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How Blockchain Is Impacting Online Poker

Over the past decade, crypto has gone from being a trendy investment to a serious financial tool affecting just about every area of our lives. Whether it’s used as a digital currency for financial transactions or as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain technology has emerged as a game-changer in virtually every sector. Among its uses, it […]

Blockchain in the annual report of listed companies: a comparative analysis of six state-owned banks

The financial industry has always been regarded as the best field of application for blockchain. As a representative of the financial industry, banks have long been concerned about and explored blockchain. In recent years, with the development of blockchain technology and related policy support, the application products on the ground have gradually enriched. At present, […]

More than 60 organizations in Europe and the United States jointly developed: Rehabilitation Certificate for New Coronavirus Patients Based on Blockchain

Editor's note: The original title was "More than 60 organizations teamed up to develop a blockchain-based new crest virus rehabilitation certificate" According to foreign media reports on April 14, in order to prevent the privacy of patients from being violated, blockchain independent identity (SSI) technicians are developing rehabilitation certificates for COVID-19 patients. The COVID-19 Certificate […]

Blockchain war "epidemic" action (1): big data application

People in the currency circle follow their original intentions and naturally "chain earn". I have the "Four PAI" plan: the "action pie" series that I really participated in, the "Xie Xie Pie" series that I am interested in discussing, the "Yi Mi Pie" series of global intelligence, and the advanced "Xue Yuan Pie" series. This […]

Observation | Is the open source of the blockchain the biggest flaw in the business model or the strongest defense?

Encrypted networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become a platform based on community ownership and operation. People use tools to distribute economic value through the network and build network effects. Foreword: Open source (Open Source) is a concept proposed on February 3, 1998. It is open source code and software that can be freely […]

Video: Blockchain opens a new chapter in medical health (Part 1)

As an emerging technology, how does blockchain solve the pain points in the medical and health field and help new innovations? What are the current status and pain points of the healthcare industry at this stage? Chen Shenghua, a researcher at Huobi Research, will take us together to understand the exploration, application and prospects of […]

Video: Blockchain opens a new chapter in medical health (Part 2)

How can the blockchain empower the medical and health field? What are the explorations of the blockchain in the medical and health field at this stage? What challenges does the blockchain face in the application process? Huobi Researcher Chen Shenghua will take us to understand the exploration, application and prospect of blockchain in the field […]

Can Brave succeed in challenging Google Chrome with over 1 billion users?

In the past 10 years, Google Chrome has occupied the Internet browser market with an astonishing market share of nearly 60%, and the user scale has reached billions. Google ’s browser competitors, including Apple ’s Safari, Microsoft ’s Edge (formerly known as Internet Explorer), and Mozilla ’s Firefox, however, to a large extent, they have […]

Opinion | 19 useful indicators to measure the progress of blockchain

Source: ZDnet Translation: Li Shubang So far, there is no deterministic data on the actual rate of return of blockchain projects. A recent survey of 550 executives, at the same time, according to the analysis of 79 blockchain projects by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Accenture Research (Accenture Research), it was found that the […]

Video | OK Blockchain 60 Lecture: How Blockchain Works

Facebook will issue its own digital currency through the blockchain, Alipay will use the blockchain to redo payments, Tencent uses the blockchain to make digital invoices, and JP Morgan will use the blockchain to optimize its cross-border transfer service. Of course, it ’s not It is said that blockchain can only be applied in the […]