Bitcoin stood on 10,000 US dollars, gold, crude oil rose, the dollar fell

At around 7:30 in the morning of the 22nd, Bitcoin broke through 10,000 US dollars, and the highest station stood at 10287.5 US dollars, returning to the five-digit era. As of press time, the price of Bitcoin was $10,200, and the price of RMB was $70010.

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According to QKL123 data from the blockchain integrated service provider, this is the first time Bitcoin has returned more than $10,000 since March 2018, which is the 13-month high. Starting from the low of $3,189 in December 2018, bitcoin prices have tripled in the past six months. The Babbitt Composite Index (8BTCCI) has reached 16948.41, a daily increase of 4.53%, the highest ever.

The starting point for this round of upswing may be April 2, 2019, when Bitcoin suddenly increased its volume by 18.51%. Almost the entire market has no clue about this rise. Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the coin, sent a Twitter on the market: "Does anyone know any news? Many people ask me, I really have no clue."

At present, the price of Bitcoin has dropped after standing at 10287.5 US dollars. At 9 o'clock last night, Bitcoin also had a large amount of selling pressure, and finally stopped at the 9650 US dollar position. In terms of trading volume, bitcoin increments are not large, but market sentiment is heated and FOMO sentiment is high. The circle of friends has been screened by words such as "historic moments, sleeping, sleeping, getting high".

One of the uncertain factors last night was whether the new FATF regulations in the US caused a negative situation. From the current news, the impact of the new FATF regulations is limited.

Under the latest measures, virtual asset service providers will be required to implement the same anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing requirements as traditional financial institutions. It is equivalent to saying that market practitioners are required to adopt more stringent management. Obviously, this is an industry trend.

In addition, Trump gave up air strikes against Iran, oil prices remained fierce, and gold broke through the $1400 mark, the biggest weekly gain in three years, and even the three major US indexes also closed down. The dollar has hit the biggest weekly decline since February 2018.

In this context, some analysts pointed out that although bitcoin prices hit a recent high, the mainstream currency did not rise much. Moreover, even if Bitcoin stands at a high of $10,000, the technical side may still be adjusted back to around $9,000.

Bitcoin prices may fluctuate at any time, and 10,000 US dollars is a psychological barrier to some extent. In the case of large fluctuations in the market, investment still needs to be cautious.

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