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Sex crime in room N opens "digital new normal"

Room N incident has been the core focus of Korean society for several days. In this incident, a new type of criminal profit tool appeared, that is, cryptocurrency. In the past, most of these crimes used impersonal passbooks for transactions, but this crime happened entirely in the online world, and the use of cryptocurrencies that […]

Legal analysis of STO under the framework of Chinese law

Author: Luo Tao, Chief Compliance Counsel block chain Global Compliance Alliance, Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm, service @   STO (Security TokenOffering) is a kind of securities issuance using digital tokens as a carrier. Under the established regulatory framework, financing can be provided to the global public through non-public offerings and public offerings. Financial assets […]

Interpretation | Malta's Cryptocurrency Legal Regulation Policy

Author: Chief Compliance Consultant global block chain compliance Union, Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm Luo Tao This article will detail the legal regulation of cryptocurrency in Malta. In 2018, the Malta government and the crypto industry practitioners held multiple public comment meetings and formulated a set of regulations for digital finance, consisting of three complementary […]

Is fintech "regulation sandbox" good or bad for blockchain?

Source of this article: Shallot Blockchain Author: Yanyao Ping, please indicate the source. The innovation and supervision of blockchain in the financial field is always in the process of dynamic gaming. On December 5, last year, the People's Bank of China supported Beijing to take the lead in launching a fintech innovation supervision pilot nationwide […]

One-week regulatory review | German law allows banks to trade cryptocurrencies, changes in Asian law

Some of the major regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency space have changed this week. Not only has Germany passed a bill allowing banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies, South Korea and Thailand are also revising laws to better regulate the crypto industry. We will also cover crypto news involving the governments of China, Japan and […]

U.K. updates crypto tax guide, highlighting Bitcoin as neither currency nor securities

Author Liang CHE Source: Than push, More than news, the UK tax authority has issued tax guidance for businesses to supplement its previous guidance for individuals. The guide clarifies the status of capital gains tax, corporate tax, national insurance, income tax and other taxes. The HMRC states that it generally does not consider cryptocurrencies […]

Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission releases position paper on supervision of virtual asset trading platform [Simplified Chinese]

Original source: Position book Supervising virtual asset trading platforms Part 1—Supervision Policy of the SFC on Virtual Asset Trading Platforms 1. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) announced on November 1, 2018 a set of conceptual frameworks that may regulate virtual asset trading platforms, and stated that the SFC will consider whether it is […]

19 days, 44 policies are favorable, the blockchain industry is accelerating into the fast lane

Text | Pisa On October 25, the national leader presided over the collective study meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and listed blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation technology. In the following 19 days, local governments around the country issued 44 related policies to encourage the development of blockchain, involving […]

Forbes: Will the IRS Kill Cryptocurrency Trading

Business media Forbes wrote on Monday an analysis of how the IRS's crypto policy will affect the cryptocurrency world. The article states that the IRS declared cryptocurrencies as assets in 2014, and after five years, it stated that cryptocurrencies from hard forks are subject to tax. There are currently no official tax guidelines for cryptocurrency […]

Monthly Report | Blockchain policy released in November, supervision and support

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse In November after the "1025 New Deal", the amount of policy information on domestic blockchain support and blockchain supervision both increased significantly, and the total amount of blockchain policy information increased by 140%. And the announcement of policy information is in a state of national linkage. […]