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Global market crash with the spring of Bitcoin

Overnight the day before yesterday, U.S. stocks began to crash. The point is, this is not a crash of the US stocks, but a large one. From the perspective of China, the epidemic situation has basically been better controlled and is gradually decreasing. This trend can be seen by everyone. But for foreign countries it […]

Gold hits a seven-year high, the stock market starts to fall madly, and the opportunity for bitcoin to rise is now

1, "Spiritual antiques, gold in troubled times", this is the wisdom of investment that ancients summarized in thousands of years of historical civilization. When the economy is booming and the social order is good, people invest in antiques, because antiques will continue to increase in value over time, and there is less possibility of being […]

New research: Lightning Network is becoming more and more centralized, the more nodes there are, the more centralized it becomes

The configuration of the Lightning Network (LN) is becoming more centralized and forming multiple centers. Here are the findings of an unreviewed research paper that was published on the preprinted website arXiv on February 7. A group of scholars from Switzerland, France, Italy and Canada wrote this paper. Jian Hong-Lin and Kevin Primicerio performed the […]

71% of Bitcoin addresses remain profitable despite falling currency prices

According to a Bitcoinist report on February 21, recent data from IntoTheBlock shows that if the price of Bitcoin drops to $ 9,000, there may be a loss of 1.17 million Bitcoin addresses. (Image source: pxhere ) Many Bitcoin traders are trapped above $ 10,000 According to data collected by blockchain analysts, when Bitcoin dropped […]

Bitcoin halving: price impact and historical correlation

The crypto community has faced a huge bear market in the past 18 months. Major digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have suffered a 70-80% decline, while other "altcoin" markets are even worse. Fortunately, with Bitcoin and Ethereum growing by + 55.45% and + 48.69% respectively in the past three months, 2019 is a […]

A shares should not be too optimistic, BTC medium-term or expected

❖A shares ❖ Yesterday, when the A-share market opened, it recorded its largest decline in more than 4 years. The Shanghai Stock Index fell 7.72% at the opening. Yesterday's closing was slightly warmer than the opening. The Shanghai Composite Index opened at 2716.7 and closed at 2746.61, up 1.1%. Today, the opening was down 2.23% […]

Jiangzhuoer mine was shut down forcibly. Is the epidemic good or bad for BTC?

❖ Mine closure ❖ Jiang Zhuoer published a news, reprimanding the local epidemic prevention for messing around. Jiang Zhuoer Jiang Zhuoer said in the dynamic that this mine has not stopped and no new people have entered since the Spring Festival. However, due to epidemic prevention work, other factories were shut down, so mines were […]

"The Secret History of Bitcoin" (1): Historical Background When Bitcoin Was Born

Next notice: (B) Bitcoin and Gil coins in Final Fantasy III? The series of stories you don't know about Bitcoin will be continuously updated, so stay tuned … (Source: Hash school; Author: LucyCheng)

Peter Schiff loses Bitcoin, says holding cryptocurrency is "bad idea"

On January 19, Peter Schiff, a well-known cryptocurrency skeptic and gold supporter, claimed on Twitter that he has lost access to his Bitcoin wallet and that the wallet password is no longer valid. Schiff added that his BTC is now essentially worthless and has no market value. He also added: "I know holding Bitcoin is […]

Bitcoin difficulty adjustment and soaring BSV prices

Source / LongHash The continuous increase of Bitcoin's computing power has been a hot topic in the community recently. LongHash also recently published an article discussing the impact of the continuously increasing computing power on the price of Bitcoin and its future, especially after Bitcoin halved this year. Miners have a significant impact. First, let's […]