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Why is regulatory compliance considered the final step in decentralization for blockchain?

The final destination on the path to decentralization is regulatory compliance, which means legalizing the blockchain...

SBF in the eyes of Western mainstream media Watch the BBC documentary ‘The Fall of the Crypto King’ in 5 minutes.

FTX, a former giant in the cryptocurrency world, collided with an iceberg in November last year. This impact triggere...

How does composability enhance the openness of the autonomous world?

If everything in the world is determined by a single company, then the world will be subject to the limitations of th...

Layer2 is just the beginning, Ethereum will devour all blockchains.

Fancy and flashy blockchain will soon disappear.

Opinion Blockchain with paid usage will never achieve large-scale adoption.

Blockchain projects should learn from Google and Facebook to monetize users without directly asking for money.

Comparing the current regulatory status of stablecoins in various countries and looking forward to future policy trends

This article aims to explore the current situation and issues of international stablecoin regulation, analyze the imp...

Opinion The blockchain industry is transitioning from narrative logic to application logic.

After Token2049, most of the short essays were written with a pessimistic tone. However, Jolestar, the Chief Architec...

Innovation of Application Chains Can Mesh Security revitalize the Osmosis ecosystem?

With the development of blockchain technologies such as IBC, application chains have attracted increasing attention a...

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