Bitcoin is consolidating at a high level, and funds are being withdrawn one after another. How should the market operate?

As time goes by, the trend has gradually become clear. From the perspective of capital flow, the main fund has already opened the routine of withdrawing and withdrawing. Although the good news has always been good, it has not ignited the enthusiasm of the market.

After the bitcoin plunged, it was consolidating for three consecutive days, and there were signs of shrinkage, and the popularity was sluggish. In the past month, the money-making effect has continued to shrink. Smart investors have begun to cash out, waiting for the new leek to take over.

According to the inherent operating rules, the market in July and August is generally not too good, there will be a decline, although the history will not repeat, but the keen funds have realized that the market risk is increasing.

Is it possible to go short without a brain? I think that short-selling requires a strategy, and it must be chosen when it is, or it can easily be suddenly shocked by sudden surges. For beginners, it is not recommended to short, for those who have a good sense of risk control, they can establish an empty position and wait for the market to call back.

Many people have overlooked a phenomenon. When Bitcoin is at $11,000, other currencies have already turned on the callback mode in advance. Many coins have returned to the state where the market has just started, and even the EOS distance has shrunk by 40%; BCH, LTC, etc. They also shrank more than 30% from the high point, indicating that the funds were retreating by bitcoin cover.

This has sounded the alarm for our subsequent investment. In the next wave of market, it is especially important to configure bitcoin. And some of the altcoins are more expanding, and they all return to the price when the market did not start. It is conceivable that if bitcoin has a large correction, then their prices will definitely hit a low point.

Of course, we don't have to be overly pessimistic. From the weekly chart and the monthly chart of Bitcoin, we are still in the upward trend. For long-term investors, we can hold it safely. I believe that this wave of adjustment will end. A new high is expected.

Don't want to get both stable income and quick money, the consequences will never be both. If you want to make quick money, you have to risk the loss of all the principal. If you lose money, you will collapse. Since you are gambling, why not lose.

On the contrary, it is very simple to get stable income. Listen to my suggestion, invest in bitcoin and mainstream currency, the jiacang jiacang, the warehousing and lightening, the operation at the time of operation, and the operation should not wait.

I found out that a lot of friends, while talking to me, can not stand the loneliness, a slap in the face, and finally lost almost, and then complained to me, really can not help.

I advised everyone before January, to lighten the warehouse, to reduce the operation, the time to cut the leeks arrived, but no one believes, the results are also seen. I will tell you now that the marketable space for July is still very small. The trend of market decline is already very obvious. Everyone still needs to reduce the operation. Unless the Boss rebounds after the plunge, the operation will lose money with great probability.

The market has inherent laws. Although it is sometimes inaccurate, we still have to follow the rules. If you ask me when I can stabilize the bottom, I think Bitcoin has been oscillating for more than 2 weeks in 8000, which is probably the completion of the bottoming. Can return to 6000 dollars, then I will let everyone stroll.

The current strategy is still rather empty, not to slap the bottom, usually copied in the middle of the mountain, "cut a wave, pull a wave" may continue.

The following analysis of the market through indicators:

Many of my friends have been learning for a long time, but even the most basic deviations are not clear, which makes me difficult to understand, and my tutorial is very clear. There are two arrows in the above picture, the price goes up, but the MACD indicator goes down, obviously deviating from the mark. To learn to use it flexibly, we can not be judged by the fluctuation of the market. Listening to my specific analysis can pay attention to the public number: the big demon king.

According to the current indicators, the Bollinger Band continues to narrow, the price is around 11000, and the price is already below the 5-day line, so the 10,500 Brin lower rail is the next support; KDJ falls back to the low; RSI is also lower The position, the market sentiment is sluggish; MACD continues to fall, and the market will adjust mainly in the short term.

Comprehensive analysis, Bitcoin will continue to fall back, the previous 10800 and 11000 two bottoming points, and now want to bargain-hunt, may have to be around 10,500, this market rebound is to close, do not take long.

The indicator of ETH is also very weak. After the Bollinger line is flat, the price starts to fall. The price drops along the lower rail. The MACD has fallen to the 0-axis, and the market has fallen very badly. Both RSI and KDJ have reached a low level, and the market is very weak. The price is around 260. The K line has closed the small Yinxian line, and the market has called back the demand.

On the whole, the short-term indicators of ETH have reached a low level, while the long-term indicators have continued to fall. In the short-term, the market is dominated by weak linkages, and the market will hover between 240 and 270.

The trend of EOS is very weak, the Bollinger line is going down, the price is on the lower rail, the MACD is also falling, KDJ and RSI are also at a low level, the price has fallen below the moving average system, and the short-term rebound is more likely to be attractive. The space is not big.

From the analysis, we can see that the market has reached a very low level. I suspect that there should be a change in the next three days, and the direction should be down. Therefore, in the short term, it is still dominated by wait and see.

Article source: The coin circle devil

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