Blockchain leads Yunnan's new infrastructure, not only the "oldest third" but also new kinetic energy

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When it comes to big data, you think of Guizhou, and when you think of smart manufacturing, you think of Chongqing. In contrast, Yunnan Province seems to be only the third one in tourism, tea, and minerals. Can the blockchain industry bring new changes to Yunnan?

Blockchain leads Yunnan's new infrastructure, not only the "oldest third" but also new kinetic energy

In the area of ​​new technology and new technology, Yunnan is trying to seize a new corner overtaking opportunity.

On March 15, 2020, the Yunnan Blockchain Center was established. Ruan Chengfa, the governor of Yunnan Province, said that with the courage to eat the first crab, Yunnan should be built into a "testing ground" for the development of the blockchain industry.

Ruan Chengfa said that blockchain is a new technology and new application, but also a new thinking and new concept. The listing of the Yunnan Provincial Blockchain Center has only taken the first step, "there may be thorns and difficulties in the future." Require all departments at all levels in the province to actively embrace blockchain technology, accelerate the promotion of institutional mechanism innovation, increase the introduction and cultivation of blockchain enterprises, strengthen the demonstration and application of blockchain technology in key areas, and fully promote the blockchain industry innovation in Yunnan development of.

"After the Governor's speech, everyone was excited." A participant who participated in the listing ceremony said to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that compared with the surrounding provinces and cities, Yunnan Province has become somewhat lonely in recent years. Compared with Guizhou when it comes to big data and Chongqing when it comes to smart manufacturing, it seems that Yunnan Province still has only the youngest in tourism, tea, and minerals. It is hoped that the blockchain industry can bring new changes to Yunnan.

What is the bottom line of Yunnan's development blockchain

What industries should Yunnan develop in the western hinterland? For several years, the discussion of this topic in the local academic circles has never stopped, and Yunnan Province has been exploring the power source that can drive the province's economic development.

In 2019, the growth rate of value added of the industrial enterprises above designated size in Yunnan Province was 8.1%, ranking fifth in the country. However, the main industrial products are still mainly resource processing products, such as coal mining and washing, wine, beverage and refined tea manufacturing, and tobacco products.

"In the past few years, Yunnan Province has not shown its advantage in the competition of some major national projects." A regional research expert from Yunnan Province told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

The scholar pointed out that including the approval of the inland free trade pilot zone lags behind Sichuan and Chongqing. Although Yunnan Province proposed in 2013 to build an important bridgehead open to the southwest. At the same time, it failed to take the lead in the competition with Guangxi's southbound channel.

Guizhou has big data, Chongqing has intelligent manufacturing, and Sichuan's electronic information industry has taken the lead in the country. Among the three provinces and one city in the southwest, only Yunnan has not been able to clearly define the development direction of new technologies and technologies.

From the perspective of several Yunnan local experts and scholars interviewed by 21st Century Business Herald, the development of blockchain is a major opportunity for Yunnan.

Although the development of the blockchain industry is not as obvious as traditional tourism and mineral resources, it is not unfounded.

A series of developments indicate that Yunnan Province has been preparing for at least 2017. The starting point is the smart tourism big data platform "a mobile phone tour of Yunnan" in Yunnan Province.

In September 2017, a working conference on "a mobile phone tour to Yunnan" in Yunnan Province was held in Kunming. Ruan Chengfa said at the conference that advancing the construction of "a mobile phone tour to Yunnan" is the need to rectify the chaos in tourism and promote the comprehensive upgrade of the tourism industry, the need to lay a solid foundation for the development of tourism in the whole region, and to enhance the image of Yunnan's tourism, so The need to go to the world.

According to the plan, tourists only need to download the application on their mobile phones, and they will get help in various aspects such as travel, shopping, transportation and so on.

At the same time, the "One Mobile Tour of Yunnan" project is also regarded as the beginning of the local comprehensive construction of "Digital Yunnan", and a huge local large database has begun to be established.

"Although the project serves the tourism industry, many people have seen Yunnan's determination to develop new technologies." A regional research scholar in Yunnan Province told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter that Yunnan must not only keep the signboards of major tourism provinces, A new image is also needed.

Starting from "a mobile phone tour in Yunnan", Yunnan Province has continued to advance in the government affairs + big data industry. "One mobile phone service links" "one mobile phone cloud product" "one mobile phone cloud enterprise loan" "one mobile phone office" Taxes ".

The launch and application of the results of the "One Mobile Phone" series of products has also become the basis for the development of the blockchain industry in Yunnan Province.

In fact, the first domestic blockchain electronic bill was issued in Yunnan. Beginning in early 2020, Yunnan will further expand the application scope of blockchain financial electronic bills throughout the province, to enable ordinary people to "run up to once" and solve the problem of people's difficulties in doing things.

"Maybe the blockchain can't directly change the status of Yunnan Province in China's economic map, but it can let the outside world see the determination and openness of Yunnan's development," said the scholar.

Blockchain leads Yunnan's new infrastructure

According to the data in the "China's Digital Economy Development and Employment White Paper (2019)", in 2018, China's digital economy scaled 31.3 trillion yuan, calculated on a comparable basis, with a nominal growth of 20.9% and a contribution rate of 67.9% to GDP, which has become a pull An important driver of economic growth and economic transformation and upgrading.

Yunnan has just seen this potential. After the "one mobile phone" series of products received market recognition, it began to exert its efforts in the direction of the blockchain.

In 2019, "Digital Yunnan" and "Blockchain" were written into the "Government Work Report" of Yunnan Province, and proposed to use blockchain technology as a breakthrough to build Yunnan into a highland of blockchain technology applications.

The "Yunnan Province Digital Economy Development Plan" issued in May 2019 puts forward that it will seize the opportunities of the digital economy and make every effort to build a "digital Yunnan" to "three transformations and one hub" (digitalization of resources, digital industrialization, digitalization of industries, and For the leadership of the Digital Hub of South Asia and Southeast Asia Radiation Center), Yunnan will be built into a highland for the application of blockchain technology.

In that year, Yunnan also held the first "Digital Yunnan" Blockchain International Forum. The relevant person in charge of the Development and Reform Commission of Yunnan Province said at the forum that the blockchain application and industrialization of Yunnan province are on the same starting line as developed provinces, which is a major opportunity for Yunnan's economic and social development.

What is the prospect of developing blockchain in Yunnan?

He Baohong, deputy director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Institute of Information and Communications, told a reporter from 21st Century Business Herald that blockchain is not the same as big data. It mainly solves the problem of trust in circulation transactions and also belongs to one aspect of the new infrastructure.

"Although the construction investment in the blockchain is not clear, Yunnan should fully promote it." The aforementioned Yunnan regional research expert said that if the opening of multiple high-speed railways has changed the transportation environment of Yunnan, then the district under the background of new infrastructure The construction of the blockchain industry will change the industrial structure of Yunnan.

He Baohong believes that blockchain is helpful for building a smart city and improving people's livelihood. In terms of economic operation, it can promote the digital upgrade of the financial system.

"Blockchain is a component of the entire information and communication industry, and it is a chain in the field of information and communication ecology. On this chain, developers are the key. Therefore, to develop the blockchain industry in Yunnan, the cultivation of talents is the key. And Because the information of the blockchain is deployed in the cloud, the development of the cloud computing industry in a region is also the foundation of the development of the blockchain. "He Baohong said.

Liu Tiancheng, chief technology officer of Yijian Tianshu, told a reporter from 21st Century Business Herald that blockchain is an auxiliary tool and it is difficult to drive the development of new industries. The main role is to upgrade the existing industries. Therefore, how to use the blockchain technology to help Yunnan's original industry upgrade is the key to Yunnan's future exploration and construction of the blockchain "testing ground".

Liu Tiancheng believes that not all companies in the "testing field" are suitable for inclusion, but return to the characteristics of Yunnan, such as agricultural products, tourism, etc., and combine blockchain, 5G and other technologies to develop distinctive applications.

As the backbone of Yunnan's development of blockchain technology, how competitive is the provincial capital, Kunming?

Zhang Tao, director of the Digital Economy Development Division of the Kunming Big Data Administration, previously stated that Kunming has a low level of activity in the country's blockchain industry and also lags behind three southwestern provincial capitals: Chengdu, Chongqing and Guiyang. At the same time, Kunming has insufficient research and development capabilities in blockchain software, hardware, technical solutions, and blockchain open source platforms. It is weak in infrastructure such as data storage, data scheduling, and networking. Enterprises are scarce. Compared with the major coastal provinces and cities in the eastern coastal areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and the southwest, Kunming has a weaker foundation in blockchain technology and industry.

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter noted that in terms of personnel training, the number of graduates from Yunnan Province was 10,400, while the number of graduates from Sichuan Province more than doubled.

In addition, Chengdu has taken the lead in training basic talents. In the “Notice of the Ministry of Education on the Announcement of the Recording and Examination and Approval of Undergraduate Programs of General Colleges and Universities in 2019”, the “Blockchain Project (080917T)” declared by Chengdu University of Information Technology was approved for the addition of a new record program in 2019 and will be in 2020 It began to recruit students in 1949, becoming the first “blockchain” undergraduate major approved in China.

"Because our company could not find suitable talents in Kunming, our research and development headquarters was located in another province adjacent to Yunnan." A technology company official told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

He Baohong believes that the blockchain market is huge, and Yunnan must find its own characteristics and advantages.

How to make up for shortcomings in talent and scientific research

In this context, where is the development direction of blockchain in Yunnan Province?

Ruan Chengfa said that Yunnan should become a "testing ground" for the application of blockchain technology. Combining local industrial characteristics, it will promote the application of blockchain technology in agriculture, finance, and tourism. At the same time, it will also adopt government purchase services, establish blockchain industry funds, and broaden financing channels to promote the influence of Yunnan Province on the development of blockchain.

The blockchain industry covers a very large number of fields. Ruan Chengfa said that the development principle of Yunnan Province is "smaller cuts, deeper research, and more useful."

"Yunnan will not compete with other cities on the upstream side of the blockchain, that is, the R & D side. It hopes to attract mature enterprises outside the province through the use of scenes and the development of unique applications, and use the market for industrial development. Yunnan In recent years, the digital economy has been vigorously developed, and we have been looking for breakthroughs, hoping to occupy the first-mover advantage. The most important thing is to pay attention to the market prospect of the blockchain and the changes that may be brought to the local industry. "A district in Kunming The blockchain company CEO told a reporter from 21st Century Business Herald.

Zhang Xiaomei, director of the China Microfinance and Internet Finance Innovation Research Center, found that according to the potential market conditions of financial technology such as blockchain in two specific scenarios of rural finance and consumer finance, although the western region lags behind the eastern in terms of talent and technology, In terms of specific scenarios and potential user scales, they have unique advantages. Different regions should find their own characteristics and advantages according to their actual conditions, and formulate development plans for the blockchain industry based on local conditions.

"From the perspective of our research, in terms of blockchain development, Yunnan Province's rankings in the two dimensions of the industry's basic environment represented by capital, talent, etc., and the theoretical and technological support represented by patents, theses, etc. are not Zhang Xiaomei told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that the educational resources and scientific research resources of Yunnan and other western provinces on the blockchain are lagging behind the eastern provinces, and more attention must be paid to the cultivation of talents and theoretical research.

Zhang Xiaomei suggested that universities, research institutions, industry associations, and societies should be actively encouraged to consolidate teaching resources and take various forms to jointly set up research institutions or laboratories to fully provide scientific scholars and students with opportunities and platforms to access industry practices. The platform can combine the real needs of the industry, carry out the directional cooperation between academia and the industry, better explore and cultivate talents in a "theory + actual combat" manner, and is expected to become an important training base for blockchain talents.

In addition, like most western regions, although Yunnan is relatively lagging behind in the east in terms of talent and technology, it has unique advantages in terms of specific scenarios such as rural finance and consumer finance and the scale of potential users.

Zhang Xiaomei believes that blockchain has a good effect on solving the problem of information asymmetry in inclusive financial scenarios such as rural finance and consumer finance. It is recommended that Yunnan combine its own characteristic industries to explore the blockchain in the financial field, especially supply chain finance. Applications.

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