Babbitt’s column explains Libra through Alipay.

These days, Libra, the virtual currency issued by Facebook, is in full swing. The domestic virtual currency market is very large and there are many people concerned. Especially the international companies with such big names as Facebook have also issued coins, which can not help but make people curious.

Want to understand Libra released by Facebook, in fact, the best analogy with Alipay.

Now Alipay is the leader in the field of mobile payment. All the streets and alleys can be paid by Alipay. Can the money in Alipay be regarded as the currency of Alifa?

Of course, it can be seen not only as the currency of Alifa, but also as a stable currency. The currency anchors the renminbi, and it has risen slightly. For example, after each payment, the points can be earned, and there is corresponding interest in the balance.

So is it the so-called decentralized electronic money? Obviously not, it is not a point-to-point payment, because it is centered on Ali, and all payments are inseparable from Ali's servers. If Ali wants to change your account, minutely. So it is not a virtual currency on the blockchain.

Ok, suppose the state has now liberalized its policy, and Ali wants to put Alipay on the blockchain. Why put it on the blockchain? Because it has a very big advantage in putting on the blockchain, it can become an international virtual currency, which is universally used, especially to solve cross-border payment.

But what if you only want Ali to do it yourself and lack internationalism? Pulling people into the gang can pull the international oligarchy into the camp. Because it is a virtual currency on the blockchain, the bank is directly bypassed. This is the best international card. You think about it, if you don't make a fuss about the blockchain, such as setting up an international settlement alliance, you can't get around the bank and you can't get around the country.

Now, with a good ecosystem like Ali, and the addition of an international oligarchy, credit has been amplified several times through the blockchain. All places in the future can be paid with Ari, whether it is remote, war or cross-border payment.

In addition, a programming language for mobile payment scenarios has been derived, which makes the development environment ecologically good.

All of this is due to the point-to-point payment realized by the blockchain, which successfully bypasses the bank and the country. However, this is both a place for cattle and a deadly place for it. How the future depends on how it evolved.

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