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This article does not constitute any investment advice, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

First, the bull market is coming, but are you making money?

Now no one has denied the arrival of the bull market, but many people have complained because this bull market is a bull market for others, but the currency they hold does not rise! They are all air coins. Why are others so good?

Second, what is the difference in the new round of bull market?

Our public article, "Analysis of the Inner Logic of This Round of Bull Markets", has analyzed the characteristics of this round of bull market, which is a bull market caused by the global allocation of assets. Not only that, but after a bear market in 2018, the new bull market has produced a lot of profound Variety.

The nature of a bear market is a process of eliminating unprofessional investors.

After experiencing the bear market's survival of the fittest, you will find the following characteristics:

1. Investors are obviously teamed and institutionalized. They are generally highly educated, have rich investment experience, and are professional and ruthless.

2. A large number of professional traditional financial investment tools have been introduced into the currency circle, such as leverage contracts, quantitative trading, indicator analysis, hedging allocation, mortgage bonds, and so on.

3, blockchain rating and blockchain big data analysis tends to be professional, the organization's research on the project is very three-dimensional, and deep.

Contrary to this, ordinary investors lack professional knowledge, no team support, and no assistance from various financial instruments!

In a word, it is more and more difficult for ordinary investors to make money, and the currency circle has entered the era of professional institutions!

Third, how can retail investors participate in a new round of bull market?

1. To reduce expectations, do not have a wealthy mentality

For investment, many people have a misunderstanding, that is, the currency circle is thinking about how to 10 times, 100 times all day, which is actually a serious mistake. What is the first priority of investment?

The first priority of investment is not to make big money, but not to lose money!

Many people just care about going forward, and their hearts are blinded by the dream of getting rich, but they don’t know that the big money behind them has picked up the butcher knife.

Investing must first ensure that you do not lose money, and on this basis, consider how to make big money.

2. Investment by fixed investment, diversified investment

Reducing the expectation of investment income, but also lengthening the return period of investment, like the one in dozens of times a month in 2017 is impossible, the new round of bull market into a protracted state.

Therefore, it is difficult for you to judge the top or the bottom. If you want to buy at the lowest point, selling at the highest point is extremely wrong thinking. The safe way is to use the fixed investment method for the good currency.

At the bottom, the assets are divided into several parts, and one investment is made at a time. The investment is gradually increased. After getting out of the bottom, the higher the increase, the more the position is increased until the fund is filled.

The top also divides the assets into several parts and sells one at a time. The more you go up, the more you sell. If you encounter a top drop, every 5 percentage points drop, you have to sell some positions, and the more you sell, the more you sell. More, if the drop exceeds 30%, it should be cleared.

Through the fixed investment operation, you can effectively smooth the yield curve, let you sleep well and eat incense! Remember, money is your own! .

Finally, keep in mind that don't put your eggs in one basket, you must diversify your investment.

3 , strengthen learning

To invest in it, you must calm down and learn a lot. If the person who makes the investment can't sit still, it must be done badly. Look at a lot of information every day. This is not the same as doing other industries. No one is good at making investments, not people who do a lot of reading. To overcome the benchmark income, first of all, the knowledge reserve and judgment ability must beat the industry average. If the knowledge reserve and judgment ability are not as good as the industry average, how to create Alpha income? How is it stronger than others? Without the first two to make the foundation, the victory over the benchmark income can only be based on luck. By luck, one day, one day, the money earned will be lost. There are many examples of big speculators in history.

4 , attached to professional institutions

If you think that the above are difficult, there is actually a simple way to rely on professional institutions to use the wisdom and channels of the organization to increase wealth for yourself. After all, most people only invest part-time, and the institution is Full-time research and professional level is also very high, here must pay attention to must be reliable institutions.

5 , do not resign easily

Some people think that they are not making money because the work is too busy, and the bull market is about to resign. In fact, the investment ratio is not more than the time, but higher than the level of cognition. If you usually make less money, you will not increase your rate of return after resigning, but you will lose a stable life guarantee. If you have not been very successful in your own work, why do you believe that you can show your talents in the investment industry?

Investment is the last job in life. If you don't have the ability to prove your work experience, and you don't have rich life experience to identify all kinds of traps, don't rush to resign!

About the author: East of Beijing, public number: bjzdblockchain. Micro signal: beijingzhidong. Senior blockchain investor, engaged in technical research work.

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