Beijing will build a “data blockchain” and introduce secure computing to ensure big data security

Source: Beijing News

The Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) The 2019 Summit Forum of the Beijing Informatization Expert Advisory Committee was held today (November 12). Liu Xu, director of the Big Data Construction Department of the Beijing Economic and Information Bureau, said at the meeting that Beijing has created a “directory blockchain” system that links the responsibilities, catalogues and data of 53 departments to provide support for data aggregation and sharing. He revealed that in the next step, Beijing will build a “data blockchain” represented by core government data such as credits and licenses, and introduce multi-party secure computing to consolidate big data and blockchain security guarantee systems.

Liu Xu said that in terms of government data sharing, unconditional shared data accounted for 42%, complete historical data was about 27%, and updated data on time was about 18%. Beijing Informatization is constantly upgrading from “online” and “on the cloud” to “number” and “intelligence”. “Number” guarantees data ownership, strengthens trust sharing system, privacy protection system and security traceability system. "Intelligence" will make big data become the support of urban governance and the rule of law through AI and the Internet of Everything.

At present, Beijing uses the blockchain to link the responsibilities, catalogues and data of 53 departments to form a “directory blockchain” system, which provides support for the aggregation and sharing of Beijing big data and the optimization of the business environment. In the past, it took five days for the Beijing real estate registration business to be processed. It is more complicated, and now only one link is needed, and it can be easily done once. This is due to the orderly operation of the data of all departments in the city under the “directory blockchain” scheduling. Through the "chain" on the real-time call to the public security, civil affairs and other departments of the household registration population, social organizations and other standard data interfaces, to achieve material reduction, process reduction, time reduction.

“We are also conducting pilot projects in the three districts of Dongcheng, Xicheng and Haidian, and will also establish social data zones, such as traffic travel data provided by operators.” Liu Xu revealed that “directory blockchain” will also share data with the city. Behavior is monitored.

Liu Xu said that government data sharing has just started and is still on the road. In the future, when government data and social data are integrated into one platform, the government is expected to use data to provide “portrait-based” services. He said that the next step will be to expand the depth and breadth of application of big data platform-level directory blockchain, and build a "data blockchain" represented by core government data such as credits and licenses, and introduce multi-party secure computing and other large data and blocks. Chain security system.

It is reported that this summit forum is jointly sponsored by the Beijing Informatization Expert Advisory Committee and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology. It focuses on the three key directions of big data convergence and sharing, open application and digital economic development, and invites industry authoritative experts and industry leaders. The department and typical enterprise representatives discussed together and made suggestions for the innovative application and development of Beijing's big data.

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