Babbitt weekly election 丨 Bitcoin leads market to rebound sharply; Bakkt completes $ 300 million financing

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.

Babbitt weekly election 丨 Bitcoin leads market to rebound sharply; Bakkt completes $ 300 million financing

After the “March 12” tragedy, the cryptocurrency market took a breather last week. Compared with the previous low, it has rebounded sharply, and it has seen a single-day increase of 20% +, but it will take time to fully recover. day. In terms of financing, the Bakkt crypto trading platform supported by giants such as Microsoft, Intercontinental Exchange and other large corporate institutions completed a huge financing again, with a 300 million USD round B financing, setting the largest financing in the crypto field in 2020. In terms of supervision, Russia, India, and the United States have made new positive progress. In terms of the application of blockchain, blockchain + agriculture has become an application hotspot. In the field of crypto mining, due to the drop in currency prices, more than a dozen mainstream mining machines have hit the shutdown price, and the mining industry is in an urgent situation.

I. Policy and supervision

Following the announcement by the Supreme Court of India that the Bank of India ’s ban on cryptocurrencies in the bank ’s cryptocurrency business in 2018 violated the Constitution, the Indian government, which had previously had little voice, is now jointly discussing the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies with the Bank of India and the Securities and Futures Commission of India. In Russia, although the Russian central bank announced that the latest version of the new digital currency bill will ban the issuance and trading of cryptocurrencies, the head of the legal department of the Russian central bank said that banning bitcoin is impossible. After two months of soliciting opinions, the first batch of applications that entered the "financial sandbox" of Beijing financial technology was officially released.

Government of India, central bank and SEC to discuss cryptocurrency regulatory framework

Hawaii, U.S. establishes regulatory sandbox for digital currency companies, issuers can conduct business without license

Russia's central bank director of legal affairs: "there is more than enough" to ban Bitcoin

Beijing's "Supervisory Sandbox" first batch of projects finalized, the product involves blockchain and other technical applications

Blockchain and physical applications

The immutability of the blockchain makes it a natural application in the field of traceability. Jiangsu Province has strived to create a blockchain agricultural product quality traceability platform and write agricultural product information into an immutable "log". The new infrastructure has become an important national strategy for revitalizing the economy after the new crown pneumonia, and how the blockchain can help the new infrastructure has been hotly debated.

Jiangsu builds a provincial-level blockchain agricultural product quality traceability platform and writes a "log" for high-quality agricultural products in Jiangsu

Xinhuanet article talks about new infrastructure: Blockchain will become a basic production tool like water and air in the future

Blockchain leads Yunnan's new infrastructure, not only the "oldest third" but also new kinetic energy

Six ways to open blockchain + agriculture

Third, technical direction

Ethereum 2.0 is the top priority of Ethereum's development path in 2020. It will be the largest and most important upgrade of Ethereum ever. What exactly does Ethereum 2.0 look like? V God directly gives the development of Ethereum in the next 5-10 years.

Vitalik: Quick Start on Garbled Circuits

Dry goods | Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 reward and punishment simulation

A picture understands the future 5-10 years of Ethereum, PoW is tragically abandoned by V God

Fourth, investment and financing

Despite the black swan event in the crypto market and the market value of the entire market suffered, the Bakkt crypto trading platform supported by giant companies such as Microsoft and Intercontinental Exchange once again completed a huge amount of financing, with USD 300 million in Series B financing, which created the crypto field in 2020. Largest financing. In addition, Fluree, Sandbox, Bilon Group, FundsDLT and other companies have also completed new financing.

Electronic money issuer Billon Group completes $ 6 million Series A financing, mainly to expand existing use cases

Blockchain game The Sandbox secures $ 2.1 million in funding to build blockchain game world

Blockchain startup Fluree announces completion of new round of financing and announces strategic cooperation with the U.S. Air Force

Blockchain investment fund technology platform FundsDLT completes Series A financing, Credit Suisse and Luxembourg Stock Exchange invest

Bakkt announces completion of US $ 300 million Series B financing, Microsoft, Intercontinental Exchange, etc.

V. Mining

The collapse of cryptocurrencies has made the mining situation particularly tense. Many mainstream mining machines have hit the shutdown price. The mining disaster seems to be imminent. Bitcoin computing power has recently fallen sharply. With the halving of the day, the Bitcoin mining industry is likely to become more and more tension.

Bitcoin plunges in "mine circle" ecological survey, more than 40 mainstream miners hit "shutdown price"

Observation | With over 2 million mining machines, is it difficult for a Bitcoin mine?

QKL123 market analysis | Bitcoin miner fled, miner's crazy indicators need to be reversed (0318)

Bitcoin Secret History: The first Bitcoin miner to adopt a GPU miner


One of the biggest victims of the March 12 tragedy was DeFi. The slump in ETH price caused a large amount of debt for MakerDAO, the most mainstream project in the DeFi field. For the first time, the auction was triggered, and Maker could only start self-help. However, this crisis will also be a test and exercise for the DeFI field, which will further improve DeFi.

What are the lessons from the crisis after the DeFi mania? This flourishing message is worth revisiting

Fidelity-invested crypto company Fireblocks officially integrates Compound, allowing institutional customers to earn DeFi interest

DeFi Weekly Selection | After 312 plunge, Maker enters self-help moment

Analysis: The market plunges "the scourge" of DeFi, which will be more resistant after the market is perfected

From "Lego Toys" to "Open Finance", DeFi lacks a systematic risk control solution

Popular Science | DeFi in the End-Overview, Development and Future of Decentralized Lending

Seven, central bank digital currency, stable currency

The future trend of the central bank's digital currency as the national legal currency is bound to become the biggest innovation of the monetary system. How exactly the central bank's digital currency should be implemented, what mechanism should be adopted, and what basis should be used are all issues that central banks around the world need to solve. As a new currency form, stablecoin has also become a development direction of digital currency that has attracted much attention.

Central bank digital currency

Chinese central bank paper: Innovating the currency system and vigorously developing digital currency based on human value

Japanese legislators say: The yen will be issued by the CBDC, fast!

World Economic Forum: Creating a Reputable and Trustworthy Digital Currency (Part 1)

World Economic Forum: Creating a Reputable and Trustworthy Digital Currency (Part 2)

World's First Sovereign Digital Currency: Unveiling MYR SOV


Stablecoin: Can it be the "most beautiful" in the new currency form?

Circle CEO: Stablecoin demand has increased significantly during this plunge, and blockchain-based currency infrastructure is working

Market transactions

How did the March 12 tragedy happen? What exactly happened on that day? Although the price of the cryptocurrency market has suffered, the crypto market has still achieved a strong rebound last week. Bitcoin ’s daily increase has exceeded 20%. This kind of drastic fluctuation may not be a bad thing. This kind of volatility can even be your best ally.

Opinion: The world economy is on the verge of crisis once again, cryptocurrencies will be strong

What happened in the most turbulent week in Bitcoin history?

Strong rebound! Bitcoin is up over 20%. How to make this volatility your best ally?

Under extreme market conditions, how are mainstream exchanges such as BitMEX and Binance performing?

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