Market price is the consensus | 2019 Lai Special Zone blockchain technology seminar summit report

In the de-bubble process of the cryptocurrency market in 2018, Litecoin fell from $375 to $23, a drop of 94%. However, since 2019, Liteco has touched up to $122 in half a year, or about five times, leading the crowd. Mainstream currency.

Litecoin is indeed a different kind of "cotton currency". Since its birth, unlimited coins and dot coins have been far away from the spotlights, and even disappeared. But it has always been DISS, and the Wright currency that has been questioned has come to this day and has always occupied the top ten in the market value ranking. With the expectation of halving, it has become the "object" of many people's investment concerns.


On June 1st, when the EOS conference was held in the United States, the Litecoin Blockchain Technology Seminar was held in Wuhan. For the development path of Litecoin, Xu Kun, Vice President of OK Strategy, Secretary General of the Litecoin Roundtable Forum, PZ, COINBIG Exchange CEO integration, Golden Finance, Yang Yang launched a wonderful question and answer. Through this round table, you may have a deeper understanding of Li Xiaolai's "consensus of amaranth is also a consensus."

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Question 1. Litecoin has risen and risen, why?

Yan Yang: I think there are two reasons. First, it has fallen more before, and the rise is the value that should be returned. The second is to halve, and the price increase brought about by half is a consensus that has already been formed.

Convergence: Two points this year are not the same as 17 years. The 17-year new capital and market volume are mostly derived from the new currency. This year, driven by mainstream currencies, the old currency has not performed as well. This year, everyone has obviously kept a lot of investment. I think that halving the market is an explanation for the coin people themselves. On the whole, everyone is afraid that they can't buy them, but they don't dare to buy a lot of new currencies. If they are insurance, they will buy Bit and Wright. This year, there have been major changes in the choice of funds, which led to a large increase in Wright.

Xu Kun: First, the price of Litecoin has fallen more than Bitcoin last year. Second, I think Litecoin is a safe currency worth configuring.

PZ: Wright may be the least prominent feature, but its security has been tested for eight years, and this wave of market factors is that many professional investors began to notice the Litecoin at the end of last year. As one of the safe reserve assets. Therefore, the rise is not only a halving of economics, but also a manifestation of large-scale consensus.

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▲ 2019 Lai Special Zone Blockchain Technology Seminar Summit Roundtable

Question 2, is Wright likely to be overrated?

Yan Yang: Whether the value is overvalued or not is very subjective. If you believe in its value, the community will bring different things to the blockchain and encrypted digital currency industry in promoting the development of Litecoin. The value is overvalued. Things don't exist anymore.

Convergence: Product value is priced by the market. At the beginning, Litecoin supplemented the market's demand for encrypted digital currency. The secret of Wright's success was Wright's positioning for Wright. Litecoin has made many people who don't have a bit-up car taste the wealth effect, and the wealth effect will make people remember it.

I think that the evaluation of the value of digital currency is not only because its code is strong or weak, but also by consensus. It is valuable to accept more people. I think the overestimation is a paradox. High is not overestimated. It is the value of the market and the market. This is the spirit of the free market we admire most.

Xu Kun: When it comes to the trading market, the traditional financial market will have a price-earnings ratio and a market-to-sales ratio. The digital currency market may be the city's dream rate. It is very sexy because everyone relies on consensus and relies on the city's dream rate.

PZ: In the past, someone had to sell the Litecoin 5 cents to me. The market price was only 3-4 points. I think there is a little expensive, so there is no need. I think that all market prices are consensus. Behind this consensus, we can break it down into security, computing power, technology, whether there are too many bugs, the network is unstable, the team is unstable, and the market has real demand for it. .

Question 3: Why does Liteco live so long?

Yan Yang: Bitkin and Wright Silver are a very successful marketing. In addition, the positioning of Litecoin is very good. Another point is that the community is doing very well.

Fusion: First, it creates wealth effects for more people. Second, the original Bitcoin code is maintained. Third, long-term stable computing power guarantee. Fourth, the founder gave up the idea of ​​controlling the currency.

PZ: At the time, there was a strong currency consensus with Litecoin, which was PPC dotcoin, but many people may not know it today. In the big bear market, the PPC community lacks effective cohesion. Therefore, the blockchain system is well done, in addition to the team's fundamental security, more needs the support of users, partners and industrial ecology.

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