Briefly describe the three stages of the combination of blockchain and industrial economy

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Editor's Note: The original title is “The Largest Convention for Finding Blockchain Technology Innovation and Economic Benefit Improvement”

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the explosive growth of science and technology has been a reality in the objective world, and the system supporting the development of social operation has not been greatly improved. Therefore, how to improve system efficiency through technological innovation is a blockchain. Combine the big premise of the real economy. Just like a thousand people with a thousand Hamlet, there is a different understanding of the blockchain from different angles.

Personally think that, apart from the concept of the outerwear, to study its technical characteristics, the blockchain is essentially a database composed of node network and encryption technology, which naturally has technical features that cannot be tampered, trusted and traceable. So how will the blockchain be combined to the real economy and improve efficiency?

The historical process of blockchain formation can also be understood as a process of continuously integrating the achievements of computer science and cryptography. As the first application on the blockchain, Bitcoin has not had any downtime and security incidents in the network for more than ten years since its birth, which is undoubtedly a great success. But for a long time, the Bitcoin community has always been divided about whether the blockchain network can achieve Turing's completeness. Until the smart contract on the Ethereum network appeared, it immediately detonated the impact of the encrypted world on the real world and attracted a lot of attention.

In 2017, a variety of dazzling ideas about machine execution contracts emerged. The blockchain at that time could be said to carry huge expectations. The most prevalent idea is that the blockchain can be upgraded from information transfer to value transfer 2.0. The version network will directly replace the Internet. So we have seen a lot of attempts to copy the data based on the Internet business logic, and it is clear that there are no successful cases. Is it a time to imagine a deviation or an opportunity? At least for the moment, it cannot be said that a conclusion has been formed, and the answer can only be left to the future. However, from the perspective, I believe that the combination of blockchain and industrial economy in the early stage of technological life will go through the following stages:

First, the first phase is the initial stage of technology investment under policy promotion.

The main task is to build the underlying architecture, improve the infrastructure, and combine the business process online to carry out data uplink, risk prevention and control is completed under the chain, and the authenticity of the data needs to be checked in batches. The landing of this part of the project and the migration of production factors will incur huge costs, and it is difficult to directly reflect the economic benefits in the short term. Therefore, the general enterprise level will not generate too much input momentum at this stage. Without market power, it is difficult to make substantial leap and breakthrough in technology and application scenarios.

However, multi-center node networks and non-tamperable one-way propagation characteristics can significantly reduce intermediate links within a large economy, enhance coordination and organizational execution efficiency, and achieve traceability. For the corresponding government departments with huge public expenditures and severe isolation of information from various departments, there will be actual business needs for applying blockchain technology, such as off-site inspection and reimbursement of medical insurance, electronic taxation of local government non-tax bills, and personal credit rating. Construction and so on. Therefore, at this stage, although the road to improving efficiency through blockchain technology needs to be explored, the big data centers, social security, finance and other related departments and institutions of various regional governments will become the first customers of blockchain technology.

At this stage, we need to combine the characteristics of the industry to think about what is the pain point of the business? Can the blockchain be solved? Is it necessary to use blockchain? Does using a blockchain increase system cost? and many more.

Second, the second phase is the stage of productization and platformization of the blockchain network.

In the first phase of the infrastructure construction process, a group of technical teams that have accumulated experience in project construction and led the market will be created to complete the practical problems of the middle layer and the business layer in the blockchain architecture of the business department. Standardized products are beginning to appear. According to Moore's Law, the cost of business winding at this stage is reduced, the underlying customization needs are reduced, and small and medium-sized enterprises begin to access the blockchain. More B-side requirements are reflected in the middle-tier products that are friendly to different bottom layers and that are compatible with the original business layer.

In the process of enterprises accepting and implementing data uplink, some companies will build digital business processes according to the scenario, but only stay in process optimization and efficiency. Although it is difficult to reconstruct business logic under the original business model, this is the only way to push the digital economy forward. All innovations will not happen overnight. If Internet applications do not go through the stage of webpages and emails, there will be no boom in e-commerce platforms and mobile payment.

At this stage, it is necessary to objectively analyze the market environment and the fit of the segmentation area with new technologies, and reasonably expect the effective output of the digital economy.

In the third stage, with the commercialization of 5G networks and Internet of Things becoming more mature, a comprehensive digital ecosystem will be formed under the overall layout and promotion of the country.

The combination of emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence will foster a new format and productivity. If the blockchain can make a major breakthrough in the secure integration of multi-heterogeneous data, secure multi-party computing, zero-knowledge proof or homomorphic encryption to improve the efficient use of data, scalable high-throughput computing can be realized at low cost. , cross-chain communication, digital identity and privacy security protection, while establishing a unified data access standard on specific landings, improving laws and regulations, establishing a model theory of digital economic technology supply and benefit output, the blockchain at this stage The value will be maximized, and information dissemination, value transfer and trust sharing will be combined.

At this stage, the technology maturity and market acceptance are relatively perfect, and there is an opportunity for a new business model to emerge. Enterprises can set aside some trial and error space, boldly innovate, make full use of resources, and release the dividend of the digital economy.

All in all, we must rationally treat the life cycle of new technologies, rationally regulate expectations at different stages, evaluate the ratio of benefit to output, and combine social costs in the model of innovative technology as a supply of output and economic benefits, find the greatest common divisor, and balance development. To welcome the spring of the digital economy booming.

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