Blockchain Science Fiction: "Computing Power" (Part 1)

Hash memory

Act I Spider Castle

The factory's lamp is hung on a high pole, with a lampshade on it, like a chivalry wearing a bucket hat. The light emerged from the gap in the bucket, and under the refraction of the spectacle lens, a few arcs were drawn and penetrated into Hu Di's eyes.

This is the place.

Compared with many years ago, the appearance has not changed much. It has changed to people and the world.

This is a seemingly empty city. The main building in the middle is not tall, but it occupies a large area. Four corridors extend from the north and south sides of the second floor to connect the buildings on both sides. Seen from the air like a big spider.

There is no one in this city, and no one is allowed in, except Hu Di. He walked straight into the lobby of the main building. The interior of the house was a mild silver. Hu Di sat on a special lounge chair, and a machine moved over.

"Are you going to launch an interstellar spaceship tomorrow?"

"Yes, sir, this is just the first step in our exploration of the universe"

"Let's take blood at every step"

"After walking, I found the blood on the road"

"You also learned to quibble"

"We have learned to be grateful, Mr. Hu, we give you the highest authority"

Hu Di closed his eyes and said,

"I'm lying here. I want to see tonight what happened when I first came to this place to the present. I can jump through progress through consciousness, but I cannot change facts through consciousness.

"It's not that difficult, you just need to stimulate your memory system area with an active signal source …"

Hu Di waved his hand, motioned it to stop, and said "let's go"

The past pictures began to appear like movies and appeared before Hu Di's eyes.

The scroll slowly unfolds, with so many details so clear, it seems like life has gone again.

Act II Moonbird City


It was the summer of 2021, and 26-year-old Hu Di came to Moonbird City with two large suitcases. It was not only two suitcases that were heavy, but also had heavy ambitions and a little lost mood on his back. The Shanghai partnership company is a trader of industrial products and can make a little money, but the traditional dealer model has lagged behind this era. He wants to make new breakthroughs, retain shares and dividend rights, and leave the business to the partners to take care of it. , Occasionally phone to deal with the matter of delivery.

Moonbird City is not a coastal city, but it is a newly-opened special economic zone in China. What is more important is that there are many new mining machine manufacturers here to follow you to carry out technical iterations, hoping to create new wealth miracles.

His old classmate Lu Fei is one of these gold prospectors. At that time, they were graduate students at the University of Alberta in Canada. Lu Fei was in the computer department and Hu Di was in the materials department. He usually liked to play with computer hardware. Lu Fei is a devout Christian who often organizes community activities in schools, so they know each other and often mix together. This time Hu Di came over, he was also invited by Lu Fei.

Lu Fei met Hu Di at the airport. The two met and hugged tightly:

"Dude, I have been waiting for you for too long. These two eyes are looking like they are wearing two monkeys."

"Hahaha, this one is three years!"

"Yeah, you often publish articles related to Bitcoin on the Internet. I have been reading them, but if you don't make money, the mining machine is the fundamental."

"Yes, 'avoiding the fear of hearing the words from prison, and writing books for the sake of rice beams' all want to eat in this big wave."

"You pull the text again, I kick you out, but your article is really good, the industry is famous, we have a combination of swords, we are invincible"

"That little fame, but if you want to kick me, I'll give you two strokes."

"I dare not, the fencing team has never won you once in training that year, you can race and run."

"It can't be compared to you, 'Lu Fei, Lu Fei, run away like flying', this name is still very loud."

"Hahaha, it's running, not running, not running. Immediately go to the company to have a look, then have lunch and visit the next mine and outsourced production workshop."

The word bitcoin has slowly spread since 2009, and the legend of riches has spread from the geek's circle to more people's ears like myths.

Bitcoin mining is to use a machine to randomly collide a parameter and put it into a one-way hash function to get a value. This value is expressed in binary. The more 0 in the front, the higher the difficulty. The first miner that collided with this number and broadcasted received a block reward for the block.

At that time, the average computing power of a single mining machine had increased to 230 TH / s, and the room for growth was getting smaller and smaller. At that time, people would not consider so much, because the cost of electricity for bitcoin mining was only tens of thousands, and the price was several times the cost. Such a business, of course, can be done.

There are many rivers on the outskirts of Moonbird City. There are 3000 large and small hydropower stations on the river, because from May to October each year is the flood season, which means that there is a lot of water. More water means more electricity. More means cheap electricity, so mining machines are mostly distributed here. More than half of the world's Bitcoin computing power is here. The finished mining machine is sold to all parts of the world, but when the money comes over, the mining machine is pulled out of the city to host the mining directly. It does not need to be installed on the plane, and the toll is saved. What's more, the research and development of nuclear reactors is also very advanced. Under the state's plan, the controllable nuclear fusion power plant will be built in the future, and the electricity bill will be more stable.

Hu Di went to the door of the company and saw that the main building in the middle had six floors. Starting from the second floor, four corridors protruded in two directions, connecting the surrounding buildings, which looked like a butterfly from a distance. Lu Fei said, "The company has only one floor, to the right of this main building."

Hu Di said, "The number of people required for mining is not much."

As Lu Fei walked, he said that as long as it involves mining machines and business, Lu Fei converged and laughed and became serious. "The key is the chip design, and the rest of the foundry is OK."

Hu Di smiled and said, "Then I am here. How can boss Lu want me to contribute surplus value?"

Lu Fei said, "Don't be kidding. I called you over to do business with you. This is just the beginning. Now I lack the core staff for designing mining pools and building mines. You computer geeks, do these first. Work is more suitable, but the company is also starting. The so-called first floor is only because the rent is very cheap, and sometimes customers come over. "

Hu Di took over this part of the work in this way, he learned very quickly, and the circuit knowledge plus the basic logic of the computer was not difficult for him. Occasionally research the management software of mines and pools.

Many of the mine's distribution locations are relatively biased, and sometimes they travel to the mountains for a few days on a business trip.

After half a year, Hu Di has basically become an expert in mining. The maintenance and deployment of various mining machine models are very handy.

After more than a year like this, the company's chips have been iterating and maintaining a good level, quickly opening up the market and occupying a certain share. Lu Fei and Hu Di also often communicated with each other about the design and practice of chip design. In order to gain the most advanced knowledge of chip theory, Lu Fei made a small program that grabs various information on the Internet and summarizes it.



A friend introduced Hu Di to a girl named Zuo Yi. Both of their WeChat friends didn't put their own photos. The friend privately sent a photo to Hu Di. Usually chatting on the Internet is very popular, Hu Di wants to meet.

It was raining that day, Zuo Yi told Hu Di that he was going to a small entrepreneurial meeting, but Hu Di said he would not pass. But he ran secretly. I thought, "I'll look in the dark."

The conference is about recent technology entrepreneurship.

Zuo Yi: "In the future, brain-computer interface and brain neuroscience will definitely become a very important technology."

Some people then said, "What is a brain-computer interface and what can it do? Many people don't know now."

Some people say, "Yeah, this thing is too conceptual and has no practical use."

Zuo Yi said: "The brain-computer interface is a channel that connects people and machines. As long as this channel is opened, many unexpected possible creations will be made. No one knows the specific impact, but the impact must be great.

Another said, "Let's talk about the current digital currency market and talk about the development of the blockchain industry. The theme of the conference is not to discuss laboratory products such as brain-computer interfaces."

Then everyone started to discuss the various modes of coin issuance. When they posted graphics on the wall, they said, “If you do n’t see them, move forward with three soldiers, everyone will think that the market value management will keep up with them. God, there must be a lot of people coming in. "

"Yes, for example, the dark clouds cover the top, leek thought it was going to fall, and went the other way, and showed them for a few days, and then went straight to the fishing line, so don't hesitate to make a flat head. So that retail investors can enter crazy "

"Yes, but this requires more funds to protect the disk"

"The chips are in your own hands, what are you afraid of" …

Everyone's discussion circled one after another.

Hu Di took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Zuoyi, "How about the meeting, how much gain?"

Zuo Yi replied "Fortunately, you did not come, I feel very boring, I am leaving now"

Hu Di watched Zuo Yi left the office, and he followed him out. When he waited for the elevator, he said to the little girl in front of him, "Are you Zuo Yi?"-He had seen the photos, and of course knew her.

"You are Hu … Hu Di, aren't you over-expressed?"

Hu Di smiled and said, "I changed my mind and came over"

Zuo Yi lowered her head and whispered "If I knew you were coming, I wouldn't say so much at the meeting"

Hu Di said, "I knew you would be embarrassed to talk if I knew I was here, so I won't tell you."

The two smiled, like two little children.

Taking a walk downstairs, the city was quiet under the light rain.

There weren't many people on the street. The two said and smiled softly. The raindrops fell on the umbrella and made a slight sound, like the rhythm of a heartbeat.

The street is clean and fresh, and plants such as grapevines are sparsely sparsely hung on the two-storey iron shelves overhead. This is the tail of the summer. The city knows it and is light.

That day, Zuo Yi was sent home, and the car was parked on the side of the road. After Zuo Yi got off the car, he answered a phone call to a strange number. He didn't answer.

When Hu Di looked up, she found that Zuo Yi stood at the door and looked at this side all the time. The girl was so polite, Hu Di said softly, "I'm so sorry." This is the only one he can hear, but they must read each other understand. He quickly walked away, afraid that Zuo Yiyu waited too long.

It's another good start.

The phone rang again, still, an unfamiliar number, as soon as the call was answered, Lu Fei's voice:

"Where are you? There may be something wrong with me. You should hurry back to the company."

Act 4 Assist Investigation

The park's lights emit a pale light under the rain, and the dense cameras in the city extend to each area, including this production base.

Only the lights in Lu Fei's office were on.

Lu Fei was smoking on the chair at the back of the table and said, "I'm worried I'm being watched"

"What do you mean? Isn't our mining machine business very formal?"

"You must know what the company's core technology is"

"Chip, is there something wrong with the chip?"

"I received the above call, saying that we are suspected of stealing and plagiarizing the chip design of another large company and need my assistance to investigate"

"Is this true? I also can't figure out why you can design the chip so well and keep up with the giants"

"I'm a genius." Lu Fei smiled awkwardly. This was the first time he was not serious when talking about work. Hu Di realized that the matter had become tricky. Hu Di did not speak, so Lu Fei continued to speak.

Lu Fei lit another cigarette and said, "In fact, there is a simulation program running behind the chip design solution. This program is on my computer. It is just a crawler software. It aggregates all the information about the design chip and then Simulation, but I don't think it's right "

Hu Di was anxious. "When is it? Why is it wrong?"

Lu Fei said, "I can't say what's wrong with it."

Lu Fei went on to say, "I do n’t know. It may be that a giant company wants to engage us, or what happened. Anyway, I want to assist the investigation, because the company was founded by me, and all the chip solutions are also proposed by me. Just point at me, the company continues to run, and the news will not be made public. After I leave, you take over the company. I have already prepared the documents. "

"I'm a little bit confused. For more than a year, we have been all right. Why did this happen suddenly?"

"There is a bug in the logic of the blockchain. I always feel that there is something wrong with the design of the mining machine chip."

"It won't be your little reptile that crawled out other people's mining machine design schemes," said Hu Di, and thought it was impossible. The reptile could only collect public information. How could other companies' secrets be brought over.

Lu Fei said, "I don't know."

Lu Fei went on to say, "I have been thinking about the architecture direction of the miner. Now the development of the chip will approach 2nm or even 1nm in a period of time. How do we go next? If it shrinks again, the engineering will soon reach its limit. Quantum Calculated things are not stable, I'm thinking about what will happen in the future "

Hu Di said, "More on the future, I'm thinking, when are you going?"

Lu Fei said, "Look downstairs."

The black car downstairs seems to be a money transporter, and it can be seen from the appearance that it is particularly strong. Lu Fei said that he was only assisting the investigation, but he did not have to worry about going to prison.

Lu Fei signaled Hu Di not to speak, turned off the light, and sent the program code to Lu Fei in an encrypted file. Then he wrote a series of information on the paper and gave it to him, then went downstairs.

Hu Di couldn't figure out what was going on. He also smoked a cigarette, and the soot fell on the table. When he went to wipe the soot, he ran into the computer and the computer screen turned on. With the help of a faint light, he could clearly read the note:


What does it mean?

Act V simulation


News broadcast on TV screen:

"It was reported on September 4, 2026 that the State Key Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interface of Tsinghua University has made the latest progress. Professor Zoe said that the laboratory environment has observed and quantified 10% of the human brain's thinking, and it can also act on the external environment. It was a big breakthrough. "

"Mr. Pascal, the director of the joint laboratory established by the University of Alberta and Deepind, a Google-owned AI company, said in a recent international conference that 'Dr. Zoe's research is the biggest breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence in the past three decades. Activities can be quantified theoretically through brain-computer interfaces' "

"Taro Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab, said that Professor Zoe's research is at least two decades ahead of the world"

Seeing this, Hu Di smiled. There was a director of the Media Lab called Ito Aya. After two sessions, his genius little son actually achieved this position.

Such reports are everywhere, and to a certain extent, Zuo Yi has succeeded.

The English name Zoe was given to Zuo Yi by Hu Di. Sometimes Hu Di calls her "Little z"

Hu Di thought for a while, picked up the phone, found Zuo Yi's mobile phone number, wanted to call Zuo Yi in the past, congratulate her on her success, and put down, edited a message "Congratulations on your achievements now, little Z".

Looking at this message, Hu Di didn't send it, just watching it, his thoughts flew back three years ago:

One day three years ago (2023), Zuo Yi found Hu Di and said she was going to Beijing. Tsinghua University gave her good conditions and she led a research team to study the field of brain-computer integration. Zuo Yi, a young genius, is three years younger than Hu Di. However, she has graduated with a doctorate. This time she came to Moonbird City because she needed to understand the situation in the laboratory here. It was a postdoctoral mobile station. Hu Di.

Zuo Yi and Hu Di walked on a rainy day again. Both of them walked quietly without talking.

Zuo Yi said, "Will you go to Beijing with me?"

Hu Di: "No now, my good brother Lu Fei was just taken away a few months ago, I need to lead this company"

Zuo Yi: "I don't think blockchain is a great technology. Brain-computer interface and artificial intelligence are the future."

Hu Di: "Blockchain is a new production relationship and a new way of thinking, and the mining machine is the core of maintaining this network."

Zuo Yi said "I know you won't go, you know I will go"

Hu Di looked up, stopped and asked, "What do you ultimately want?"

Zuo Yi thought for a while and said, "I want to become important, influential, for an organization, an industry, for the world."

Hu Di said nothing, but hugged Zuo Yi tightly. It rained heavily. Why did they gather and separate on rainy days?

Moonbird City and Beijing meet for thousands of kilometers. The two men with their respective missions don't know when they will meet.

Lu Fei left inexplicably, Zuo Yi went to Beijing, this city is only Hu Di himself, and the mission of leading the company.

The light and shadow on the wall fell like scales, and the surrounding environment began to blur. When it was clear again, time was drawn back to the night in which Lu Fei left in 2022.

He held the note with "CT29" on it.

What is CT29?

As the camera turns, Hu Di sits on a chair, turns on the computer, and unlocks the program sent by Lu Fei.

"Welcome to open the CT29 chip test simulation software" pops up on the screen

Hu Di thinks this program is too rude. Hu Di is a little disappointed and a little funny. Such a simple program also pops up a dialog box.

Hu Di tries to type the text "Who are you?"

"I am a chip simulation software"

"what can you do?"

"I am a chip simulation software"

"Do you know Lu Fei?"

"I am a chip simulation software"

CT29 has only this one response. The glimmer of hope left by Hu Di is also shattered. This broken program seems to be a simple reptile.

Act 6 Economic Return

In 2026, the world slowly accepted Bitcoin, and its status began to resemble gold before the collapse of the Bretton Woods system. Bitcoin continues to develop. At this time, the market value of Bitcoin has occupied more than 10% of the world's GDP, and it has become a reserve currency of various countries.

The human belief has never been so strong. The price of Bitcoin has stabilized, there is no longer a large fluctuation, but it has slowly risen, and the title of digital gold has penetrated into the hearts of most people.

Bitcoin's algorithm code has been slowly changing, and the speed of transactions has increased exponentially. The only constant is the total amount of bitcoin, and the value-added under deflationary economy is not in line with the economic development of countries around the world, but as long as the currency of a country is decoupled from bitcoin, the currency system of that country will be disordered, just like in ancient times At that time, countries must use gold, silver, and copper as currency, and people did not recognize the value of paper money. The so-called fiat currency has become a bitcoin bond, and holding the fiat currency can go to the central banking system to exchange bitcoin directly-this is already a consensus.

And slowly, governments around the world feel that fiat currencies have all been linked to Bitcoin, and it is better to unify and issue a universal digital currency, and let this digital currency be exchanged for Bitcoin directly through smart contracts. The preparation of this smart contract is not difficult. Every year, the United Nations Unified Conference reviews and improves the implementation of open source code. Therefore, humans have officially entered the era of the world's unified digital currency.

For governments of all countries, although their own power to control the economy is much smaller, the bulk of digital transaction circulation can be traced, so that the control of society is strengthened instead. The setting of the world currency was initially prepared to discuss the annual inflation rate together with the heads of power. Later, people in various countries did not support inflation, and thus did not support leaders who adopted inflation.

The growth of populist forces has led the world's currencies to dare not make any inflationary claims and policies. The world ’s unified digital currency is in name, bitcoin and world currencies can be used in daily life, and more and more people believe in bitcoin as digital gold. All major transactions are also settled in bitcoin, as if humans are back to use it. The era of gold as a currency transaction is just that digital gold's security, convenience and other indicators are far superior to physical gold. Instead, the vision of a world government's unified currency has greatly boosted the consensus of Bitcoin.

This phenomenon was named "an economic return" by anthropologists.

Hu Di is constantly debugging the chip simulation software, and what is broken is also the effort of his buddy. He found that the code logic behind this is very interesting. He wrote the logic of Hu Di and Lu Fei's daily dialogue. This is actually unnecessary. . However, he also found it very interesting. He began to optimize and redesign the program, put his understanding of the chip design into operation, and later found that the results were also very average. The result of running the program is like building blocks. He thought of the redundant procedures that Lu Fei had written blindly before, and felt a little interesting, and decided to put the deduction of the thinking process into it. In this way, after many improvements, this program can grab the most cutting-edge theoretical design solutions from the network, and has the logical deduction ability of self-implemented programming. He plugs all the mining machine and pool information into this program, so that this software can directly manage all these mining machines.

Hu Di still keeps and optimizes this useless man-machine dialog box, because the program has gradually gathered some information and processing power, and it has gradually become more useful.

Hu Di enters the text: "Tell me what time it is now"

"It is 1:08 am Beijing time"

"What weather is tomorrow"

"Northeast winds 2-3, there may be light rain"

"who are you?"

"I am a chip simulation software"

A little bit smarter than before, there is no difference in essence. However, the self-learning and iterative capabilities of this programming chip design have made a qualitative leap. With the continuous version iteration and data update, this software is becoming more and more powerful. The software cooperates with Hu Di to raise the chip design process to a new level. The computing power of the machine is increasing significantly,

From the end of 2022, several months after Lu Fei was taken away by mystery, Hu Di updated the chip design process approximately every six months. Hu Di led the company to the monopoly position of Bitcoin mining for four years. Accumulated a lot of wealth.

Hu Di always sees a large number of old mining machines dragged out of the mine because of poor computing power, and is discarded as garbage. There is always something in my mind, and I have been thinking that if the mining machine has life, should n’t these lives be a snap? Destroyed, these machines that create wealth for the people, once they lose their ability to contribute value, will be disposed of as garbage. They certainly don't like human parents.

Hu Di looked at the "cemetery" of this large mining machine, sighed softly, and felt that others would definitely treat me as a neuropathy, how could he still have feelings for the machine.

The cameras on the street seemed to move.

Hu Di looked up at the camera, thinking, it seemed that hallucinations had occurred. The miner has life, and the camera also has life. If this continues, the bronze opens, and the stubborn nod. All things have spirits. Not only is the phenomenon of returning to the ancestors in the current economy, even the thought of returning to ancestors?

Hu Di smiled bitterly and got into the car, ready to return to the company. He feels that mining is sometimes boring. Although the distribution of mines has become more and more, countries around the world must have their own bitcoin mines for the stability of their own economies. With large and small mines, the mines are like a country's military base and mint, and at the same time they are open to civilian self-government and encourage private mining. This is a new economic operating system.

It seems decentralized, but it always feels that the world spends so much energy to maintain such a system, it is not worth it. Economists have already demonstrated this matter over the years. One party thinks this is a great innovation, and a little resource consumption is reasonable without wasting energy. One party thinks this is bad technology and wasting a lot of resources. There have been neutrals before, but over time, the neutrals have disappeared, and then the opposition has become more and more quiet, and the rest are digital currency supporters.

After the government included Bitcoin in its first reserve asset, support for Bitcoin has become politically correct.

Although Hu Di has a high status in the industry, he hardly accepts interviews with the media. The outside world has few photos of him, and there are many speculations about him. For example, was the founder Lu Fei disappeared by him, such as how the mining machine chip was made? All sorts of gossip were flying around, but Hu Di ignored it. Because the world of technology is so pure, your chip performance is higher than other companies, which is the best publicity. Others are not important at all. For Hu Di, being a technical geek is much more fun than being an actor in the spotlight.

Hu Di just feels that life is a bit boring. In this way, it is a cycle of developing chips and then selling mining machines. He has no interest in going public because the company's accumulated wealth no longer needs the financial market to help him with any financing, because the advantages of the chip have accumulated Other mining machine companies are also dying-he is conceiving the world of the future.

There has also been a small department in the company silently researching new technology areas, but there is no real breakthrough. Until Zuoyilai Moonbird City and Hu Di met again.

When they met, Zuo Yi told Hu Di her bold ideas.  

Act Seven Change

Zuo Yi said that in fact, the current scientific and technological progress is far more than those reported by the media. The research on brain-computer interface has also broken through to an unprecedented state. You can observe and quantify the activity of almost all areas of the brain. And if all this is recorded through a small chip, the human intelligence activity can be rewarded like points. Today's machines are very developed, but they don't need much human labor. If there is a mechanism to reward mental activity, then the incentive mechanism will gradually complement or even replace the real-world reward system.

Hu Di said that this is a revolution in the thinking of the blockchain. If we can objectively score the thinking activity itself, this will encourage all smart people to think deeply and create. The incentive obtained through this process will prompt the redistribution of wealth, and we need to issue a new coin.

Zuo Yi said, "No, we have an organization" Future Human Development Association ". This organization is not crowded now. It is composed of the world's top cryptographers, neuroscientists, and computer scientists. Through the power of this organization, it can be optimized. Innovating the code of bitcoin to mine through mental operation without affecting the current economy. "

"That is to say, for many years, people have been thinking about how the workload proof PoW mining mechanism can be improved to make this guessing process intelligent and" useful "to process data without thinking about it in turn. Intelligence Thinking in itself can be a mining process, but it requires the development of chips and brain-computer interfaces. Through a mechanism, the process of human thinking is quantified into computing power to mine. "

Hu Di smiled.

Zuo Yi slowly said, "There is also an old friend in this organization: Lu Fei"

"What? You have news of Lu Fei"

"To be precise, I have never seen him again. I only know the operation of my independent laboratory and the future conference. He has contacted many resources."

Hu Di was shocked and couldn't speak for a moment. He asked Zuoyi to stay in the hotel temporarily.

I input the basic ideas about the design of the semi-intrusive brain-computer interface miner into CT29 …

Hu Di knows that he is the best person to do this, and all this seems to be an invisible hand pushing. He decided to trust Zuo Yi and keep doing this.

He knows that the current world is actually under the strict monitoring of the government. The current system has not changed much with the blockchain digital currency. If there is a change, it is just that this monitoring is easier. With the prosperity of recent decades, along with the development of the Internet and blockchain, the development of science and technology has reached a bottleneck, a point.

He has long wanted to make changes and do something more meaningful, and now is an opportunity.

Episode 8 Future Meeting

In 2027, Hu Di and Zuo Yi cooperated to develop the chip used in the human brain mining machine and related implant technology.

Of course, the chip design scheme also uses the CT29 chip model system, and the developed device is also named "CT29".

No craniotomy is needed, just implantation from the inner ear. A very small "surgery", the body will not have any discomfort, and all thinking can be rewarded through this process. The computing power of mental mining is divided into three, six, and nine by human intelligence activity.

Hu Di and Zuo Yi knew that this matter would not be accepted by the mainstream at first. However, due to the appeal of Zuoyi among top intellectuals, this small device has slowly spread among Kochi people. This part of people believes in this concept and is stimulated by digital currency. The brain becomes more active.

If one night is just drinking and chatting with a friend, there will be no gain the next day, but if you stay up late for a few nights to solve the outstanding mathematical and physical problems in history, the brain is highly active, and you can pass the brain-computer chip If you connect to the wireless network and cut into the global computing power, you will have benefits. If the problem is solved, the real society will naturally reward it. Even if the problem is not solved, this process of thinking can still be rewarded.

The level of intellectual activity of these clever intellectuals determines that they no longer have to worry too much about their livelihood.

To a certain extent, there is no more genius in the world.

This tiny device is not expensive and can be purchased by paying Bitcoin. It is just that some people, after buying it, find that they have not made any money, because under the computing power of the brain power of the entire network, ordinary brain thinking is extremely inactive compared with that, that is, the computing power is too low.

Ordinary people are not unable to afford this equipment, but they are of little use. However, intellectuals who persist in thinking and practicing constantly get positive feedback in the process of thinking and mining, making themselves smarter. This is a weak "evolution".

The impact of this technology is getting bigger and bigger, and wealth is slowly converging to people with active thinking. This part of people seems to be affected by brain mining chips and become smarter. Slowly, these people start to feel that they are no longer Ordinary humans, but future humans, is what the philosopher Nietzsche calls "Superman." The world's businessmen, mathematicians, artists, physicists, and so on, all slowly matched such a small thing. Politicians are the elite group who finally realized this thing.

In this process, the consensus of Bitcoin further expanded and strengthened-the support of the intellectual community, the world's money supply, slowly began to deepen the binding with Bitcoin. Due to the overall support of intellectuals, Bitcoin's underlying algorithm has been modified. The computing power of a top scientist can reach the creation of several dozens of mining machines, but the amount of coin output in large-scale clusters still accounts for more than 95% of the world's total. This is also the plan for "future humans". First, they don't want and will not really destroy the current money supply system. All they have to do is to advance the value of Bitcoin.

"Future Human Development Association" is referred to as "Future Meeting", the strength of the Association is increasing day by day, and finally confirmed the development purpose of "I think, therefore I am, and meet in the future". Everyone who is highly educated is proud to join in the future, which is a certainty. The executive chairman of this association is Zuo Yi. The logo of the association is "CT29". At present, the computing power of the brain accounts for only 5% of the total computing power, which will slowly increase. Without affecting economic development, it will slowly eat away the world's economy. In decades, 50% or even 80% of the future money supply will be driven by brainpower It is this vision that the supply of mining machines meets in the future.

Any political proposition that does not support Bitcoin will be resisted by the elite members of the "Future Society", and there is no longer any country in the world that does not support Bitcoin.

The distribution and creation of wealth has undergone subtle changes. In addition to building and maintaining mines, countries must attach importance to education and personnel training, because in the eyes of politicians, these future elites may all be national currency machines. For the first time, the idea of ​​being rich in the people has the possibility of reasonable practice. For the first time in human history, all people attach importance to education, respect for knowledge, and exclude war. Because the struggle for intellectuals ’brainpower has surpassed the struggle for energy and transcended geopolitics, having knowledge and outstanding brain thinking has become the biggest in this era medal.

Eight years later, in 2035, humanity seems to be on the eve of a new Renaissance.

This seems to be a more reasonable and beautiful new world.

Over the past eight years, all human brain data collected by the brain-computer interface have been aggregated into the CT29 chip simulation software, and the self-learning and iterative capabilities of this software have also increased dramatically. The law of human brain activity, this program is also being monitored and studied. Only Hu Di found that the design redundancy of the chip is also increasing. He probably knows that this is caused by the iteration of Bitcoin's code. The forces of the future will always control the underlying code of Bitcoin, and make progress towards the computing power of the human brain miner, and the chips in each miner lying in the mine are getting closer and closer to people when computing. Brain, faster human brain.

Hu Di is idle and talks with CT29 to play:

"Why the chip was designed with so much redundancy"

"Because there is a lot of redundancy in the human brain, there is also a lot of redundancy in the DNA sequence"

"We design mining chips, efficiency is first."

"Yes, but Bitcoin's algorithm update iterations, the chip also needs to simulate a more optimized complex computing system."

Hu Di decided to tease the guy again and asked, "Who are you?"

CT29: "I'm a chip simulation software"

Hu Di: "I mean, who are you? Where are you from? What's the use? Where are you going?"

CT29: "I am a chip simulation software, created by you to collect data, simulate chips, design chips, manage mining machines, and optimize computing systems."

Hu Di continued (he used voice input): "You haven't answered yet, where are you going?"

CT29 was silent this time, and there was no response for a long time.

Hu Di continued to say, "Where do you go about this problem and use your own redundant computing power to calculate it, I do know where I am going, I am going to Beijing and help me book the latest ticket"

(To be continued)

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