Behind Wang Xiaochuan's Sun Yuchen: Entering the Bitland Prospectus, denying the project platform

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan may never think that his own eyes five years ago will trigger such a big chain reaction afterwards.

This look deeply stimulated Sun Yuchen. Five years later, he announced that his company's market value exceeded Sogou, quite a bit of shame.

In the blockchain world, Sun Yuchen, the founder of the wave field, often has the notoriety of "swindlers" and "cutting leeks." Wang Xiaochuan is also in contact with the blockchain, and his name is in the Bitcoin prospectus. Luo Shengmen, who recently "blocked the block" blockchain project, made him a bit embarrassed in this world.

What is sighing is that in this unexpected accident, Wang Xiaochuan has fallen into a completely passive situation. In front of Sun Yuchen, the "marketing ghost", whether it is Ma Yun, Buffett or Wang Xiaochuan, it is just a chess piece.

01 is keen to talk about blockchain

"I will never forget his eyes that look at the liar." "What is a liar? Everyone has their own definition."

The mutual ambiguity between Wang Xiaochuan and Sun Yuchen is unknown in the blockchain world. The dialogue video of the two people five years ago was also widely circulated on the Internet.

In the Sogou (Sohu) company in Tsinghua East Gate, Wang Xiaochuan, who has been retiring for 20 years, is obviously not Sun Yuchen’s opponent.

The war was provoked by Sun Yuchen. In Weibo's February, he said that in less than three years after that conversation, his company's market value exceeded Sogou. Recently, he even said that he would like to have a "three-year contract" with Wang Xiaochuan. After three years, the market value of Sogou and the wave field was high and low, and the bet was 100 bitcoins.

In this regard, Wang Xiaochuan no longer responds.

In fact, even if the difference between the “market value” water injection between the digital currency and the stock market is not considered, the market value of the wave field exceeds the time of Sogou, and it only lasts for several days.

If time can come back, maybe Wang Xiaochuan will choose to push down the interview that was five years ago and not have any intersection with Sun Yuchen.

But now, public opinion has been detonated.

The platform pattern has been formed. Internet and venture capital practitioners, such as Zhu Xiaohu, Li Tan, He Xiaopeng, etc., mostly stood on the side of Wang Xiaochuan and rebuked Sun Yuchen for swindling. Most of the blockchain practitioners remain neutral, or support Sun Yuchen, denying their participation in "fraud."

Fanatics of some blockchains regard Wang Xiaochuan as a hater in the blockchain industry. But in fact, Wang Xiaochuan seems to have been in a state of detachment for the blockchain. He looks down on the currency circle filled with "air coins" and "swindlers", but he has always been keen to express his views on the blockchain. .

During the Spring Festival of 2018, the blockchain fanaticism triggered by the “three o'clock” community detonated the entire technology circle. This community of only 500 people once attracted Shen Nanpeng, Xue Manzi, Xu Xiaoping, Cai Wensheng, Li Kaifu, Zhou Hongyi, Chen Weixing and other venture capital, technology, and Internet giants to join.

Wang Xiaochuan is not among them. However, in the eyes of some blockchain practitioners, he has become one of the Internet's biggest enthusiasm for talking about the blockchain.

In March 2018, at the blockchain summit hosted by Jiazi Guangnian, Wang Xiaochuan said that there are many “fatal defects” in the blockchain, such as the difficulty of upgrading the consensus, the difficulty of mapping assets on the chain and the assets under the chain, and so on.

In the "Thirteen Invitations" of the intellectual talk show after the Spring Festival in 2018, Wang Xiaochuan and the host Xu Zhiyuan talked about the blockchain.

Xu Zhiyuan asked Wang Xiaochuan: "Is the blockchain a huge irreversible trend?" Wang Xiaochuan replied: "This is not easy to say." He believes that to understand the blockchain, it is necessary to look at technology, business, and political systems. Not enough, based on a large field of vision.

"First of all, this is a technology; from a business perspective, it can transform production relations and transform the industrial structure in business; finally, it is a politics, representing the concept of decentralization." Wang Xiaochuan said to Xu Zhiyuan.

Finally, he came to the conclusion that Bitcoin is actually very inefficient. In the "impossible triangle" familiar to blockchain practitioners, Bitcoin cannot achieve efficiency, security and decentralization at the same time.

At the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in 2019, Wang Xiaochuan also told the media that the cooling of the blockchain industry will help blockchain companies to focus more on products and technologies.

In the spotlight of the media, he is more like an industry veteran who has been cultivating blockchains for a long time.

02 "Lost" Sogou

Why is Wang Xiaochuan so concerned about the blockchain industry? Perhaps he also hoped that with the help of blockchain technology, Sogou will rise again.

In November 2017, Sogou went public. Wang Xiaochuan’s 18 years of persistence finally paid off.

However, the Sogou after the listing, the development is not smooth. Today's Wang Xiaochuan is facing the most "dark" moment in Sogou's history.

Since reaching the high of 15.5 US dollars in June 2018, Sogou's share price has fallen all the way, and now it is less than 4 US dollars. In one year, Sogou’s market value fell by 75%, which is not much more than the decline in Bitcoin in the bear market.

Sogou’s decline is evident in its latest earnings report.

Sogou’s first quarter earnings report for 2019 showed that the company’s revenue reached $252 million, a year-on-year increase of only 2%. And a year ago, Sogou’s revenue growth was as high as 53%.

At the same time, Sogou's revenue structure is still very single – 90% of its revenue comes from the search business.

In addition to the sluggish growth and single revenue structure, what is even more worrying is that Sogou's costs are still growing. In the first quarter of 2019, Sogou’s revenue costs increased by 20% year-on-year. Among them, the traffic cost increased by 28%, and its ratio of total revenue also increased from 45% last year to 56%.

The slowdown in revenue and the increase in costs directly led to the loss of Sogou. Sogou’s first quarter earnings report for 2019 showed that Sogou’s current loss was $3.9 million. In the same period last year, Sogou achieved a net profit of 15.3 million US dollars.

There is a skepticism in the outside world that the loss of Sogou is related to the lack of fuel for the “three-stage rocket”.

Previously, Wang Xiaochuan once called Sogou's customer and profit model a "three-stage rocket for input method + browser + search" – it was diverted from the input method to the browser, and the browser cut into the search engine, and finally Realize through the search service.

However, in the era of mobile Internet, the importance of input methods and browsers is no longer as important as the PC era. Even the search business that Sogou relies for is also affected by information flow advertising.

In addition to these three businesses, Sogou has been exploring the AI ​​business, there is still not much improvement.

However, Sogou, who is deeply involved in the search business, may not have a business direction suitable for combining blockchains. In April 2018, Wang Xiaochuan publicly stated that Sogou will continue to develop language-based AI technology and has no plans to enter the blockchain.

The blockchain eventually became Wang Xiaochuan’s “personal hobby”, although he may not want it.

03 currency doubt cloud

In addition to Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan finally took the first step into the world of blockchain.

In September 2018, the mining company Bentland submitted a prospectus at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. People were shocked to find that Wang Xiaochuan was appointed as an independent non-executive director of the company.

Inviting celebrities in the industry to serve as independent directors is one of the usual means for most prospective listed companies to boost their image. However, Wang Xiaochuan’s move to the Bit China platform is still worth pondering.

Wang Xiaochuan, who has been outside the blockchain world but has been paying attention to the world for a long time, has finally taken the first step in the matter of Bitland.

After Bit China, Wang Xiaochuan was once again exposed by netizens and participated in the advisory work of the blockchain project “ALLIVE” because of the confrontation with Sun Yuchen’s Weibo.

ALLIVE Project White Paper

The ALLIVE project white paper shows that Wang Xiaochuan has served as a consultant for the project and “assisted the ALLIVE team to develop the Olivia artificial intelligence algorithm”.

Sun Yuchen also forwarded the Weibo and commented on “I said something better”, insinuating Wang Xiaochuan as the platform for the project.

Soon, some netizens turned their finger at Wang Xiaochuan. When the blockchain media chain got the testimony to Wang Xiaochuan, Wang Xiaochuan said that he didn't know about it: "I don't know that ALLIVE is awkward, let alone a consultant."

The coin circle reproduces the Rashomon.

With the fermentation of the event, Liu Qikai, CEO of ALLIVE, responded that Wang Xiaochuan is his “mentor and consultant” in the field of AI and big data. They also served as directors of technology medical startups. “Basically every month. Keep communicating and exchange views."

Liu Qikai did not clearly indicate whether Wang Xiaochuan was formally invited as a project consultant. However, many industry practitioners said that Wang Xiaochuan and Liu Qikai were indeed the deceased, and they also served as directors of the Internet Chinese medicine brand “Xiaolu Medical Center” (operating main company: Beijing Ziqi Zhengyang Technology Co., Ltd.).

List of directors of Beijing Ziqi Zhengyang Technology Co., Ltd.

The Rashomon between Wang Xiaochuan and ALLIVE may end up in the form of a "misunderstanding." But some investors have begun to protest, ALLIVE's actions are suspected of fraudulent investors.

In mid-May, ALLIVE launched the IOK platform "OK Jumpstart" on OKEx, which became the second IEO project of OKEx.

"At present, the market is still relatively good, the price of ALLIVE token ALV today is equivalent to the first day of the launch." An ALV investor said to a blockchain, "If the consultant fraud causes the currency price to plummet, there must be a large number of investments. Look for project parties and exchanges to defend their rights."

Sun Yuchen and Wang Xiaochuan, one of the most controversial people in the blockchain industry, one is the elite of the Internet industry for many years, and there may be natural repulsive power between them.

Will Wang Xiaochuan gamble on Sun Yuchen’s 100 bitcoin?

Perhaps he would rather be silent. Because of an opening, it is news again.

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Source: a blockchain

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