Starting to decentralize the game platform: Is it a good day to break the monopoly?

On May 31 , Xiao Xiao invited the founding partner of Xingyao Capital, Liu Jiang, founder of Xingheng Education, Chen Liang, investment partner of Xingyao Capital, and technical expert of blockchain , and the head of HKDT market, sunshine, to be a guest at ChainNode .

The game asset blockchain can really solve the problem that exists in the traditional game platform. Is there a huge contradiction between the interests of the platform, the developer and the player? The breakthrough in opening a huge opportunity in the game market will be the blockchain? Based on value incentives, how does FairPlay Chain benefit every gamer?

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Game points are naturally suitable for blockchain

How did you first learn about bitcoin or blockchain? Why enter the blockchain field?

Liu Jiang : I introduced Bitcoin by friends at the end of 2015 . At that time, I read Kevin Kelly's "Out of Control". Bitcoin fits the decentralization idea in the book, so it is attracted by the blockchain. In 2016 , I bought some bitcoin, and then went up and down, and slowly entered the world of blockchain.

Chen Liang : I was born in engineering. In 2012 , I analyzed the algorithm of Bitcoin with my classmates. Later, I mined and mined the coins and bought coins. I was shocked by Bitcoin's white paper, and I have been working on the blockchain since I was in the field of double-creation.

Sunshine : I have been doing business in the financial industry and I will focus on some cutting-edge information. With the increase in bitcoin prices in 2016 and 2017 , the momentum has gradually increased. At the end of 2016 , it entered the blockchain industry.

What problems can the blockchain solve in the game industry?

Chen Liang : We have done market research and found that the biggest problem in the game industry is not the game experience, but the game maker's points are opaque and open. Game points have become a vicious profit model inside the game, and profits have been in the hands of strong game giants. Blockchain can quantify game items, allowing players to confirm the stock of assets they buy.

Liu Jiang : Points are naturally suitable for blockchains. Each game company may have its own points. If the game company goes bankrupt, the points will be void. If there is such a platform that can manage and use points in a unified manner, even if one company goes out of business, your points can be used on another platform, which is actually a more favorable thing for players.

Game points have the function of circulation and stored value. If the points are given in the form of tokens , will it affect the liquidity of the points?

Liu Jiang : This question is very interesting. Bitcoin has the same argument: whether it is used as an asset or for payment. Points are a management system for user loyalty, in order to increase user loyalty to the business and promote consumption. If the points can be unified, then this point can play a role of diversion in addition to the user management loyalty, and the points of each platform can circulate. This unified system of points, the first to be based on mathematical formulas to calculate, the second is based on the amount of users and the weight of the game in the ecology, which requires a public chain to solve.

Chen Liang : The main problem is how to match the real game manufacturers. It is unrealistic to do the public chain and let the big factories like Tencent use them. Still have to combine the reality.

The advantage of FPChain is the combination of centralization and decentralization.

Ladies and gentlemen have very rich experience in investment and financing. What is your investment logic? Why are you optimistic about FPChain ?

Liu Jiang : Our investment logic is first of all projects that can quickly land, quickly profit / realize, such as e-commerce, products, etc.; then the public chain, people who have experienced 2017 and 2018 know that the public chain is a life of nine. The live chain can bring huge returns. Although there is only one-tenth of the success rate, it can get a hundred times return, which is why we invest in FPChain .

Chen Liang : Through the FPChain white paper, we found that it does not reject centralized vendors and servers, nor does it reject the alliance chain. In 2017 , there were some game deblock chains that were completely decentralized. It turned out to be very aggressive by dust attacks, because the game is an interactive application with high requirements for high throughput, but the current blockchain. I can't do it, and I shouldn't do it. Combining decentralization and centralization is a competitive advantage of FPChain .

The mechanism that the acquirer has the opportunity to get extra bonuses is very similar to the FoMo3D model. How does FPChain consider it?

Liu Jiang : FoMo3D is a masterpiece in terms of design, architecture, and consideration of human nature and mathematical calculations. FoMo3D is actually a funding disk, but it solves the problem of running. It uses decentralized tools to prevent the risk of running. Although it was later attacked by dust, this method is correct and can be used in the game industry.

Sunshine : I think this analysis is too complete. We have done research in this area before, why there is no big breakthrough in the current blockchain, nothing more than the fact that the computing power is in a bottleneck period, and there are no more innovations and breakthroughs. So that the current market will not have a big development, no new capital or blood coming in.

Chen Liang : The incentive mechanism of FPC is not for FoMo but FoMo , which is to encourage others to mine. At the early cold start, everyone didn't know what the benefits were.

Integrated innovation is also innovation, and more innovation is cutting-edge innovation, in the theoretical world, not in the application world. The essence of the blockchain is the application of engineering. The reason why everyone is constantly trying to correct is that everyone is too decentralized to solve the problem of centralized and efficient. This has caused two to three years, and everyone’s perception has gone wrong. For example, Huawei and Baidu, the currency circle is not recognized, because it has nothing to do with financial attributes, and “up”, but people's cognition of blockchain technology is correct, and FPC 's cognition is correct .

From the FPChain white paper, FPC has a mode similar to the model currency. For the model currency, everyone is different. How do you see this mode ? What is the difference between the FPC mode and the VDS resonance mode ?

Liu Jiang : The biggest problem with resonance lies in the primary market, not the secondary market. As long as the primary market and people go to invest, then the secondary market will certainly operate. The primary market is dull, no one is involved, then the secondary market is definitely cool and cool. The primary market still depends on the anchoring of value, and the value of the application. The FPC mode is similar, but there are some differences, please let me know.

Chen Liang : The essence of the model is to exchange valuable things with a worthless thing. It needs to rely on the constant borrowing of funds from outside to play the game. The mechanism of FPC is not like this, because it takes the benefits of miners, and this kind of incentive solves the problem of super nodes doing evil. If it is always 11 nodes, it is difficult to guarantee the robustness of the DPoS it will come . The purpose of FoMo is contrary to the purpose of Ethereum , and it is not on the same goal. At different stages, the understanding of design concepts and humanity is not the same.

Reasons for HCoin's cooperation with HKDT

In the future, will a new generation of explosive applications be produced? Especially the subdivision of the game.

Liu Jiang : Regardless of the industry, there are application scenarios for blockchains. The most discussed are DApps , such as spinach and game products running on EOS ; the second is infrastructure. I think that DApp and infrastructure are spiraling. It's not that the infrastructure is built first, the DApp can flourish, or that the game is done, and the infrastructure is up. There must be some infrastructure first, then some applications, and then find that the application is not enough, and forced the construction of the infrastructure. On which day, there will be great prosperity, I think it is still early, far from that time. It is also too early to talk about landing.

How is FPChain planning in 2019 ?

Chen Liang : It is still a set of engineering processes to do things, to do node simulation, algorithm simulation. Equivalent to a virtual environment, computer simulation to the blockchain, almost after the layout to the node.

On June 2nd , FPC launched HCoin . How do users participate in this IEO ? What are the rules and procedures for snapping up? What is the reason for incorporating HKDT in the snapping process ?

Liu Jiang : The moderator mentioned that this is the seventh phase of the project. From the situation of the first six IEOs , we can see that on the one hand, the participation activity of the secondary market is still possible; on the other hand, the project is explained. It's still good, because if the project is not good and the user's approval is not obtained, the price of the currency will fall all the way. We have done a lot of work on the project.

The process of participating in this IEO is very simple. First register an account with HCoin . Introducing HCoin's intimate designs for everyone : Many exchanges use platform coins to do IEO , but there is a problem that you buy platform coins, and you can make money by playing new, but if you can't get it, you will find the platform when you sell it. The currency has fallen. And we are using HKDT stable currency. If you can't play new, you can sell the stable currency, so this design will eliminate the possibility of losing money. In addition, we use the blockchain method of lottery. We use the hash value of Bitcoin to make the formula, so there is no unfair phenomenon.

Why did HKDT cooperate with HCoin ?

Sunshine : We have done a lot of research before we collaborate. HCoin is indeed a strong exchange. It can be said that it is a first-class exchange in terms of market activity, technological innovation and attitude towards users. The HKDT is anchored in Hong Kong dollars, and the exchange rate is also very stable. It is more recognizable for users in Asia. In cooperation with HCoin , the follow-up will develop very well and be more stable than USDT . They develop well and we can develop well. This is a very crucial point.

Copywriter: Li Xiaoping

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