Daily Twitter Pickup: Bitcoin Supporter Assange Arrested; Harvard Endowment Fund Investment Blockchain Project


Harvard University Endowment Fund invests in Blockstack token sales

Morgan Creek co-founder Pomp:

Explosion News: The Harvard Endowment Fund has invested $5 million to $10 million directly in Blockstack's token sales.

(Translator's Note: Harvard Endowment Fund is the world's largest university endowment fund, with a scale of 39.2 billion US dollars (June 2018 data), followed by the Yale Endowment Fund, which is more than 30 billion US dollars.)

This means that the world's leading university endowment fund can hold tokens directly.

The virus is spreading.

Forbes commentator Joseph Young commented:

Interestingly enough, Blockstack may be the first successful registration to apply for SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) token sales.

I think that due to regulatory uncertainty, if Blockstack successfully completes its token sales, many startups will follow this route.


WikiLeaks founder Assange was arrested and official Bitcoin donation address donations surged

Coco Cøbra, co-owner of Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk:

Assange and WikiLeaks were among the earliest advocates and supporters of Bitcoin. They were the first to bring bitcoin into the mainstream spotlight. Because of this, our Bitcoin holders owe them a huge human condition, and we must speak for what happened to Assange.

At the same time, WikiLeaks official Twitter also released the news of Assange’s arrest and gave a link to the donation. As of now, the official bitcoin donation address has added more than 20 donations, with a cumulative amount of more than $10,000.

Currently, WikiLeaks accepts donations in digital currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zerocoin, Monroe and Ethereum. The author inquired about the donation of the bitcoin donation address, and one of the bitcoin donation addresses (36EEHh9ME3kU7AZ3rUxBCyKR5FhR3RbqVo) added 15 donations today.


BitcoinSV anonymous developer _unwriter talks about bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

The cash system is not only for humans but also for machines.

Every misunderstanding of Bitcoin comes from the belief that Bitcoin is only suitable for humans.

The vast majority of Bitcoin use is not between people.

It will be between the machine and the machine.

The machine makes trading decisions based on the data. The machine does not trust poor quality data sources from outside the Bitcoin world. If it is data under the chain, they can be manipulated and cannot be trusted by automation.

External data is inferior.

The machine needs data on the chain.


Cointelegraph media message

1. International Monetary Fund President Lagarde: Blockchain and cryptocurrency are shaking off traditional finance

2. Bithumb, Korea's largest digital currency exchange, said it had a cumulative loss of $180 million in the bitcoin bear market in 2018.

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