Babbitt weekly election 丨 FCoin came to an abrupt end after a thunderstorm; "Mentougou" bitcoin whale lost thousands of bitcoins

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.


In the past week, while the impact of the bZx hacking protocol vulnerabilities on the profits made by hackers has not subsided, the cryptocurrency field has encountered two major "Fcoin thunderstorms" and "Bitcoin whale lost thousands of bitcoins" Disaster event. Once the online celebrity exchange, even FCoin, which was able to perform PK with OK, Huobi and Binance, actually "collapsed". It is estimated that the Bitcoin of tens of thousands of users could not be redeemed, becoming the largest one encountered by the cryptocurrency industry in 2020. " "Deepwater bombs" are reminiscent of the "Mentougou" incident of that year. Coincidentally, the bitcoin whale, which was the second largest creditor of Mentougou, once suffered the collapse of Mentougou. It lost more than 1,000 bitcoins and tens of thousands of bitcoin cash, and was planted twice in the currency circle.

Bitcoin whale stolen

On February 22, a giant whale named “zhoujianfu” on the Reddit forum disclosed that he had just lost 1547 BTC and nearly 60,000 BCH, and is currently worth nearly RMB 260 million. The founder of Bitcoin Builder, Josh Jones, is also one of Mt.Gox's largest creditors. The topic of how cryptocurrency users can securely store their own coins is once again hotly debated.

Chengdu chain security: stolen killer whale users may have sustained attacks

One article understands that the 200 million yuan digital currency of the giant whale was stolen, and it is impossible to retrieve it

260 million BTC and BCH are missing, the giant whale suspected to use service

Killer whale stolen 260 million BTC and BCH! Rewarded heavily, begging miners to roll back the block

SIM card exchange attacks stolen coins, how can Bitcoin practitioners protect themselves?

After FCoin Thunderstorm

On the evening of February 17, Zhang Jian, the founder of FCoin, announced the "FCoin Truth", and frankly, due to internal and technical issues, FCoin's platform could not be redeemed. A bomb detonated in the crypto community, and even caused some linked platforms to suspend service. Thousands of users suffered heavy losses overnight and seemed overwhelmed. FCoin's thunderstorm led to the end of this new exchange that was once expected to compete with the three major exchanges. The end of FCoin also makes the circle begin to reflect, and industries without supervision have no future.

Zhang Jian: FCoin is expected to be unable to pay approximately 7000-13000 BTC

FCoin nearly 13,000 BTC can not be paid, some people report it, some people save themselves

Investors ask two core questions after FCoin Zhang Jian's "truth"

PAData: FCoin potential victims or more than 2000 people, per capita loss or more than 25 BTC

Graphic dismantling: Where did FCoin assets go? Is there a problem with the funding chain in 2018?

Lawyer Reviews | FCoin Thunderstorm: Users' Rights Protection Is Difficult

Take Mentougou as an example: Do investors in FCoin have a future?

After the FCoin thunderstorm, rethink everything about platform coins and centralized exchanges

I. Policy and supervision

On the evening of February 23, the People's Bank of China officially released the Financial Industry Standards for "Specifications on the Security of Financial Distributed Ledger Technology", which is applicable to institutions engaged in the construction of distributed ledger systems or service operations in the financial field, and provides large-scale applications for distributed ledger technology. Business support capabilities and information security risk constraint capabilities have a benign promotion effect on industrial applications. However, blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development and many issues have not yet been resolved. Therefore, the Digital Currency Research Institute of the Central Bank stated in the latest research that it is currently not recommended to transform traditional payment systems based on blockchain.

Led by the central bank, the first blockchain standard in the domestic financial industry is released

The Central Bank Institute of Digital Research released the latest topic: It is currently not recommended to transform traditional payment systems based on blockchain

IRS proposes to strengthen tax oversight in the cryptocurrency sector

Interpretation of SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce's "Token Safe Harbor Proposal"

Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China: Development and Management of Blockchain Technology

Russia will ban the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

Israeli Attorney General: Israeli banks should not refuse to serve cryptocurrency companies

Blockchain and physical applications

The new crown "war epidemic" has not ended, and the blockchain has not withdrawn. More blockchain applications are being supported. With the decline of the epidemic, various industries are back on track, and blockchain-based application platforms provide security for enterprises to resume work and resume production.

Helping to resume work and resume production: Jiangxi Unicom launches "blockchain-based enterprise return to work and resume filing filing platform"

Blockchain war "epidemic" is on its way, 20 applications have landed

Wuhan launches "East Lake Big Data Resumption Intelligent Management System", Babbitt provides blockchain technology support

In a year, 27 items of landing applications were disclosed. The IBM blockchain is only for nurturing cloud services?

Ministry of Finance: National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform (New Platform) goes online, using blockchain and other technologies

Third, technical direction

In 2020, Ethereum will not only have 2.0, but also welcome ProgPow. Although V thinks that after Ethereum welcomes PoS, ProgPoW will appear redundant and there is no need to consume resources. But Ethereum PoS does not have a clear date after all, and Ethereum core developers seem to want to implement ProgPoW in the short term.

Ethereum 2.0 storage contract UI will debut on EthCC and is expected to go live in April

Ethereum mining may usher in huge changes, core developers tentatively upgrade ProgPoW in July to resist ASIC miners

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum 2.0 will focus on Phase 0 development this year, and the PoS network will go live this year

BCH developers launch new client, code for 5% block reward funding developers is removed

To achieve a 10,000-fold expansion of Bitcoin, what is the new agreement Prism created by MIT and Stanford?

Vitalik's latest speech: 51% of nested attacks become a deadly threat to PoW blockchain, PoS is the only way out

Analysis | bZx protocol is the technical lifeline behind hackers' "two combos"

New research: 0.5 Bitcoin can lock most liquidity, payment channel loopholes paralyze Lightning Network

Vitalik: Uniswap v2 Price Predictor Can Withstand Lightning Loan Attacks

Ethereum developers propose EIP 2515, suggesting that "difficulty freeze" replace "difficulty bomb"

Fourth, investment and financing

The crypto division of financial giant Fidelity has begun to expand its investment in crypto companies, and now has a $ 14 million stake in the operator of the Hong Kong crypto exchange OSL. Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit has also completed a new round of financing, with a valuation of more than $ 100 million.

Financial giant Fidelity invests more in crypto, invests $ 14 million in HKL OSL operator

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit completes new round of financing, valued at billions of dollars

Blockchain and artificial intelligence company "Light Tree Technology" received tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing, the investor is Yanfeng Qiyun

Crypto Custody Company Copper Completes Series A Financing, MMC Ventures, LocalGlobe Participate

V. Mining

Now that there are about 3 months left before Bitcoin halved, there is no doubt that miners are most affected by the halving. If the price of Bitcoin is still at the current price level after halving, this will cause huge losses to the mining . If Bitcoin continues to stagnate, then this panic may worsen with the halving, and mining may be facing its biggest turning point in years.

May lose $ 3.1 billion in revenue in one year, Kraken's latest report thinks halving could hurt mining

Mining life and death situation: Epidemic or advance overdraft halved, 2020 will usher in an industry inflection point

Ethereum mining may usher in huge changes, core developers tentatively upgrade ProgPoW in July to resist ASIC miners


The emergence of Lightning Loan seems to be continuously exposing potential security issues in the DeFi industry. This week, new research indicates that the 700 million US dollars of assets locked by MakerDAO are at risk of stealing, prompting project parties to conduct emergency voting upgrades. Although the emergence of Lightning Loan and the bZx attack revealed that the DeFi industry still faces hidden security issues, this is the only way for DeFi to mature.

Get hundreds of thousands of dollars through "DeFi Lego" in 15 seconds. Will "bZx Incident" become the starting point of the new stage of DeFi?

Flash loan strategy: Can an attacker take Maker's $ 700 million collateral?

MakerDao urgent vote to prevent governance attacks, this crisis may be related to the life and death of DeFi

Lightning Loan: New DeFi Project Gameplay, How to Attack MakerDao for $ 700 Million

Is DeFi a moth again? Ethereum smart wallet application Authenticeum exposed to fatal vulnerability

Defi protocol bZx was attacked twice in one week, highlighting industry concerns

Inspiration from the bZx event: essentially more like a arbitrage manipulation using the DeFi protocol and products

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

Sweden took the lead and started testing the central bank's digital currency, and it is even expected to become the first country to eat crabs. In 2020, the central bank's digital currency has received great attention, and important progress is expected, and it is even expected to see the birth of the first central bank digital currency. Libra is also developing steadily. The initial development path seems to be too aggressive, which has led to regulatory resistance. Now Libra seems to intend to start with the US dollar and anchor a single currency, which may make Libra's road more stable.

Central bank digital currency

Insight into central bank patents: digital currency generation, circulation, and recovery solutions have taken shape

Analysis | The central bank is accelerating the development of legal digital currencies in 2020

Behind the quiet change in attitude towards the issuance of the CBDC, the United States values ​​these more!

Sweden starts testing digital currencies! Can the central bank digital currency become a "killer" application of the blockchain?

Babbitt launches | Swedish central bank pilots "e-Krona", what are the characteristics of the world's first retail CBDC?

Becoming the first country to eat crabs, Sweden starts testing e-krona

Analyst: China's central bank digital currency will not affect the crypto market in the long run

Bank for International Settlements: CBDC is on the road and 1.6 billion people will use it in the next three years


Why did Facebook create the Move language for Libra? Calibra digital executive tells the inside story

EU officials: Libra cannot be regulated due to lack of further details

Technical Primer | Explore the key details of BFT and Libra's Consensus components

Libra thinking about anchoring the US dollar as a single currency launch? The reason behind it is not simple

Eight, halving and market transactions

Halving = new high? Many people are predicting whether the upcoming halving of Bitcoin will drive the market up. But one thing is certain, the black swan incident on the market can always change the trend. No matter what predictions you make, unexpected things can change everything. For example, Binance suddenly performed temporary maintenance, which led many people to speculate that a coin loss event occurred, and the market immediately dived. Prediction is easy, but in the end Bitcoin will only take time to tell us.

Is it a breakthrough high or one for 100,000 knives? Let's take a look at the halving of the currency price predicted by foreign big Vs

Analyst: Bitcoin inflation will be lower than most central banks after halving, and its price will easily rise to $ 200,000 in two years

The plunge was caused by Binance shorting after losing coins? Let the data on the chain tell you the truth

Liquidation of $ 629 million! What happened behind Bitcoin's early morning diving of $ 850?

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