Bitcoin white paper copyright is registered, the real trouble has just begun

CSW (Craig Wright) began a series of chain reactions to the copyright registration of the Bitcoin white paper.

On May 28, Scribd, the website that provided the file download service, notified CoinDesk that it had removed the Nakamoto white paper uploaded by the media.


"This is a notice that Scribd's BookID copyright protection system has banned access to the Bitcoin white paper (id: 411710754). This does not necessarily mean that an infringement has occurred, nor does it mean that you have made a mistake."

As we said before, although CSW has registered copyright for the white paper, it makes no sense unless someone raises a question about copyright in court. However, since systems like BookID are likely to track the US copyright database, the spread of paper copies will be limited.

This chilling effect is very real. Although few people worry that the white paper will disappear forever – it will always be here – but the loss of access rights can have far-reaching and unexpected consequences.

More importantly, anyone can register copyright for almost anything. Copyright and patent fraud have been rampant in other areas of technology, and it is clear that blockchain is the next.

As for the special problems encountered by CoinDesk, it seems to have returned to normal.

Scribd Legal Manager Jason Bentley said:

"Our team has reviewed your response and determined that Scribd's BookID copyright protection system may have misidentified your content as infringing. We have restored your content and accompanying data records. The recovered document may take a few minutes to complete. Re-displayed on Scribd. BookID is Scribd's effort to strengthen the rights of intellectual property holders. Due to the large amount of content in the copyright database, we are unable to proactively reach content uploaders before content is disabled."

The small problem facing CoinDesk may have been resolved, but it is still unknown whether the registration of Bitcoin white paper copyright will lead to deeper disputes in the future. The proliferation of blockchain copyrights has also become a problem we have to face, and CSW himself has applied for hundreds of patents for Bitcoin technology. Obviously, this is a big challenge for the cryptocurrency community that advocates freedom and equality.

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