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Opinion | When Bitcoin prices plummet in the next few years, gold will "land on the moon"

Original title: "Peter Schiff predicts that when Bitcoin prices plummet, gold will soar" Peter Schiff once again pointed the finger at the crypto community, predicting that when Bitcoin collapses in the next few years, gold will "moon to the moon." The outspoken cryptocurrency skeptic and gold supporter Peter Schiff once again targeted the Bitcoin community […]

Institutional investors boost Bitcoin to $ 7,000

Text | Ask Edit | Wen Dao Before the end of the small holiday, Bitcoin broke through $ 7,000, which was the price at the beginning of this year. After "3 · 12" BTC was cut back and back, the $ 7,000 was a big boost for the market. Statistics show that the large-scale BTC […]

Babbitt column | How to predict the extreme price of cryptocurrency? Here are a few data to help you

Editor's Note: The original title was "Several Data to Help Us Predict Extreme Quotes" 1. Extreme market conditions, accompanied by extreme signals Before entering the text, let's talk about other things first. In investment, many people are accustomed to responding to the cyclical changes in investment throughout the year. The weather always has hot and […]

QKL123 market analysis | It is obviously related to dark web activities, and the demand for Bitcoin has dropped sharply? (0402)

Summary: Bitcoin is oscillating upwards, but the market risk aversion has not diminished, and there is a suspicion of main washing. The Chainalysis report revealed that due to the negative impact of the new crown epidemic, the recent dark web activity has shown an unprecedentedly strong correlation with the price of Bitcoin, but there was […]

Over 30% of mined BTC is inactive, and the exchange becomes the largest HODLer

As we all know, the total supply limit of Bitcoin is 21 million. The block reward is halved every four years, which means that the annual supply is halved, so as to achieve the effect of controlling inflation and avoiding artificial manipulation. However, with stable supply, how many bitcoins have been mined? Are all bitcoins […]

For a story after a thousand years-Github bitcoin source code freezes Norway

"Non-tampering" is one of the characteristics of blockchain certificate information, but in extreme cases, this feature will be subverted. Imagine that on a trivial day without warning, people from all corners of the world acted according to their established lifestyles. Suddenly, a mysterious force took humans away from the blue planet at this moment. A […]

Max Kaiser: Gold is the “toilet paper” of the rich and Bitcoin is the “toilet paper” of the poor

This article Source: Cointelegraph Chinese, Author: WILLIAM SUBERG People will buy bitcoins (BTC) in droves. Because Max Keizer predicts that people will not sell gold because of coronaviruses. In the latest issue of the Kaiser Reports news program on March 31, Kaiser said the coronavirus pandemic would prompt billionaires to use gold as a safe […]

Bitcoin broke through $ 7,200 in the early morning, and the surge in US unemployment applications made Bitcoin a safe-haven asset?

The price of the entire cryptocurrency market seems to be entering a positive and upward range. In the early hours of Beijing time, Bitcoin quickly rose to a maximum of $ 7,200. Compared with yesterday ’s lowest point of $ 6,200, it rose by nearly a thousand dollars, and the highest increase in 24 hours […]

Introducing 7 million users, Revolut, a digital bank valued at US $ 5.5 billion, announced that it will provide users with bitcoin trading services in advance

Revolut is an online financial platform in the UK that provides traditional banking services and cryptocurrency transactions. Because of its convenient registration, currency exchange and offline withdrawals, there are no handling fees and other features, which are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. In February this year, Revolut announced the completion of a new round of financing […]

Institutional investors continue to lurking, it will take time for bitcoin futures trading volume to recover

March just past is not the best month, nor is it the first quarter of 2020. Last month, Bitcoin fell from over US $ 9,000 to below US $ 4,000, offsetting several months of gains and pulling the price of the cryptocurrency to an annual low before a weak recovery. In a similar recession, the […]