EGT skyrocketed 66 times behind: "Lei Jun" before the new three board company's fund disk game

There is never a shortage of miracles and hotspots in the rivers and lakes.

EGT, a coin that fell 96% from the issue price in the second half of 2018, mimics the "Bell Chain" fund game mode. In 2019, the price soared more than 66 times, becoming a new generation of demon coins.

However, we were surprised to find that the operator behind this demon coin and fund game was actually a game technology company invested by the "Lei Jun" fund. It was listed on the New Third Board and was called HTML5 mobile technology. Service first share.

What makes such a star-studded star of yesterday's star-studded e-sports and the money-making game?

The demon currency soared 66 times

There are demon stocks in the stock market, and there are demon coins in the currency market. Recently, there is such a demon coin in the currency market.


It has risen nearly 5 times in a month and 42 times in 3 months. It has risen 66 times since this year. However, half a year ago, it was still a famous “zero coin”, which was 96% lower than the issue price. The name of this monster is called – EGT.

EGT (Egretia Token) is the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain game project Egretia. It is released by Egret Engine, one of the three major game engines. Egretia claims to be the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, with 200,000 developers and One billion HTML5 terminals bring the world of blockchains.

With the endorsement of one of China's three major game engines, in 2018, Egretia received 27 well-known investment institutions including ok capital, capital, and distributed capital.

In June 2018, EGT officially landed on the exchange. However, even with such a large investment lineup, EGT was seriously frustrated in the secondary market, and the price of coins continued to fluctuate.

By December 2018, the price of the currency had dropped to 0.0003 US dollars, which was 96% lower than the issue price of 0.008 yuan. The daily trading volume was only 90,000 US dollars, and the price was almost zero.

Just when all investors lost confidence in it, the “returning coin” EGT staged a miraculous counterattack, starting from April 2019, and the price rose more than 30 times in two months, not only regaining the 2018 decline in one fell swoop. On June 13, 2019, the price broke through a record high.

We can't help but ask what kind of "demon power" makes such a "returning coin" that is 96% lower than the issue price soaring 66 times in half a year?

The answer to this question is – "funding game".

The secret behind: play the funds disk

To understand how EGT is a demon, you need to understand another demon coin – the Bell Chain BRC.


Like the EGT main game concept, the positioning of the Bell Chain is also a blockchain game platform.

Since the release of the BRC, the price has risen more than 60 times, and it is 6.3 billion yuan in terms of market capitalization, ranking 21st in the global cryptocurrency list.

In the design of the model, the Bell Chain combines the essence of the funds to attract gold, the MLM to pull the head and the coin pull. The key to its success lies in the launch of the two games "Super Rich" and "Global City".


"Super Rich" looks like a shop management game, but in essence it is a full fund.

In the game, the player will play a gold medal investor in the future city. You can use Taifang to buy shops, and the store will produce the digital token BRC of the Bell chain. BRC can be realized at major exchanges, which is equivalent to the game. The vector was phased out once for 1CO.

lCO is a double-edged sword. The front of the knife is “gold absorbing”. It is changed to Ethereum by BRC, and then used to pull the BRC from Taifang to attract more leeks to enter the market. The opposite side of the knife is “砸盘术”. A large amount of BRC output per day will gradually increase the selling pressure until one day, the currency price collapses.

In order to solve the massive selling pressure brought by the massive release of BRC, the Bell chain launched the new game "Global City" in March 2019.

The gameplay is basically the same as "Super Rich". The change is that the refilled currency has been changed from Ethereum to BRC and USDT, which greatly absorbs the BRC in the hands of the "Super Rich", reducing the circulation and opening up space for the price increase.

According to the analysis and tracking of the public number DOGi Games Club, "Super Rich" sucked 2 billion and "Global City" attracted 3.2 billion, Bell Chain absorbed 5.2 billion in half a year, and still launched similar games, building a huge fund game empire.

After witnessing the huge "success" of the Bell chain, the EGT, which also dominated the game concept, couldn't sit still. It copied the "Bell Chain Mode" and joined LGame to launch its own fund game, "Giant".


It is not difficult to guess the name. "Giant" is also a simulated business game. The gameplay is the same as "Super Rich". Users recharge Ethereum to exchange diamonds, then use diamonds to purchase and upgrade shops, produce EGT, enjoy 1% per day. The static income, the specific quantity refers to the EGT day currency price, which is the anchored principal fixed income.

However, if you want to get a 10% dynamic income bonus, you need to do a direct push, carry out "multi-level distribution", and continue to grow offline.

In the distribution promotion system established by "Giant Merchants", there are three levels of giant business, entrepreneurs and bosses.

To become a giant, you need to push 3 entrepreneurs directly; to become an entrepreneur, you need to push 3 bosses directly; and to become a boss, you need 3 lines, each line has a performance of at least 330,000 yuan, that is, if you want to To become a giant, you need to attract at least 9 million yuan for "Giant".


Such a fund game + multi-level distribution system is "effective" in terms of gold.

By querying the raised fund address, we found that in 20 days, "Giant" raised a total of about 108045 Ethereum (including 24,382 ETHs on the fundraising account, and previously transferred 65,067 ETHs and 18,596 ETHs). Calculated by 1870 yuan per Ethereum, the total fundraising was 202 million yuan.


Of the 83,000 ETHs transferred out, 49,000 have been transferred to EGT's main exchange, OKEx, which is suspected of being pulled.


If you think carefully, it is not difficult to find that EGT's "doing Zhuang" idea is exactly the same as the Bell chain:

Through the game mining and other related businesses directly raise funds from investors, provide ample source of funds for market value management, and then use the funds raised to operate the currency price of the secondary market, while high-level market means such as price fluctuations in the secondary market Shocked shipments and profit.

Lei Jun invested in the former new three board company trading

Such a fund game and a demon coin, who is behind this all?

After a little effortless search, we found their behind-the-scenes operator, Beijing Egret Century Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known former New Third Board listing company.

In the core team of Egretia's official website, the two founders of Egret Technology, Huang Jun and Chen Shuyi are listed. The two have repeatedly endorsed the Egretia platform in public, including Huang Wei as CEO of Egretia.


Egretia official website screenshot

Secondly, in the income analysis of the fund game "Giant", it also marked the company behind it – Beijing Egret Times Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Egret Century Technology Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2008, Bailu Technology is a H5 (HTML5 abbreviation) mobile technology and platform solution service provider, providing game developers with an industry-wide technical solution for engine + tool flow + accelerator. The Egret engine developed by the company is three in China. One of the big game engines (cocos, laya, egret) once occupied more than 70% of the domestic mobile phone page game engine market share.

On March 10, 2016, Beijing Egret Century Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the New Third Board with stock code 836615. A total of 75 million shares were issued with a par value of 1 yuan per share.

After listing, Egret Century will become the first share of HTML5 mobile technology and services in the domestic capital market, with a total valuation of more than 2.5 billion.

In addition, through the "Public Transfer Instructions", people can gain a glimpse of the huge investment institutions behind the Egret Technology. Shareholders not only have the old-fashioned state-owned funds such as Shenzhen Venture Capital, but also the top dollar fund Jingwei Venture Capital and the top RMB fund state investment.


Among them, it is particularly important to note that Lei Jun’s millet “fund” has occupied an important position in Egret.

In 2014, Shunwei Capital, a subsidiary of Lei Jun, led the A-round financing of Egret Technology for US$10 million. In 2015, Jinxing Investment, a subsidiary of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., participated in the B-round financing of Egret Technology. The proportion of shares reached 17.11%, which is the second largest shareholder after founder Chen Shuyi.

Such a game technology company that is highly sought after by various capitals and has the advantage of technical barriers has embarked on a “zero-to-zero coin”, and then the currency circle of the fund is not returning.

This issue seems to find a clue in the "Public Transfer Instructions."

According to the "Public Transfer Instructions", during the reporting period, the net profit of Bailu Technology Co., Ltd. was -10.801 million yuan (2013), -630.52 million yuan (2014) and -68.408 million yuan (January-July 2015). Year after year losses and the amount continues to expand.

Egret explained this, mainly because the company's game engine and series of development tools require a lot of human resources investment, the company has to face the process of early losses in the process of gradually establishing the Egret engine ecology.

At this point, the entire game industry began to decline, into 2017, with the cold winter of the game is the game winter, sixty-seven percent of the mobile games, H5 games have begun to close.

In addition to the profit pressure, Egret Technology has ushered in a bigger crisis, and company executives have collectively left.

On June 27, 2017, Egret Technology Co-founder and CTO Ma Jian, Vice President and Director Zhang Xiang, Supervisor Wang Huadong and Chief Financial Officer Jiang Shipeng resigned at the same time. According to the online anonymity, Ma Jian, who is in charge of technology development, took away Some core developers, this will undoubtedly make the whole company worse.

In addition, due to weak financing capabilities, small transaction volume, and high management costs, the game companies have begun to flee the New Third Board, and Egret Technology is no exception.

In September 2017, 18 months after the listing of the New Third Board, Egret took the initiative to delist the market and left two more bleak earnings reports. In 2016, the loss was 57.177 million yuan, and the loss in the first half of 2017 was 19.47 million yuan.

Every day, the Egret Technology cleverly avoided all the favorable factors.

Talking about this process, founder Chen Shuyi once said in public that this process is not only suffering but also suffering.

"The biggest problem with the New Third Board is that the liquidity is not high. The engine company burns money, but the RMB funds pay more attention to profit. We thought it was an airstrip, but it just fell a 50 meters and fell a big one."

After the delisting, Egret Technology has developed its business to provide mobile games, including open source game engines, cloud platforms, etc., but the lack of profit is always a hurdle.

In 2017, at this time, the bull market of Bitcoin, “blockchain”, “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” became hot words.

According to Chen Shuyi’s own statement, in 2017, people were frequently found and asked the same question: Why don’t you try to apply the blockchain to the business of Egret?

As a result, Egret Technology, which was hurt by the traditional financial market, began to participate in the blockchain world, incubating and developing the blockchain project Egretia, creating the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine, and issuing Egretia Token (EGT), in 2018. At the end of June, the company officially issued the currency and landed on the exchange.

However, Egretia had a bad fortune and met the big bear market of cryptocurrency, so there was a situation described in our article. The issued cryptocurrency EGT fell 96% from the issue price.

Later stories, everyone knows, worship the Bell chain as a teacher, do fund games, from the actual effect, the blue is better than the blue, EGT becomes a new generation of demon coins.

I just don’t know, Egret Technology, which started the game, is so intoxicated with the pull-up game of the fund disk. Have you told the second shareholder Lei Junlei?

Wen Hao is not bright

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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