BM: EOS producers are not elected

BM: EOS producers are not elected

According to IMEOS, member Spearo interacted in the telegraph group to better understand the security of the blockchain and the protocol to ensure BP integrity (integrity), and assumed some of the concerns of sudden attacks (competitors mixed into BP) BM responded. DPOS is divided into two layers as a consensus system. The 0 layer is the producers agree on the best chain. The first layer is the producer. EOS uses the mortgager's consent to vote on the first level, but this only produces results that are consistent with the individual voting preferences and the given token distribution. Reassign EOS to the “right” person and re-enjoy everyone through decentralization and elections. I think there is a strong example where the producers of EOS are not elected, but are self-appointed for life or until more than two-thirds add or remove one of the producers. If this group is permanently allocated 5% inflation, they will be highly competitive and can take advantage of viable business to go to the center. The key is to identify good DNA (selected producers) at the beginning. Another powerful example is a set of immutable chain rules and non-political consensus.

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