Articles about Blockchain Technology

With the rise of the APP Chains, what is its past life, present life and future?

Compilation: Bai Ze Research Institute While the initial applications of blockchain revolved around money and finance, the past few years have seen a surge in applications in areas such as art, gaming, and music. At the same time, the number of aggregated users in these applications has been growing linearly, stressing the underlying infrastructure and degrading […]

The ATOM 2.0 white paper is about to be released, can the value capture capability of Cosmos be improved?

On September 26th, Tendermint, the developer of Cosmos, released the white paper of the ATOM 2.0 version at the Cosmoverse conference, and discussed the Atom 2.0 topic and its impact on Cosmos and interchain. This is undoubtedly an important step forward for the Cosmos ecosystem. According to the official roadmap, in the next 2022 Q4 and […]

Technical Guide | Teach you how to build a commercial DAO without a bank

Original title: How to create a bankless DAO Translation: Frau Yang Emma Proofreading: Samuel Translation agency: DAOSquare Learn how to use OpenLaw to encapsulate classes, and use MolochDAO to create a bank-free organization Dear crypto natives, Organization is a collection of contracts . Modern organizations such as companies and non-profit organizations are all established in […]

LikeCoin wait 21 days to cancel the delegation? Talk about Cosmos's proof of bound equity BPoS

Author: Terence @Forbole Since LikeCoin joined the Cosmos ecosystem, many Chinese users have come into contact with various novelties in Cosmos. For them, some original ethereal blockchain knowledge began to directly affect themselves. Recently, I noticed that a friend found that it takes 21 days for LikeCoin to cancel the commission and get the money […]

Bitcoin Technology Weekly: Statechain, Schnorr signature and BIP322

Note: The original text is from Bitcoin Optech In this week's Bitcoin Technical Brief, we first described a proposal to deploy statechain on Bitcoin without making changes to the consensus layer, and then summarized the analysis that helps prevent differential power consumption ( DPA) Discussion of the Schnorr nonce generator function attacked, and the proposed […]

Technical Guide | IPFS Relationship Genealogy, Technical Framework and Working Principle

In the last issue of [Advanced Small Class], we analyzed the many disadvantages of the Internet currently constructed by the HTTP protocol, and introduced the basic concepts of IPFS and how IPFS builds the next-generation Internet. Click the image below to view . Today, mine brother and everyone share the relationship genealogy and technical architecture […]

Technical Primer | GHAST Rule Upgrade (Part 1)

Editor's Note: The original title was "Conflux Research Institute | Self-evolution of Roast-Upgrade of GHAST Rules (Part 1)" There have been several previous articles on the GHAST consensus in Conflux. To put it simply, the GHAST consensus is based on the rules of GHOST, making the block weight of each block possible in multiple ways. […]

Why is Filecoin different? IPFS founder talks about its proof system

Source: IPFS Force Zone Compilation Original link: Like other large technological innovations, blockchain is a combination of several mature technologies that we have used and trusted for decades. The "consensus mechanism" has been studied since the 1970s and developed into a tool to combat spam in the 1990s. It allows users in distributed systems […]

Technical direction: Bandwidth optimization in transaction forwarding (1)

Early blockchain systems tended to have low throughput and correspondingly low bandwidth requirements. The consensus protocol itself was the bottleneck of their performance. For example, the Bitcoin network only generates 1MB blocks every 10 minutes, which is almost negligible in today's broadband network environment. In recent years, with the development and maturity of new-generation blockchains […]

Viewpoint 丨 Ethereum 2.0 technology sharing

On January 11th at 20:00, BlockMania AMA Live Issue 41 and BlockMania "201 Technology AMA" Phase 3 continued. The theme of this issue is " Ethereum 2.0 Technology Sharing" . This event is hosted by the well-known technology community Comunion, BlockMania Co-organized, sharing guests as the author of "In-depth Understanding of Ethereum", Wang Xin, the […]