United Kingdom will extradite Assange to the United States – the country is also in Assang – or other countries. While withdrawing the asylum status of Assange, Ecuador only stipulates that it must not face “torture or death penalty” in law.

WikiLeaks bitcoin donation

Unsurprisingly, cryptocurrents who often defended Assange’s work on high-level organizational corruption and similar misconduct reaffirmed their support.

Many people have posted WikiLeaks donation links in the form of Bitcoin and Zcash, or in more traditional ways, such as credit card or cash mail.

Bitcoin address

As of press time, WikiLeaks' bitcoin donation address has received approximately 6.09 BTCs.

Kim Dotcom, a well-known American entrepreneur, has pushed WikiLeaks and called on netizens to make donations.


Kim Dakang once pointed out in a previous tweet that the arrest of Assange was "a shameful moment for the governments of Ecuador, Britain and the United States." The tweet has been deleted.

In fact, Ecuador hinted at the arrest a few days ago, but did not give the exact time.

The United Nations is a supporter of Assange

Assange has been trying to prove his innocence, and even the United Nations has repeatedly called for Assange to be free.

In December last year, the United Nations human rights organization issued a document that criticized Britain without mercy.

It is understandable that countries based on the rule of law and promoting the rule of law are unwilling to face their own illegal activities.

However, when they honestly acknowledge these violations, they do have the spirit of respecting the rule of law and earn more respect for it, setting an example that deserves worldwide praise.

Assange had previously highly praised Bitcoin, although the Bitcoin industry was occasionally unfriendly to him.

Last April, the US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase no longer allowed WikiLeaks to use its services.

Just recently, WikiLeaks also dissed the CSW, which claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin, calling it a "chain of counterfeiters."

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