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Hong Kong Chief Hints at Superpowers for Regulators to Bust Unlicensed Crypto Exchanges Report

Regulator claims inability to shut down unlicensed digital currency trading platforms.


Binance Unleashes Web3 Wallet: A Gateway to Self-Sovereign Finance

Fashionistas, take note this wallet employs multiparty computation to split private keys into three key shares for ad...


Featured | Top 10 content producers in the currency of Twitter; Is Bitcoin 2020 really like the early Internet?

Today's content includes: 1. Top 10 content producers in the currency circle; 2. High DeFi returns depend on usa...


Bloomberg reveals US government and Binance settlement plan $4 billion fine, CZ faces criminal charges in the US.

According to informed sources, negotiations between the US Department of Justice and Binance include a possible crimi...


Written on Binance's 6th anniversary: Will there be a warm spring after the crypto winter?

Binance will celebrate its sixth anniversary tomorrow, but looking back on the past year, the road has not been smoot...


Summary of evidence related to the SEC's lawsuit against Binance

CEHV partner Adam Cochran tweeted a summary of the evidence related to the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC)...